Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 2

Chapter 2


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The new slum district is located at the fringe of the city of Jingnan.

As technology progressed, many factories had become automated. This had caused a lot of people unable to find jobs and had been forced to move to the slums, farming and raising animals for a living.

3Even as most of the nation’s assets have been mostly automated, people still needed to be fed. There must always be people maintaining agriculture. Raising animals and farming became the work of those from the slums.

2Jiang Feng lived in the new slum district.

His family was given a big plot of land to live in, covering an area of 300 square meters. However, their living space is quitesmall, covering an area of only four, fifty square feet. The ones left are all used to raise chicken, ducks, and pigs.

4The chicken, ducks, and pigs were not his. They were raised for the government and they were only responsible for raising it and being paid a fixed salary. If any of the livestock died, their salary would even be deducted.

5When he reached home, he could smell the foul stench. He saw his father Jiang Zhengde feeding the animals from afar.


3His father mimicked the sound of a chicken, calling at the chicken inside the cage as he fed them with chicken feed.

“Dad, I’m home. Are you feeling better?”

Jiang Feng walked next to Jiang Zhengde and asked him with care. At the same time, he took a ladle of bran water and poured them into the pig sty’s stone trough.

With a bent back and a pale face, Jiang Zhengde said, “I am better now. Dinner is ready, you shouldgo have some.”


Jiang Feng nodded and entered the room.

A bowl of clear soup, a steamed bun, and a plate of pickled vegetables. This was his dinner.

After dinner, he returned to his room and studied for a while. Only when it was around 8 o’clock at night, he took out the silver earring and put it to his ear. He then pressed a small button on the silver cross.

Next, a needle darted out from it and pierced into his earlobe. He felt numb.

5The game Divine Dominion would begin its open beta at 8 o’clock that night. He aimed at the time and lay down on his bed. Then he said.

8“Enter the game.”

6As soon as he finished his sentence, he felt a wave of dizziness washed over him. It felt like his consciousness had been removed, and he felt as if his brain was swelling.

3Ding! Welcome to the world of Divine Dominion!

Before he could even open his eyes, a serene voice entered his ears.

He opened his eyes slowly and saw a scene that shocked him to the core.

And he saw as he stood in the void, there are three factions battling each other under him.

The three factions are the Divines, the Infernals, and the Insectoids.

11Prismatic lights shone from the bodies of the Divines as they charged with weapons in hands towards the Infernals who emitted darkness, and they battled in a state of chaos.

2Just as the two factions fought to a standstill, the earth below them cracked open. Innumerable Insectoid Beasts burst forth and pounced on both the Divines and the Demons.

The Insectoid Beasts killed anything they saw and consumed them once they killed them. They would then give birth to even more Insectoid Beasts.

6“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

1The three words came from each of the three races, and it reached out to the heavens. Even Jiang Feng, who stood and watched in the void. His face became red as he felt as his blood was boiling with fervor.


Suddenly, the scene changed, and he was now in space.


Looking at the stars all around him and the endless void of space, he was once again shocked to see a blue planet next to him.


2There were once again the sounds of battle, and many warships appeared in space. Above the warships, the gods of the three races fought.

The God of War cracked open a planet with a swing of his blade, destroying millions of Infernals.

1The God of Shadows hid within the darkness of space and silently appeared behind a Demon God. With his swiftness, he had slain a Demon God.

1The God of Magic, with a wave of his hands, called a dozen planets to hear his commands and slammed themselves towards the warships of the Infernals.


The lights from the explosion caused him to be unable to open his eyes.

Ding! Identity confirmation successful. DNA binding successful. Character successfully created. Enter the game?

After he opened his eyes, Jiang Feng realized that he was already in a room. A beautiful Elven woman with long ears looked at him with a smile.

1“Hm? Character successfully created? Did you get something wrong? I haven’t even created my character yet!”

He had played a lot of role-playing games before, so he knew the steps for creating a character. But he hadn’t even done anything yet and his character had already been created. This made him unable to make head or tail the situation.

What about the character’s name? The race? The class?

Ding! Character successfully created. Enter the game?

The elf did not answer his question and only repeated what she had previously said.


Jiang Feng felt helpless, but he still chose to enter the game.

As soon as he finished, there was darkness. Once he opened his eyes again, he appeared in front of a village.

“Eh? Why is this village so big? Why are all the people here so big too?”

1Jiang Feng, who had appeared in the game, said in surprise as he looked at the huge village and the people that are walking in and out.

“Haha! Die, you stupid dog!”

“Just as he was filled with questions, he saw a number of players wanting to slash him using their starter swords.

1He was shocked. But just as he was going to escape, he slipped and fell unexpectedly.

Only at this timethat he had discovered that he had four legs. Four furry legs. And it looked like they were dog legs.

2“Oh damn, no!”

3Looking at his four legs, he could only remain speechless.

Just as he was prepared to look at his status, he felt a sharp pain on his body. In the next second, he became a white light and disappeared.

Beep! System Prompt: You are dead. You have dropped your items. The system is recharging. Revival in 5 minutes, please wait

3“What is going on? Did I become a dog?”

3There is only darkness surrounding him, and there was nothing. And he was thinking in the center of that darkness, thinking about something.


He remembered something suddenly and called out in his heart.

In the next second, two status windows appeared in front of him.

Looking at the first status window, he became extremelyspeechless. He even wanted to die.

Character: Jiang Feng

Display Name: Level 1 Wild Dog

6HP: 100

1Attack: 10

Defense: 2

Skills: None

Equipment: None

Drop: 1-10 bp (Bronze Pieces) and Level 1 White Equipment

2After he finished with the first window, he looked at the second status window.

Host of the Monster Transmutation System: Jiang Feng

Grade: Level 1 Monster

Polymorph Duration: 1 Minute

Number of Lottery: 1

2Monster Transmutation System Abilities: Transmute Monster, Polymorph, and Lottery

Transmute Monster, 1: Can transmute monsters into materials or items. There is a 1% chance of transmuting an “Evolution Pill.” It has a cooldown of 1 minute (the more powerful the monster is, the greater the chance of failure.)

22: It can transmute two monsters into one, more powerful monster (greater chance of failure.)

Polymorph: Becomes a human after activation. The duration is 1 minute. The cooldown is 24 hours. Every evolution increases the polymorph duration.

17Lottery: The system will award one lottery chance per evolution.

“Hm? Monster Transmutation System? Is this an ability for the monsters? And every monster in the game has it?”

Jiang Feng cried, “I don’t want to be a monster. I only want to be a normal human!”

3While the Monster Transmutation System looked powerful, but he didn’t want to become a monster to be slain by other players. He wanted to be a warrior that looked down on the world from above with a sword in hand.

10Unfortunately, this game only allows one character per person per lifetime. You cannot delete or reset the character.

10Jiang Fengwas demoralized as he stood in the darkness.

“Well, since it is too late to change anything, let’s play for a bit. If I really can’t make any progress, then I would stop playing and sell the terminal.”

He felt much better with that line of thinking, and he looked at the number of lotteries he had in the Monster Transmutation System.

That meant that he could go for one round of the lottery.


1He called out Lottery in his heart, and a roulette appeared before him.

5The roulette could be separated into five categories: equipment, skills, medicine, bloodline and special.

He chose to start, and the pointer began to spin quickly around the roulette.

And for a while, the pointer stopped at the special category.”

Next, a Prismatic Chest appeared before him.

“A prismatic chest, a Divine Level Item, my luck is that good!”

9When he saw it, he became very excited. He quickly opened the prismatic chest, and a book appeared in front of him.

He looked at the name of the book, and he almost fainted and fell to the ground.

The Art of Yin Yang Union of Joy: Divine Level Martial Arts

17After activation, it can increase the user’s abilities. There is an opportunity to steal a female’s skill. Cooldown 1 hour.

7“God, are you joking with me? I’m a dog now, and you gave me this skill? What? Are you asking me to find a bitch to mate with?”

13Jiang Feng pointed his middle finger upwards, yelling angrily.