Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 20

Chapter 20

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Starter Village, Respawn Point!

Nangong Tiaotiao walked out of it sadly.

“Bad people, a group of bad people. It was so painful just now.”

She was muttering to herself for a while and she eventually started crying.

This was the first time that she had been killed. This was the first time that she had felt the pain from the game.

1While her sense of pain was only 20%, but the pain when she was killed was still like being sliced by a dagger.

She had never been hurt since she was a child, so no wonder she would feel being wronged.

1“Don’t cry, Tiaotiao. Big Sis will avenge you!” Mu Xi walked out of the Respawn Point, and felt grief when she saw her saddened sister.

“Big Sis, what happened to Xiao Bai? Let’s go find Xiao Bai, okay?” Nangong Tiaotiao said as she blinked and looked at Mu Xi.

Mu Xi smiled gently and said, “Alright. Let’s go find Xiao Bai.”

It was then that the Teleportation Array behind them flickered.

Jiu Mei walked out of the Respawn Point.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Just as Jiu Mei walked out of the Respawn point, three more flickers came from the Respawn Point. Mu Xi, who was just going to leave, had heard of the buzzing light, turned around and looked.

1Those three lights were from Ling Yun, Bai Tong, and Ba Ge.

Jiu Mei was surprised and asked, “Guild Master, why would you be”

Ling Yun was angry and did not say a thing. Ba Ge furiously said, “It was that cat again no, that Tiger King. It was already a problem for it to appear in the Blaze Wolf Canyon, why would it appear in the Forest of Silence?”

“Yay~ Xiao Bai is so strong, killing all of you baddies.”

1As soon as she heard what Ba Ge had to say, Nangong Tiaotiao broke into a smile and made a wry face to them.

Seeing Nangong Tiaotiao, Ling Yun walked to her and coldly asked, “Xiao Bai? You know that Tiger King?”

“Ling Yun, watch your tone. I will one day retaliate for killing us today!” Mu Xi said coldly as she pulled Nangong Tiaotiao and hid her behind herself.

“Ms. Nangong, I had already said that I would one day get back to you for humiliating me publicly. This is just an appetizer!”

1“Hmph~ you big baddie! You want to court my big sis? No way!” Nangong Tiaotiao made another wry face to Ling Yun and said to him fiercely.

“Let’s go, Tiaotiao!”

After coldly staring at Ling Yun for a second, she pulled Nangong Tiaotiao away and left.

Looking at Mu Xi’s back, he gave out a vile smile.


Blaze Wolf Canyon, a white shadow streaked through on its walls.

In a short while, the white shadow appeared in front of a hidden cave.

“Haha, with the Spatial Bracelet’s Gale passive skill, it had greatlyincreased my movement speed. That was cool!”

The white shadow was Jiang Feng, who had just come from the Forest of Silence.

Looking at the cave, Jiang Feng walked into it with a smile.

As soon as he had stepped into the cave, the voice from last time returned.

“Hehe. Little kitten, I knew you would return.”

Jiang Feng did not answer it and explored deeper into the cave carefully.

The cave had twists and turns, and the deeper he walked into it the smaller it became. When it reached the end, he had to crawl to advance despite his already small size.

2It wasn’t long until he had reached the end of the cave. There was a thin and long crack, and he could barely crawl through it.

After going through the crack, he appeared in an enclosed room.

The room was as large as a soccer field, and in the middle of the enclosed room was an altar. There was a pillar on the altar, and an old man that looked like a bag of bones was shackled by several chains, and runes were carved on the chains.

3The old man had sharp eyes, and his faint smile carried a hint of peculiarity and dreadfulness.

Looking at his smile, Jiang Feng felt a chill down his spine.

1Demon King Heiya: Level 100 Infernal

2Introduction: Heiya, a powerful being of the Infernals. During the Great Divine-Infernal War, the Human Sovereign Fuxi had sealed him.

Status: ???

A character from the Great Divine-Infernal War!

Jiang Feng was shocked, and he remembered the scenes when he had just entered the game. That had to be the Great Divine-Infernal War! Even now, that was that went on for days and nights were still burned into his mind.

He never would have thought the old man before him had been sealed by the Human Sovereign Fuxi.

In this game, every game’s server used the myths and legends of the country it was located in as a setting. It was in his expectation for the Human Sovereign Fuxi to appear here.

“Tch. And here I thought you were just a mere cat. I did not expect you to be a little tiger king that had not matured yet,” Heiya looked at Jiang Feng and said.

“Little tiger king, I see that you have no lack of intelligence. You understand my words, do you not?”


Jiang Feng looked at Heiya cautiously. “If you help me with a task, I shall give you an Evolution Pill and make you become an even more powerful Tiger King. What say you?”

An Evolution Pill?

Such an item did exist within the game. But using an Evolution Pill to tempt someone that can create that pill. What a joke.

“Roar~ Scram!” He shouted and shook his head.

“Looks like you are quite the greedy one?” Heiya didn’t expect that the Evolution Pill that all monsters would fight tooth and nail for would not tempt Jiang Feng. He frowned, but he suddenly remembered something, and said in a smile, “Since you are not happy with the Evolution Pill, have you heard of the Infernal’s most prized treasure, the Lianyao Flask?”

“Damn, the Primordial Artifact Lianyao Flask!” Jiang Feng became shocked.

About the primordial artifacts, the publisher had mentioned them once.

The tiers of equipment in this game were separated into White, Black-Iron, Green-Bronze, White-Silver, Yellow-Gold, Dark-Gold, Spiritual Artifact, Immortal Artifact, Divine Artifact, and Saintly Artifacts. But there existed a tier above Saintly Artifact, and that was the Primordial Divine Artifact. And they were the most powerful equipment in the game!

2There were ten Primordial Divine Artifacts within the Huaxia Server. They were the Xuanyuan Sword, the Donghuang Bell, the Pangu Axe, the Lianyao Flask, the Haotian Tower, the Fuxi Zither, the Shennong Cauldron, the Kongtong Seal, the Kunlun Mirror, and the Nuwa Rock.

7Each of them had unique abilities and effects. But of course,it would be almost impossible to possess one of the ten Primordial Divine Artifacts.

2Because all ofthese were in the hands of NPCs thatwere at a level thatwas beyond divinity.

And the Lianyao Flask that Heiya was talking about, was in the hands of the Great Infernal God Chiyou.

“Roar~ Are you kidding me? Hearing it is one thing, getting it is another thing!” Jiang Feng roared at Heiya furiously, feeling that Heiya had played him for a fool.

It was like Heiya knew what Jiang Feng meant and said with a smile, “Do not be so easily angered. I am not fooling you. The Great Divine-Infernal War that took place ten thousand years ago, all of the Primordial Divine Artifacts have been damaged, and their locations lost. The Lianyao Flask has been split into three gourds. They are the Buyuan Gourd, the Qiankun Gourd, and the Tianyi Gourd. And it was by chance that I had discovered the location of the Qiankun Gourd. If you would lend me your aid, I shall bring you along to find the Qiankun Gourd. What say you?”


Jiang Feng rolled his eyes at Heiya, turned around, and walked away.

Heiya’s so-called help was to help him destroy his seal. And once he had released Heiya, he would no doubt kill him. Why would he bring him to seek outthe Qiankun Gourd at all?

“Oh, little tiger. Do not turn your back on me. I tell you the truth! Perhaps this arrangement would be more to your liking. I will tell you the location of the Qiankun Gourd so thatyou may retrieve it. Once you have retrieved it, then return here to aid me. What says you?”

Seeing that Jiang Feng was preparing to leave, Heiya became anxious.

It was not easy for him to find a monster with sufficient intelligence and could understand him. Once he misses his chance, he wouldn’t know when he would be able to meet another monster with such intelligence. This was because the cave was inaccessible by humans. He could only ask for the help of monsters, and among the monsters that had intelligence and were of appropriatebody size that could come in were very little. He did not wish to miss this opportunity.

“Oh ho?” Once he heard Heiya’s words, Jiang Feng stopped in his tracks and turned to look at Heiya.