Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 206

Chapter 206 Gold Cloth

Ever since he had arrived in the American Server, he had not used the Divine Fate Compass yet.

One of his main aims, other than to weaken the power of the American players, was to get some of the American Servers Primordial Artifacts with him when he leaves.

Since he had nothing much to do at the time, he took out the Divine Fate Compass and started the Treasure Hunt.

He chose to find random treasures.

Shen Luo appeared on the Divine Date Compass with legs crossed and eyes closed as the Divine Fate Compass began to turn.

After a long while, Shen Luo opened her eyes. "Master there are two treasures here. One of them is the fragment of the Donghuang Bell. Do you want the coordinate of these treasures?"

Jiang Feng replied in shock, "What?! There are Donghuang Bell fragments, here?"

Originally he thought that there were only Donghuang Bell fragments at the Huaxia Server, but what he did not expect was that there were Donghuang Bell fragments in the American Server as well.

If that were the case, did that mean that there were fragments of other Primordial Divine Artifacts from other servers in the Huaxia Server?

"That is correct, master. The reason that the Donghuang Bell fragments are here should be because of Lady Ya Di and you. If it were not because both of you forced your way to release the Donghuang Bell Fragments, they wouldnt be here!"

"You mean that this was caused by Ya Di and me?"


Jiang Feng was speechless. If that were true, then Donghuang Bell was the only Primordial Divine Artifact that was scattered in different servers.

He gave it some thought and finally understood what had happened.

"No wonder the duration of the quest that Ya Di gave me to collect the fragments is five years. It is going to be very difficult to restore the Donghuang Bell!" Jiang Feng was speechless at the level of difficulty.

"Tell me where it is then," Jiang Feng said.

It was indeed going to be very difficult, but he had already accepted it. So, he could only continue walking down this path.

Luckily, he possessed the Divine Fate Compass. Otherwise, he would not even know that the Donghuang Bell fragments had fallen into other servers.

Then, two sets of coordinates appeared on the Divine Fate Compass.

Both of them were in Flow Forest which was quite a distance away.

Flow Forest. It was an area filled with monster territories between levels 60 to 90.

The forest was huge. Even if he were to look from the top of the Monster Cloud, he could not see its end.

On top of the forest were many flying monsters.

The flying monsters were Dark-Elemental level 70 Two-Headed Vultures, and they were a bit hard to deal with.

In order to avoid unneccesary problems, he hid and sidestepped the monsters.

After half an hour, he came to the top of the depths of the forest. It was also the coordinates that were given by the Divine Fate Compass.

He shrunk and put away the Monster Cloud and Xiao Longnu, and flew down.

The more targets there were, the easier for them to be targeted, that was why he headed down on his own toward the coordinates.

As he entered the forest, he could hear roars coming from his surroundings. Each of them was equipped with spears, and they wandered around with shredded clothes.

Yasha: Level 80 Monsters

Stats: ???

Yashas were not Shifters, so he could not see their stats.

He did not have time to fight with the Yashas, and so he transformed into a small dragon that was less than a meter in length and slithered on the ground. As he was in the form of a monster and he had a small body size, he could easily avoid agitating the Yashas and pulling their aggro

Very quickly, he had reached where the coordinates were.

However, he was on an empty spot. There was nothing there.


As he looked at the coordinates, he realized that the coordinates were pointing underground. That meant that there was something else under the empty spot.

"Haozi, come out!" He summoned Haozi.

"What is it, Boss?" Haozi asked as he came out and stroked his whiskers.

"Dig a tunnel here that moves downward," said Jiang Feng as he gave an Evolution Pill to Haozi.

"Alrighty! Thanks, Boss!" As soon as Haozi got the Evolution Pill, he put it away somehow and quickly started to dig a hole.

The speed that Haozi was digging was quite fast. In a short while, a tunnel heading down was formed. Jiang Feng quickly jumped in and followed him.

He had dug around six hundred meters in half an hour.


At this time, it was as if Haozi had managed to dig up something when he turned and said, "Boss, theres a barrier here. I cant dig any deeper."


Jiang Feng quickly came next to Haozi and looked downward.

He saw that a thin, transparent layer had appeared under his feet. It was indeed a barrier.

But barriers could not stop him now. He took out the Ruler of Hakai and used the Hakai skill to break the barrier.

Next, a crack was formed on the barrier. He put away Haozi and jumped in.

The space underneath the barrier was a golden palace.

And his location was at the damaged roof of the palace.

He landed in the palace, and he appeared in a great hall.

On the side of the halls, there were statues of twelve bronze warriors. A greatsword stood in front of these warriors as their hands were on the hilts of the greatsword. It was quite majestic.

On the throne in the great hall was a cube-like, golden box. There were weird symbols carved on the box, and he could only understand a picture of Aries, the zodiac.

The treasure that Shen Luo had mentioned was indeed the box.

"Dont tell me that this treasure is"

Jiang Fengs breathing became heavy as he used Identify on it.

Gold Cloth: Aries

Note: The Gold Cloth and wearer have the same level. Every time the wearer increases in level, its stats will also change. Unable to check its current stats.

"Its really the Gold Cloth! Why would the Gold Cloth be here? Looks like there should be other cloths, too!"

Since the Gold Cloths had appeared, his guess was that the Bronze Cloths, Silver Cloths, and God Cloths should also exist.

The Gold Cloths were something that had appeared in an old anime. The anime used ancient Greek mythology in its world-building. It also used a lot of mythology from the Bible, the Egyptian myths, Celtic myths, Norse myths, Chinese myths, Aztec myths, and other myths to form its background.

That was why the Cloths should exist in other servers as well.

This should be an upgradeable set equipment in the game. Unfortunately, I cant wear it nor can I check its status. Regardless, I should take it. I could let my wife use it. As he thought of that, he licked his lips and walked toward the throne.

When he reached the Gold Cloth box, he touched it with a smile on his face. He then took out the Qiankun Gourd and had it put away.

Ding. System Prompt: Defeat the Cloth Guardians and the barrier will disappear. If killed, the Cloth would drop, and you will be revived on the spot. Cannot use Town Portal Scrolls and Teleportation skills. If your level reaches level 9, you shall be sent back to a Starter Village!"


As soon as he had collected the Gold Cloth, he heard the announcement from the system and the twelve warrior statues had begun to move.

"Looks like its going to be difficult to get the Gold Cloth!"

He turned around and looked at the stats of the twelve warriors, and he instantly became nervous.