Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 202

Chapter 202 The Powerful Xiao Longnu

After Karina had taken a shower, she also entered the game.

After she entered the game, she then heard about the Guild War.

She did not expect that when Johns failed to have a night out with her, he went to play games instead.

He did not even give her a call, and it chilled her heart.

When she met Johns for the first time in person, she was already quite disappointed. That was because Johnss appearance had been improved by 20%. He was not that handsome in reality.

Not to mention that all he wanted to know was about Ling Feiyu, and that made her even more irritated.

When he was going to bring her to a hotel room only after the second time they met, she had already lost all hope for Johns.

She could get into a renowned university, which meant that she was no fool. And since so many men had been trying to get her, she also knew very well about how such things worked.

She had no need for a man that did not have her in his heart and merely wanted her body.

Her good impression of Johns had sunk like a stone.

But after she went online, she still went back to watch the Guild War.

As soon as Jiang Feng entered the battlefield, she was also one of those that sneered at him.

However, when she saw Jiang Feng kill Johns and the other five elites, she was surprised.

"Impossible! Theres someone stronger than Johns?"

As she looked at Jiang Feng who was standing on a giant Horned Lightning Hawk holding a sword, she did not know that there was someone so powerful in her server.

She was not the only one. All the players that were watching were all shocked and they were all discussing it.

"Whos Zeus? Why didnt I hear anything about him? Was he hiding his identity when doing his quests all this while? And he only appeared here to build up his reputation?"

"I think we might have overestimated him. Did you see what happened earlier? Johns and his elites attacked him all at once and couldnt kill him. Their combined damage should reach around 300 to 400 thousand. And since he was already at half health, he couldnt be alive. That means that he had something on him that could block a fatal attack."

"I dont think that youre right. Dont forget that he is alone. Johns and his six or seven elites didnt kill him and were instead killed. Even if he has some OP items on him, who do you think would lose if they soloed each other?"


Just when the players were still debating with each other, Jiang Feng looked at Davies and his elites who did not make a move.

He managed to kill Johns by luck.

It could also be said that Johns was suicidal in trying to kill him.

While Johns and his group thought that they could instantly kill him, they forgot the items on Jiang Feng.

That was why they managed to be hit by Jiang Fengs skills.

With Jiang Fengs current damage that he could deal, the Tornado would hit for about 40,000 damage per second. A duration of 5 seconds meant that he was doing a total of 200,000 damage.

At this time, even after the second class-change, many of the players HP had only floated to around 100,000. They still could not defend against that skill.

If it were not because Johns was hit by his Tornado skill, it would be very difficult for him to kill Johns and the others.

Since he could not kill the Vampires Inheritor, it would be even more difficult for him to face the combined attack of three Inheritors and three or four elites!

"I didnt expect you to be so strong. Are you interested to join my guild? I can give you the position of an assistant guild leader. What do you say?"

Davies looked at Jiang Feng with a smile.

Jiang Feng replied, "Stop wasting your breath, come on!"

He was not a player from the American Server. And other than to teach the arrogant Johns a lesson, he was also reducing their power.

"Youre not here for money, not for power. It looks like youre here for fame. If thats the case, I will give you what you want. What I told you is going to be always valid. Once you think it through, come look for me!"

Davies was someone that was quite decent. At least he was not as arrogant as Johns.

And he was also very smart. While his own guild members had been killed by Jiang Feng, not only was he not angry at him, he even generously offered him a place in his guild and promised him riches. His magnanimity had shown him that he was someone that could do great things.

If these people existed in the American Server, they would become great threats to the Huaxia Server!

However, no matter how strong the threat was, he would clear them all out.


With a repositioning, he appeared behind Davies and stabbed him using his sword.

Davies was the Infernals Inheritor for the American Server, and his powers were not to be underestimated. As soon as he attacked Davies, the latter dodged the attack with his extreme speed.

As the players level continues to rise, their combat experience and senses would also increase. Other than assassination, killing them is much more difficult now! Jiang Feng thought to himself after dodging an attack.

While he dodged his attack, he held on to his sword and continued his assault on Davies.

In truth, if he were to use the Forbidden Spell: Meteor Swarm, he could easily kill half the players in this place.

However, he was not going to use that Divine Rank Item at this time. He was going to save it for the World War.

As his sword and the black longsword held by Davies clashed with each other, he stared at the other elites and said to the Horned Lighting Hawk that he was standing on, "Horned Lightning Hawk, deal with the others!"

The Horned Lightning Hawk was a level 60 boss, and its power was not to be underestimated.


The Horned Lightning Hawk cried out and attacked the other elites.

As Jiang Feng did not have any steed, he used his own flying skill to remain in the air and this surprised many players.

Even Davies himself was shocked.

"High-speed Movement! Infernal Shades!"

When the Horned Lightning Hawk left to handle the elites, Jiang Feng could finally use his power. He moved using High-Speed Movement and quickly attacked Davies with his extreme speed.

When Davies saw what happened, he turned serious and waved. A group of huge Infernal Soldiers appeared next to him. Each Infernal Soldier was equal to a level 50 boss, and there were around fifty of them.

"You have helpers? Thats fine, Xiao Longnu, come out!"

When he saw that Davies had summoned the Infernal Soldiers, he then summoned Xiao Longnu. However, he did not have Xiao Longnu come out in her dragon form. Instead, he let Xiao Longnu wear his old Dark Shadow Mask.

Western Dragons and Eastern Dragons did not look alike. If Xiao Longnu were to come out in her dragon form, he would be outed immediately.

That was because Xiao Longnu had helped him during the siege for the Ancient City. He was not sure if the American Server had been observing him, but for safetys sake, he did not want to expose himself.

As for the skills, he was not going to pay much attention to it even if they were exposed since there were plenty of the same skills within the game.

Shen Ye had learned about the Tornado skill. Even Dragoon, the secret class in the American Servers Secret Class Leaderboard could learn this skill.

Even if his skills were exposed, the players would at most make up theories on who he was. However, he was sure that they could not determine that he was the Shifters Inheritor since his looks and information were all different.

"Kill them!" He told Xiao Longnu after he had her out.

Xiao Longnu nodded, and a Dragonball that Jiang Feng gifted to her in the past appeared in her hand and she started attacking Davies.

Seeing that Jiang Feng had summoned a woman, Davies was slightly stunned. However, when he remembered that Jiang Feng was Zeuss Inheritor, he understood what was going on.

As Xiao Longnu was wearing the Dark Shadow Mask and had high stats, Davies could not find out about her stats. That was why he did not treat her as a proper enemy and thought that she was at the same level as an Infernal Soldier. Even if she was stronger than an Infernal Soldier, her attacks should not be able to kill him.

Ignoring Xiao Longnus attack, the black longsword in his hand turned into a black dragon and he attacked Jiang Feng.




But at this time, when the Dragonball struck at the Infernal Soldiers, all of them that had been struck by the Dragonball were instantly killed. Unfortunately, when the Dragonball struck at him, he was killed without any question.

They must be joking. Xiao Longnu was an Immortal Beast. While her level was still at level 50, but at her peak, her attack had reached 300,000.

While the curse was not completely broken, she had somewhat been restored. Her attack was in the 10,000s and could be compared to Laolaos attack from A Chinese Ghost Story. There was no way that players could stand a chance against her at all.

"Er Is Xiao Longnu that powerful now?"

After bringing Xiao Longnu with him, he had never seen her attack yet. Her attack had really surprised him!