Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 205

Chapter 205 Shield Of Aegis

The Great Plains of Reid, American Server.

The Guild War continued on, but everyone was only watching Jiang Fengs solo performance.

When they were watching from the sidelines, Jiang Feng was committing a genocide.

However, what they did not know was that it was not as easy as Jiang Feng was making it out to be.

He had to be careful of every step he took so that he would not receive any damage.

If he did not have the Moon Essence Pill and some crowd-control skills, he would have already died once or twice.

If it was said that he, Xiao Longnu, and the Horned Lightning Hawk had killed about 20,000 players, then most of them had been killed by Xiao Longnu. He had killed at most 3,000 players.


Seeing that the Moon Essence Pills effect would be ending soon, he moved next to the Horned Lightning Hawk and put it away. He then came next to Xiao Longnu and put her away as well. He then took out the Teleportation Cauldron and teleported away.

His aim had already been achieved and there was no need for him to continue the battle anymore. He would only waste even more items, and he would probably end up dying in this place.

When Johns, who had been killed by Xiao Longnu a second time, saw Jiang Feng leaving, he could only roar out angrily, "Zeus, just you wait! Im going to kill you!"


Caesar City, several dozen thousand meters in the air, a cauldron appeared out of nowhere.

After leaving the Great Plains of Reid, he was teleported into the sky of Caesar City.

Jiang Feng opened the Teleportation Cauldron and climbed out from inside, and he almost fell. He screamed out as he quickly summoned the Monster Cloud, "Damn it! Ive been teleported into the sky this time!"

He put away the Teleportation Cauldron, then checked on what he had gained when he sat on the Monster Cloud.

The number of equipment and items within the Qiankun Gourd was enough to form a small hill, and he had even gained 20,000gp.

With his current Luck stat, he could make the players drop around 30% of their items if he were to kill them.

There was nothing good among the items, and some of the equipment required the user to have a class that was not available in the Huaxia Server. He could only save them for now and probably sell them to the American players at a later date.

He put away the Qiankun Gourd, then checked on the items that were in the Spatial Bracelet.

The items that he kept in the Spatial Bracelet were items that he had gotten from the Inheritors and the Elites.

There were twelve of them. Most of them were pills, and there were two Yellow-Gold equipment, as well as a shields fragment.

Fragment of the Shield of Aegis: One of Ten Primordial Divine Artifacts.

Introduction: Shield of Athena, one of the Twelve Gods of Olympus. It was destroyed during the Great Divine-Infernal War and was shattered into 36 individual fragments, and had fallen into various locations of the Divine Dominion.

Stats: None

"Haha! The fragment of the Primordial Divine Artifact from the American Server! What luck! I wonder who dropped this." He laughed as he looked at the fragment then put it into the Qiankun Gourd.

At this point, it was no longer possible for the American Server to gather all of their Ten Primordial Divine Artifacts. The Japanese Server also had no possibility of gathering their Three Primordial Divine Artifacts.

Next, he looked at his level.

After killing so many high-level players, his level had already reached level 39. The speed of him leveling up was like riding on a jet.

And he had around 3,000,000 honor points.

He opened the honor marketplace and he could already exchange for things on the third page.

The items on the third page were items that he could use during the Guild War and World War, such as magic cannons. They would be of great use later.

"I should change my identity and continue recruiting followers."

He had made a great profit this time. As he was feeling quite good, he rode on the Monster Cloud, opened the map, and headed toward the monster territories nearby.

In order not to attract any attention, he chose high-level monster territories where there were not many players.


At a valley, Xiao Longnu was stepping on a Bear Elephant King.

"Surrender, or die!"

Jiang Fengs giant dragon head extended forward as it said to the Bear Elephant King.

"I surrender!"

The Bear Elephant King had been beaten by Xiao Longnu to an inch of its life and finally chose to surrender to Jiang Feng.

This was also the fourth level 60 boss that he had recruited so far.

For one whole night, other than the four bosses that he had recruited, he had even managed to transmute some Evolution Pills. He had increased the powers of Yanhu, Heifeng, Xiaotian, the Thunderclap Mantis, and Houwang by one stage. Not only that, he even managed to fuse 8 different monsters, making him have 66 types of bloodlines within him.

Seeing that there were so many bloodlines via his Status Window, he said to himself, "I have too many bloodlines. The little baldie said that Sun Wukong can help me solve my bloodline problem. I should go back to the Five Fingers Mountain to give it a try."

Next, he allowed the Bear Elephant King to continue to stay within its territory. Jiang Feng summoned the Monster Cloud and led Xiao Longnu to the next Monster Territory.

Looking at the White Dragon Xiao Longnu, Jiang Feng eyes then beamed and he said to her, "Xiao Longnu, now that were both adult dragons, if I give you my bloodline and you give yours, wont our powers increase?"

Xiao Longnu gave Jiang Feng a look then shook her head and said, "No. Bloodline is the base of power for a monster. Forcing it out will weaken my power. Have you forgotten after receiving so many bloodlines? You can only get them after transmuting them. None of them were alive. That was the reason why."

"Then, when you fought with the Infernal General, the blood that you dropped were Bloodlines?" He asked as he remembered Xiao Longnus bloodline that he obtained from Ning Caichen.

"Yes. As I bled, some of them would naturally contain some of my Bloodline. That was why I was weakened so much to the point where the Infernal General could take advantage of it and placed the curse in me," Xiao Longnu nodded.

When he heard what Xiao Longnu said, Jiang Feng then understood.

Bloodlines were like stats. If Xiao Longnu were to give him her bloodlines, Xiao Longnus stats would greatly decrease. Similarly, if he were to give Xiao Longnu his bloodlines, his powers would also greatly decrease.

He could not bear doing something that would solely profit himself and harm others, especially to a good friend.

He would rather transmute more monsters than taking Xiao Longnus bloodline.

As for using his bloodline to break the curse on Xiao Longnu, he could not do that as well. Since he was not even a Spiritual Beast, and his bloodline had little effect.

"Thats fine then. Lets see if there are any treasures nearby."

Since there was nothing that he could do on the Monster Cloud, he was preparing to use the Divine Fate Compass and check if there were any treasures nearby.

Beep. Beep.

At this time, his friend panel began to blink. It was from Ling Feiyu.

Ling Feiyu: Whos Xiao Yatou?

Hm? Looks like Ling Feiyu has met Xiao Yatou.

Jiang Feng replied, "I got to know her from the Starter Village. If Mu Xi and you are free, can you level her up?"

Ling Feiyu replied, "Alright. I understand."

He then closed the chatbox, then looked at the Qiankun Gourd inside the Spatial Bracelet. He then said to himself, "The Fuxi Zither is the Human Sovereign Fuxis treasure. Since Xiao Yatou has received the Fuxi Zither, does that mean she has the chance to become the Inheritor of the Humans?"

He believed that it was possible after giving it a thought.

If the Humans were still in the Purgatory, Xiao Yatou would not be able to become the Humans Inheritor.

However, once he had brought the Humans back and completed the quest to save the Humans, Xiao Yatou might have a chance to become the Humans Inheritor.

As soon as he thought of that, he was overjoyed. If that were truly the case, then he would have another Inheritor ally.