Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 198

Chapter 198 Recruiting The King Of The Dungeon

Jiang Feng was undercover.

No one knew his identity.

And he had the ID Card to create his cover.

He could quietly do many things in the American Server.

For example, using the Divine Fate Compass to look for the treasures and primordial artifacts in the American Server.

He could also recruit the monsters in the American Server for his own use.

Once the World War had begun, he could have bosses attack the cities across the American Server once he had recruited enough bosses in the American Server to divert their attention.

Then, the American Servers power would be greatly reduced, and would also reduce the pressure for the Huaxia Server.

"Then, lets begin with this level 55 Werewolf Boss!"

He smiled as he looked at the Werewolf King wielding a mace.

"Roar! Kill him!

The Werewolf King unleashed an angry roar and waved the mace in its hand. In the next moment, it led all its followers and pounced on Jiang Feng.


In order to get on the Werewolf Kings good side, he did not personally join the battle. He took out the Qiankun Gourd and waved, Xiao Longnu, and all his followers appeared behind him.

"Roar~! Er"

Just as it roared and was going to pounce toward Jiang Feng, he was taken back in fear when he saw a bunch of bosses that were more powerful than itself appearing behind Jiang Feng.

"Boss, what are we doing now? Gang war?" Hei Feng asked excitedly as he flapped his wings and flew before Jiang Feng.

Jiang Feng did not pay attention to him, and instead turned to the Werewolf King and said, "Swear fealty to me, and you will become just as strong as them!"

When the Werewolf King saw Heifeng looking at him with a weird evil look, he shuddered. He then asked Jiang Feng, "If If we dont agree with it?"

Jiang Feng then shrugged and pointed at his back, and said, "If you dont agree to it, my followers dont mind having a sparring session with you."

When the Werewolf King saw Xiao Longnus giant draconic body, he shuddered again.

Spar? Theres no need to spar! One strike from that dragon is probably going to take away half my life! The Werewolf King only wanted to say Sh*t at this time.

He had just joined this dungeon not long ago. He did not even get to kill anyone yet. He did not expect to encounter someone like Jiang Feng. He felt like crying.

"Then what will you give me if I follow you?" The Werewolf King asked Jiang Feng.

"Guapi!" Jiang Feng called out to the Arcane Amulet Dragon, "Let it see the Evolution Pill."

He had already used up all the evolution pills on him. Since it had not been a week yet, there were no new Evolution Pills in the Evolution Pill Alchemical Furnace. He had to borrow Guapis for the time being.

"Look at this! Is your heart moved yet? Why are you still hesitating? Join us, and you can have them too. You can even become a being similar to the Divine Beast." Guapi came over and took out the Evolution Pill and showed it off to the Werewolf King, then retreated back.

"You can give me Golden Pills if I follow you?" The Werewolf King was excited.

No matter which countrys server the monsters came from, the Evolution Pills had a great attraction to them.

"If you dont believe me, let me kill some of your followers. And I will give one to you," Jiang Feng said.


The Werewolf King was a Werewolf King that had just been spawned. It had no attachment to his followers. If he could get an Evolution Pill, he would not mind sacrificing some of his followers.

Jiang Feng did not waste his time and gave Yanhu and his followers a look.

Next, his followers attacked and started killing the werewolves.

He then took out the Ruler of Hakai and used Transmute Monster.

After transmuting five monsters, he finally transmuted an Evolution Pill.

"Boss, come, have a lick!"

When Heifeng saw the Evolution Pill appear in Jiang Fengs hand, he came over shaking his butt and then took out the chicken drumstick that he had licked so much that a weird smell was already coming from it.

Jiang Feng. ""

"The evolution pill isnt for you, share the food among yourselves." He has had enough seeing Heifeng running around with the same chicken drumstick. He then took out all the food and threw them at his followers.


When the Werewolf King saw that Jiang Feng had obtained an Evolution Pill in a short while, he was both shocked and excited. He then knelt in front of Jiang Feng.

"Alright. I will increase your power. From now on, protect this dungeon and let no one pass!"

After saying that, he had begun to use the Monster Transmutation Fusion Skill to help the Werewolf King to increase its Rank.

It was a Rank 5 monster. Once its rank had been increased, most players below level 55 would not be his match.

When he entered, he saw that the dungeon was a level 45 dungeon.

A player could no longer be able to enter a dungeon once their levels have surpassed the dungeons level by 5. Therefore, as long as the Werewolf Kings power had been increased by one stage and taught some fighting skills, other than an Inheritor or someone with a secret class, it should no longer be easy to complete this dungeon.

Monsters were extremely loyal. As soon as they had sworn fealty, they would never betray their master.

He was going to have the Werewolf King defend this dungeon and stop the American players from completing this dungeon and let their levels drop from dying to weaken their power.

After spending a dozen minutes, the Werewolf King had finally evolved into a Rank 6 Werewolf King. Its attack had reached around 50,000, which was passable.

He had the Thunderclap Mantis teach the Werewolf King some of his experience, then left this dungeon by using the Teleportation Cauldron.

Since he could not escape the dungeon either by giving up the quest or dying.

Without any options left, he had to use the Teleportation Cauldron to leave this place.


Pasha was a fire-elemental wizard.

In order to get the wizard skill book "High-rank Fireball," she had led her party to the Werewolf Valley.

Her partys average level had just reached level 50, and it was just enough to enter the requirement of level 45 to enter the dungeon.

The partys strength was considered decent, at least they were all fully equipped.

As players that had entered the game during the second round, they had just reached level 50 not long ago. They still had not changed their class a second time.

Even their most powerful attacks had only reached 20,000.

However, they were considered the elites within the second batch of players.

After spending half an hour, they had passed the second stage of the dungeon. Their speed was considered quite fast.

One they had reached stage three of the dungeon, they were confused when they saw the Werewolf Kings stats.

Pasha said in surprise, "Thats not right! Ive farmed this dungeon a few times, the Werewolf Kings attack shouldnt be this high!"

A man with wavy hair next to her said, "It shouldnt be much of a problem even with its high attack. Monsters are monsters, they are not that intelligent. Ill grab its aggro so remember to heal me. Everyone else focus on attacking, we can still kill it."

Pasha nodded, and the five of them began to clear the mobs. Once they had cleared the mobs, they headed straight for the Werewolf King.

"Ah! Damn it, why cant I draw its aggro?"

"Sh*t! What pills is this animal on? It continuously dodged three of my skills!"


There were screams of despair coming from the Werewolf Valley.

After the Thunderclap Mantis had trained the Werewolf King, its power had greatly increased. He could easily eliminate five players with stats lower than his.

Very quickly, another few parties entered the Werewolf Valley. But they all ended up like Pasha and were wiped out.

After a short while, the American Server had a post that went like this: A super Werewolf King had appeared in the Werewolf Valley. Every single party that went into the dungeon had been wiped out!