Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 204

Chapter 204 Unintentionally Famous Once Again

The video showing Jiang Feng fighting the two guilds in the American Server had caused him to become famous overnight.

There were players discussing this in the official message boards, Weibo and Tieba.

American Server: "Haha! Our server seems to have so many hidden players that are powerful. Not only did the Inheritor of Zeus kill Johns, Davies, and a bunch of elites, he even slaughtered almost 20,000 players single-handedly. He is extremely powerful. Players from the other servers should just kneel down and worship!"

Japanese Server: "Wow! So powerful! The Zeuss Inheritor is so great! With American Servers Inheritors and secret classes, America would win the World War without any doubt! The Chinese Server is heading to a bad end!"

Huaxia Server: "Oh, shut up! Thats just one inheritor! Our servers Shifters Inheritor and Witchers Inheritor can floor him!"


As the aggression on the World Message Board was getting heavier, all sorts of profanities started to appear.

The American Server was getting proud, the Japanese Server was worshipping and pulling aggro, the Huaxia Server was getting angry, and all the other Servers were watching it and probably putting in a few words to get things running along.

While the Huaxia Server had been emphasizing how powerful Jiang Feng was and that he could defeat Zeuss Inheritor, they were not so sure.

Since they thought that with Jiang Fengs level returned to zero, it would be difficult for his level to return to level 60.

At this stage, everyone thought that after Jiang Fengs level had been cleared to 0, he still needed some time to restore his power and return to his former glory. Once he had been teleported to the Starter Village, he needed to start from the very beginning again.

Therefore, they were sure that Jiang Feng could not defeat Zeuss Inheritor for now.

All they said were lies they were feeding to themselves as they were trying not to bring shame to themselves.

In truth, that was why the Witchers Inheritor dared to challenge Jiang Feng. He, too, was sure that Jiang Feng did not have much power left.

Myth City, within the private room of a restaurant.

Shen Ye frowned as he looked at the powerfully built man and asked, "Xing Kui, you saw that video on the Worlds Message Board. Can you defeat that Zeuss Inheritor?"

Xing Kui nodded with hesitation and frankly said, "I dont know. Maybe."

"Then if you compare him and the Shifters Inheritor, who do you think is more powerful?"


"Looks like we have another powerful enemy in the World War. If we cannot defeat him and we lose command of the army, we will definitely lose."

His face also became fierce as he said, "This is all that Shifters Inheritors fault! Should we send out a Declaration of War against the Shifters Inheritor?"

Qiu Si, who had not been saying anything all this while, gave him a look and said, "No. We dont know if the Shifters Inheritor still has his powers. If he does, then it would be like throwing straws against the wind."

Shen Ye gave him a cold smile. "Dont worry. With the Shifters Inheritors personality, when Xing Kui challenged him, he would have appeared a long time ago if he had the power to win against him. Seeing that he had not appeared yet, he must have known that he could not defeat Xing Kui and is hiding his head in the sand!"

Qiu Si said, "Or maybe he is in a dungeon. Not to mention that the Ancient City has Ling Feiyu and Mu Xi, as well as a large group of bosses. It wouldnt be that easy to invade the Ancient City. We should pace ourselves and let me finish the Ten Main Plot quests, "The Peach Banquet", first."

Shen Ye then stared at Qiu Si before finally nodding, and he said, "Alright, well make a move after one month. Then, we will invade the Ancient City of Shifter Emperor!"


Canaan City.

Knowing that Jiang Feng had not shown himself for many days and did not even look for all the guilds to settle his debt, Canaan then remembered some of the discussion she had seen on the message board this year. She felt that Jiang Feng was no longer around, and that was why he did not accept Xing Kuis challenge and did not attack them.

He must be terrified of them.

Because of that, she managed to finally relax and she started to look better.

Seeing that Canaan was feeling much better, Han Qianqian smiled and said, "Guild Leader, you can stop worrying now. The Shifters Inheritor has freed himself from the Shifter Binding Lasso, but he has also paid a heavy price. Hes probably hiding somewhere to get his levels up, theres no need to be afraid of him."

Canaan nodded. "Yes. We should use this time to quickly build up our guilds building, and increase our citys level to level 2. Even if we are challenged, we would be fine if our city were to drop one level."

Han Qianqian nodded and said, "Yes, I will have our guild members work on the guild quests."


Huaxia Server, Myth Group, and Canaan guilds were not the only ones that were discussing about Jiang Feng. Many that had grudges against Jiang Feng were all discussing him.

They all said that he was hiding his head in the sand, that he was too prideful, and had become a coward.

When rumors had been repeated too many times, many often treat it as real. Many players had begun to believe that Jiang Feng had lost his power.

Even when arguing with the other servers, they no longer use Jiang Fengs name and used Xing Kuis.

At the moment, Jiang Fengs reputation had greatly fallen in the Huaxia Server while Xing Kuis reputation had increased tremendously.


Ancient City of the Shifters Emperor. At the plaza right in front of the Shifter Emperors Palace that was surrounded by clouds.

Ling Feiyu was holding a blue rabbit as he looked at a pair of players getting married in the Ancient City.

There were around thirty monster bosses lying on the ground earnestly behind her.


The Teleportation Circle in the Shifter Emperors Palace plaza lit up, and Mu Xi appeared.

She did not say anything and sat next to Ling Feiyu.

"Not leveling today?" Ling Feiyu asked as she looked at Mu Xi.

Mu Xi shook her head with a faint smile and said, "Not today. Im learning from you now. Looking at life and enjoying the scenery."

Ling Feiyu smiled. "Arent you afraid of our steward?"

Mu Xi then lay down on the ground and pulled over a giants wolf tail to use as a pillow and looked into the sky, then said, "I have nothing to worry about. The steward is doing well. I dont know whats in the mind of those who talk bad about our steward. Once hes back, theyre all going to have a bad time."

"Thats true." Ling Feiyu smiled.

In truth, when she saw the video that was published by the American Server, Ling Feiyu knew that it was not some Zeuss Inheritor. It was Jiang Feng.

When he saw Jiang Feng killing all those players, she felt herself idolizing him all over again.

"I wonder what their expressions would be when Johns, Shen Ye, Canaan, and Yao Qiong know that the so-called Zeuss Inheritor is actually the Shifters Inheritor? My guess is that it would be quite splendid."

At this stage, many of the players in the American Server were treating Jiang Feng as their idol and treated Jiang Feng as the number one in the American Server.

Some of the players had even said that Jiang Feng should lead the American Server during the World War and defeat the Huaxia Server.

The Japanese Server players were even praising Jiang Feng non-stop.

What they did not know was that Jiang Feng was Zeuss Inheritor. He was not an American Server player but was the Huaxia Servers Shifters Inheritor.

They also did not know that Jiang Feng was not fighting for reputation, but to weaken the overall power of the American Server.

He probably did not expect being idolized by so many American players.

If Jiang Feng were to know about it, he would probably die laughing.