Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 199

Chapter 199 Guild War

Los Angeles, The United States of America.

Evening. It was slightly cool.

In a renowned universitys female dorm.

Ling Feiyu was wearing an oversized and loose pajama, watching the television as she sat on the sofa and eating the delivery that she had just ordered. She was watching a television show called "Interview on the Divine Dominion."

This time, the program had invited over the Chinese Divine Dominion companys professor, Dr. Ling Liaoxin.


Her mobile rang.

Ling Feiyu picked up her mobile and swallowed the pizza that she had in her mouth. "Hello, Grandpa!"

"My dear granddaughter, I saw that you called me a few times. I didnt see it because I was at work. What do you need?" A coddling voice came from the other side of the phone.

"I saw that you have black bags under your eyes again in the interview on the TV program. Did you work overnight again? Stop working overnight and look after yourself!" Ling Feiyu said irately.

"Alright, alright. You are still the one that cares for me the most. Your parents havent called me for one whole month now, I guess I have wasted my time with them." The voice coming from the other side was slightly trembling.

"Isnt that because theyre both workaholics just like you, Grandpa?"

"Alright, alright. I need to go back to work now. Do you need anything else? Ill let Nan Nan send it to you."

"I want a players casket-style terminal. Also, Grandpa, youre old now. Your body wont be able to function well if you keep on working until late at night. If you dont listen to me, Im going to stop studying and go look for you!"

"Alright, alright. Ill go have some rest."

"Okay, dont forget about my game terminal."

"Of course."


As soon as she hung up, Ling Feiyu sighed.

Her grandfather was a workaholic. His father was a workaholic. All his uncles were workaholics too.

They were not working hard for the money. It was for the accomplishment!

She was not sure if she should be happy with a family like this, or be worried.


After dinner, Ling Feiyu was about to return to her room to continue with the game when the door opened up, and Karina quickly closed it. She ran toward the sofa while breathing heavily with a red face, then drank half a can of soda that Ling Feiyu was drinking and finished it in one go.

"What happened to you? Why are you blushing so much? Did you drink?" Ling Feiyu looked at Karina confusingly.

"My idol brought me to a hotel room. But its my first time, and Im scared. So I sneaked out when he was registering at the counter Er, I didnt say anything," Karina said to her excitedly. However, when she saw Ling Feiyus serious expression, she stopped.

"You met up with Johns?" Asked Ling Feiyu.

"No Er, you did say I can have him, so I"

"You called him behind my back?"


"How many times did you meet up with him before he brought you to the hotel?"


"Two times and you went to a hotel with someone? The virginity that you have kept is so cheap? You didnt do anything with your body before this and what was it for? For that bastard?"

"No, listen to me."


Next, Karina told her about her date with Johns.

What Ling Feiyu did not expect was that Johns was trying to ask about her. He was even asking about the Chinese Server and Ruler of Hakai.

"I guarantee that I didnt tell him anything about you. I wont betray my friends for him," Karina promised Ling Feiyu as she stared at her.

"At least you put chicks before d*cks. Alright, I need to have a think about this. Back to you. A dude trying to bang you after the second date isnt someone decent. Dont ruin yourself just because you like his looks," Ling Feiyu said as she returned to her room.

"Of course, Im not stupid," Karina muttered as she undressed herself revealing her perfect figure, and walked into the bathroom.


Within the game, American Server.

Kaza Mountains, Level 60 monster territory.

After Jiang Feng had escaped from the Werewolf Valley using the Teleportation Cauldron, he had arrived in this mountain range.

He did not leave after he had arrived at this mountain range and began to level up in the mountains.

In the meantime, he would also transmute some Evolution Pills, fusing his followers to improve their bloodlines and recruit some bosses.

As the players were around level 58, there were plenty of monsters outside of the Kaza Mountains for them to kill and level up. The deeper parts of the Kaza Mountains have not been visited by any players yet since there were plenty of high-level monsters along the way that they could not defeat yet.

That was why he could summon his followers without restraint and kill the monsters deep within the Kaza Mountains.

Beep! Beep!

At this time, Ling Feiyu had sent over the request for a video call.

"Continue with what youre doing."

Jiang Feng said to Heifeng and the rest of his followers. He then shrunk his size and accepted the video call.

Once he had accepted, he saw Ling Feiyus pretty face on a screen.

"Where are you?" Asked Ling Feiyu.

"The American Server."

"The American Server? Why isnt there any World Announcement?"

"Ive used a special way to get in. Why are you looking for me?"

"Canaan, Yao Qiong and some other guild leaders came looking for me, saying they want to ask for a reconciliation. Also, some advertisers came knocking at our door and asked us if they could advertise in the Ancient City. They will pay us well for it."

"Ill let you handle all of it. I believe in you!"

"Alright. Oh, by the way, be careful of Johns from the American Server. He seems to be interested in the Ruler of Hakai."


Johns was interested in the Ruler of Hakai? Everyone should be interested in it.

After chatting for a while, Jiang Feng then hung up the call and did not pay the news too much attention.

As long as he did not show his true identity, who would know who he was?

When he was chatting with Ling Feiyu, he was originally thinking of using the Shifter Emperors Flag to teleport Ling Feiyu over.

Ling Feiyu was the Shifter Hierophant and her skills could easily help him recruit more followers and could even revive Yan Chixia. She could help him with a lot of things if she were here.

But as soon as he remembered that if Ling Feiyu were to come over and it might result in a World Announcement, he gave up.

"There is no need to drag Ling Feiyu over. Now that my Charisma is full, the other monsters would be naturally friendlier with me. Im not too slow when it comes to recruiting followers." As there were many followers that were helping him kill monsters, and that he had been transmuting the monsters bodies, all the pills that he had been using were Level 60 Experience Pills. He had already reached level 30.

Not only was his Charisma full, he even had 1 extra free attribute point.

Ding. Server Announcement: The Atlantis Guild has declared war on the Pantheon Guild. If they accept the declaration, the Guild War will begin in one hour. If they refuse, 30% of the guilds capital and experience points will be given to the declarer. The victor of the Guild War shall increase their Guild Bases territory by 20%. The loser of the Guild War shall have their Guild Bases territory decreased by 1

Ding. Server Announcement: The Pantheon Guild has accepted the Atlantis Guilds declaration. The Guild War shall begin in 1 hour. Members of the two guilds please be prepared!

Jiang Feng was slightly stunned when he heard the two server announcements, he was just about to continue to kill some more monsters. Upon hearing the announcements, he smiled.

No country could be truly free from internal strife.

The war between the Americans largest guild and the second largest guild must be very exciting. What he could get from the conflict should be aplenty.

He was going to make some profit and understand how the American Players play so that he could fight them better during the World War.

The two largest guilds in the American Server had abundant resources. It was even possible that their two guild leaders would possess Primordial Divine Artifacts on them. When the war has begun, he could silently assassinate them during the chaos of war!

With that thought in mind, he put away all his followers, rode on the Monster Cloud, and headed toward the closest city.