Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 203

Chapter 203 Fire Water Lightning

Xiao Longnu had instantly killed Davies and his Infernal Soldiers.

This scene once again shocked the players that were either in battle or were simply watching.


Jiang Feng could not help but gulp as he looked at Xiao Longnu.

He knew that Xiao Longnu was very powerful when she was at her height, but he did not expect her to be that strong even before reaching her peak.

If she met Xiao Longnu when she was at her strongest, he would have surpassed all the other players by several-fold.

Xiao Longnu blinked, and looked at Jiang Feng innocently and asked, "What is it, Little Feng? Did I put too much power into it?"


"No! The more power you put into it, the better! Look at those players, and the ones down there, lets kill them all!" Jiang Feng was slightly stunned before quickly pointing his finger at the players that were watching them.

"Alright!" Xiao Longnu said as she smiled at him and took back her Dragonball. Shen then headed toward the Horned Lightning Hawk who was fighting against a player with a secret class and eight other elites.

Only to see that the moment she launched the Dragonball, all the players that did not have a survival item or skill in hand were instantly killed.

Seeing that Xiao Longnu was so powerful, he was assured. He then healed himself and headed toward the players down below.

To him, the players down there were all honor points and experience points.

Honor points could be used to exchange for a lot of things once he had more of them, including some items that he could use during the World War.

To stop him from entering the Slaughter Status, he consumed a Moon Essence Pill.

He headed right into the rear flank of the Atlantis guild where their priests were located. He then entered into the ranks of the priests and started killing them.

Priests had lower attacks and low physical defense, that was why he started killing them first because they were easy pickings.

Not to mention that if too many priests were to survive, he could not kill many people.

Since he could not kill the players in one hit, so a group of priests could easily heal the players that he had injured. Therefore, he wanted to kill the priests first.

Most of the priests were women, and when they saw Jiang Feng heading toward them, they quickly cried out for help, "Ah Assassins, protect us Where are the assassins"


Several dozen assassins headed toward them with their daggers, and several metallic lights were shot toward him.


He did not dare to simply take the attacks from the assassins due to their high critical hit rate. After dodging all their attacks, he activated his Fire Domain and rushed into the group of assassins and started to slash them with the sword in his hand.

As he attacked with his longsword, one by one the players fell.


As soon as the cooldown for his Tornado skill was reached, he used it on the priests.

Next, around eighty priests were thrown into the tornado. As their HP kept on decreasing, they became bolts of white light and disappeared soon after.

"Zeus! Im going to kill you! Archers, wizards, gunners, aim at Zeus! Warriors, tank him!" Johns, who had just returned from the respawn point screamed out in anger when he saw that his priests were being slaughtered.

As soon as his orders came out, the Atlantis Guilds members began to adjust their formation. Next, thousands of arrows, bolts of magic, and bullets were fired toward him.

When Jiang Feng saw the attack that came from everywhere, he knew he was in trouble.

He had just used his Blink skill not too long ago. High-speed movement could not help him avoid that many attacks. The Golden Bell Barrier could only block the first wave of attack, so other than using the Talisman of Invulnerability and the Sacrificial Doll, he would not be able to defend against this attack.

At this level, the players had already class-changed twice. Their attacks were around 40,000. Some of them had even reached 50,000. Those were more than enough to break through his defense.

Due to him wanting to preserve his identity, there were plenty of skills that he could not use. Otherwise, he would not have such constraints.


At this time, Xiao Longnu appeared before him. Next, a screen made out of water appeared around them. All the attacks hit the water-screen.

"The screen has the same defense as I, they cannot break through it. However, it can only be sustained for five minutes. Leave afterward, and I will take care of all of them!" Xiao Longnu was standing extremely close to Jiang Feng, and he could feel their lips merely inches apart.

Feeling her warm breath, Jiang Feng became nervous as he nodded. "Er sure"

It was better if he did not nod at all, as when he nodded, his lips kissed Xiao Longnus lips.

Xiao Longnu stared at Jiang Feng in surprise, but quickly moved Jiang Feng away out of the water screen that was going to dissipate soon

The moment that he was pushed out by Xiao Longnu, Jiang Feng quickly recovered and used his positioning skill and rushed into the player group. He was like a phantom as he moved through the group of players. As he moved, one by one the players dropped onto the ground.

"Tidal Wave!"

As soon as she sent Jiang Feng away, Xiao Longnu waved her hand and summoned a giant wave toward the priests.

After her power had been recovered, the skills area of effect became even more terrifying. One skill had killed around 500 priests at one go.

Next, a blue aquatic globe appeared around her as he headed toward Johns.

There was fire around Jiang Feng. There was water around Xiao Longnu. There was electricity around the Horned Lightning Hawk.

Fire, water, lightning.

As they moved through the battlefield, rivers of blood were formed.

Jiang Feng kept on receiving notifications from the System that his level was getting higher and higher.


All the players that were looking were in shock.

Karina even brushed the saliva from the edge of her lips as she drooled without care and mumbled, "Soloing two of the biggest guilds? Who is this person?"

Karina was not the only one that was stunned. Many other players were too, and they were still discussing about Jiang Feng.

"The inheritance from the King of the Gods is much stronger than the Inheritor of the Divines. If Johns is a God, then Zeus is his dad. This is too powerful!"

"I saw the woman that he summoned, that must be his guardian. Without his guardian, he would be dead. He isnt the powerful one, it is his guardian!"

"Even his guardians were part of his strength. Which Inheritor doesnt have any followers? They represent a race! If they dont have any followers, who are they to bring when its time for the Great Divine-Infernal War?"


When they were discussing it, some players had already recorded videos and posted it on the World Message Board to boast about it.

The topic was: "Look at us, players from other countries! We have another Inheritor in our midst now, and he can solo two guilds."

The video was only a dozen seconds long and it was just recorded. And Jiang Fengs basic information was also posted up there.

As Jiang Feng was surrounded by fire, Xiao Longnu was surrounded by a water globe, the Horned Lightning Hawk was surrounded by lightning, their appearances were not shown within the video. All they could see was the group of players being slaughtered as they moved.

In the video that was only a dozen seconds in length, Jiang Feng, Xiao Longnu and the Horned Lightning Hawk had already killed around seven hundred players. It was a shocking video indeed.