Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 201

Chapter 201 A Sword That Cleaves The Warriors

The name that Jiang Feng was showing was created by him.

He did that in order to humiliate Johns.

Two skills and he had already killed two hundred players. That caused the entire battle to grind to a halt, and they all stared at Jiang Feng, who was standing on the Horned Lightning Hawk.

Johns, who had grown a pair of pure white wings, appeared before Jiang Feng.

When he saw the information on Jiang Feng, his entire expression turned into that of annoyance.

The Pantheons guild leader Davies also looked at Jiang Feng with a frown.

Just now, the players that were killed included players from both guilds.

This had made both the guild leaders from both guilds, Johns and Davies, extremely angry.

Johns looked at Jiang Feng and said coldly, "You are Zeuss Inheritor? Dont you know the promise between inheritors?"

Jiang Feng smirked and asked, "What promise?"

Davies sneered at Johns and said to Jiang Feng, "The so-called promise is something that Johns has created himself. All the inheritors will obey him and cannot resist him, or they will be hunted down by his guilds Inheritors."

"What arrogance!" He thought he was already quite high-handed, but he never expected others to be more high-handed than he was.

He wanted all the Inheritors to obey him? Who the hell did he think he was? He was not afraid of being hunted down in a game.

He had to say that the inheritors in the American Server had no backbones at all!

"What? You have something to say?"

Johnss blue eyes showed his intent to kill, and two other inheritors behind him, and several elites, all took a step forward.

It seemed like if Jiang Feng dared to respond unfavorably to that, they would make a move against him without hesitation.

Jiang Feng scanned all of them and looked at the information on the elites that were behind him.

Johns was the Inheritor of the Divines.

James J was the Inheritor of the Vampires.

Eve was the Inheritor of the Undead.

All the others were elites with Yellow-Gold Equipment and were of level 60 and above.

Their stats were only slightly higher than his. There was going to be some difficulty if he wanted to kill them all. It might be possible for him to get killed instead.

But when he remembered all the items that he had on him that could save his life, he had some confidence that he could kill all of them.


When they were staring at him, he smirked and suddenly appeared behind the Inheritor of the Vampire. He activated his Kill skill and violently stabbed into the Inheritor of the Vampires back.

His action was a reply to Johns. Yes, I had an issue with it!

However, the Inheritor of the Vampire was also not an easy opponent to deal with. The moment that Jiang Fengs attack was about to hit him, he quickly used his positioning skill to dodge Jiang Fengs attack.


As soon as the word was said, his figure once again disappeared and reappeared behind the Inheritor of the Vampire. His sword ran right through him, causing 50,000 worth of damage. The Inheritor of the Vampire only had around 20,000 HP left. If he were attacked again, he would definitely die.


Johnss wings fluttered and appeared in front of the Inheritor of the Vampires, and a greatsword formed by feathers blocked Jiang Fengs next attack.

The Divine Artifact, the Archangels Sword! If only he drops it as loot!

When he saw the greatsword in Johnss hand, Jiang Feng felt that he wanted it. Unfortunately, that sword should be the weapon that he had chosen when he became an Inheritor. That meant that the weapon was bound to him and could not be dropped.


When his strike was blocked by Johnss, he muttered another word before reappearing next to the Inheritor of the Vampire.

At this time, the Inheritor of the Vampire had already swallowed a Large Recovery Pill and his HP was recovering. When he saw that Jiang Feng was coming for him again, he showed anger and lifted his cloak. Several hundred vampiric bats formed a barrier blocking his attack, and next the vampiric bats attacked him instead.

The vampiric bats did not possess high attacks, but they could deal fixed vampiric damage. The damage that they deal would be used to heal the Vampires Inheritor.

If the several hundred bats were to attack him at the same time, he would be instantly killed and the Vampires Inheritors HP would be fully recovered.

When Jiang Feng was kept busy by the vampiric bats, the Vampires Inheritor suddenly appeared next to Jiang Feng. He took a bite on Jiang Fengs arm and began draining his blood.

Youre not the only one that knows how to drain blood!

Jiang Feng then opened his mouth and munched on the Inheritor of the Vampires shoulder, both of them began to drain blood.

"Dire Domain!"

When he saw that Johns and the others were approaching him, he then used the skill that he had obtained from the Fire Qilin bloodline, Fire Domain!

Next, his body was surrounded by flames.




His Fire Domain and Consume Blood skills caused the Vampires Inheritor to lose 700 HP per second. However, he was losing even more HP. Every second, the Vampires Inheritor would drain 2,000 HP from him.

He knew that he could not let this continue.

At this time, a fireball appeared in his hand and he violently blasted it at the Vampires Inheritors abdomen, causing 50,000 worth of damage.


Just as the Vampires Inheritor was about to get killed, he suddenly let out a loud screech and caused him to feel like his head was going to explode. He entered into a daze status together with the Horned Lightning Hawk, and both of them fell from the air very quickly.

Next, he could feel a stabbing pain coming from behind him.

Two seconds later, he once again said kill. Using the skills positioning effect, he reappeared again far away.

At this time, he only had around 20,000 HP left. If he were attacked again, the Sacrificial Doll would be used up once again.

Seeing what was happening, he took out a Withering Wood Pill and ate it. Half of his HP was instantly restored.

"No, Im still at a disadvantage if I face the Inheritors directly. I cant hide those skills anymore or I wouldnt be able to kill them!" With that thought in mind, Jiang Feng was no longer going to save his cards.


When Johns and the others were heading toward him again, he quickly used his crowd-control skill.

The level requirement for the Requiem Bell was quite low. He had been equipping it all along as he was leveling up.

While the stats it increased were not that high, the skill it came with was very useful, so he did not change it at all.

The Requiem skill had caused around three of them to fall for its negative status effect. However, the other inheritors all had their ways of removing the negative status effect.

As soon as the Inheritors all negated the status effects, they used their positioning skills to reappear next to Jiang Feng and used their skills on him.

Ding. System Prompt: Sacrificial Doll Use -1.

All of these were the top players of the American Server. He could not use the Golden Bell Barrier in time to block all the skills and it had expended one use of his Sacrificial Doll.

"Tornado! Tiger Howl! Slam of Mount Tai! Rockfall!"

When he saw that the cooldown for Tornado and Tiger Roar had all passed, he used all his skills at once.

Johns, who was next to him, thought that they could kill Jiang Feng with their combined attack. However, he did not expect Jiang Feng to have ways to save himself. They wanted to withdraw but it was too late, and they were immediately thrown into the air by the Tornado.

Next, a Tiger Howl killed everyone within the Tornado other than Johns.

While Johns used a skill to escape, he did not have much HP left on him.

When the others saw that Jiang Feng did not have much HP left, they wanted to use this chance to eliminate him. However, when they saw the giant mountain peak and rocks coming right at them, they quickly escaped and did not have the chance to even approach Jiang Feng.


As soon as Johns left the Tornado, Jiang Fengs sixth Kill had been used. He appeared behind him, and before Johns could even react, he killed him instantly due to his depleting HP.


At this time, he saw that there were many items dropped as a result of killing Johns and the others. Seeing that, he quickly went forward and took all the items.

What had happened had caused all the players that were fighting below them and those that were observing to be in shock as they stared at Jiang Feng.