Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 207

Chapter 207 Ye Wufeng

Cloth Guardian: Level 70 Boss

Stats: ???

Humanoid monsters were not Shifters, and he couldnt see their stats.

But the words "Level 70" told him that the bosss attacks should be around 250,000 by his estimate.

It could kill him in three hits.

But he was, in the end, the Inheritor of the Shifters.

He might have nothing else, but he had the schemes to take care of twelve bosses.

Not to mention that if he could not defeat them, he could still hide within the Qiankun Gourd. The humanoid monsters did not know what the Qiankun Gourd was, and would no doubt give up on attacking him. Once he had stayed for 24 hours and the Ruler of Hakai could be used, he could then break through the barrier directly.

But avoiding problems was not his style!

"Come out and have some fun!"

Next, Xiao Longnu and around sixty of his followers were summoned out.

"Kill them!" He said to his followers and pointed at the twelve Bronze Warriors.

Heifeng was exceptionally brave this time and was the first one to rush out. In one breath, he had appeared next to the Bronze Warrior.

Only to see that he had taken out a chicken drumstick and placed it at the Bronze Warriors mouth as he said, "Come, lick! Once you finish licking, well be friends! Then, can you let me stab you twice?"


Before Heifeng could even finish what he said, the Bronze Warrior used its greatsword to smack Heifeng away.


Yanhu, Houwang, Guapi, and the other followers said in unison when they saw what happened.

Heifeng seemed to have somehow offended all of them during the time that he was in the Qiankun Gourd.

"How dare you! Im going to slice you into pieces!" Heifeng stood up from the ground and looked at the bleeding. He was angered. He put away his chicken drumstick and then headed straight for the Bronze Warrior that attacked him.

When Yanhu and the others saw what was happening, they did not stand around and all of them chose and fought a bronze warrior.

Some of his followers were still too weak and they could not breach through the Bronze Warriors defenses.

Xiao Longnu was much stronger, as she could dominate the battle with a Bronze Warrior.

He was not idling as his followers were doing the work. He took out the Shifter Emperors Flag and speared it into the ground, then attacked a Bronze Warrior.

And those followers that originally could not breach through the defenses could break through them then thanks to the Shifter Emperors Flag, as the moment it appeared all their stats were increased by 30% and that had greatly enhanced their attacks. All of them became even more agitated.

The Shifter Emperors Flag could increase all monsters stats by 30% within a range of 50 meters.

Jiang Feng was also a monster, so all of his stats had been increased by 30%.

He could originally deal around 80,000 worth of damage. After increasing it by 30%, it had increased to around 110,000.

The Bronze Warriors defense was around 60,000.

As for their HP, from the bar on their heads, he could estimate that they had around 300,000.

That meant that he would need to put in a lot of effort in order to kill the twelve Bronze Warriors.

Luckily, I have plenty of followers as well as the help of Xiao Longnu, whos a spiritual beast. If it were other players, they would probably be killed and returned back to a Starter Village once they have gotten the cloth, Jiang Feng thought to himself as he violently slammed a Bronze Warrior in front of him with his dragon claw.

From the moment that he obtained the Gold Cloth and heard the systems voice, he knew that it would not be so easy to get the Gold Cloth. Otherwise, it would not have such high requirements.

Once he had the Gold Cloth, he could not leave as the Town Portal Scroll and some of the teleportation skills had been rendered useless he defeated the twelve Bronze Warriors.

Or if he was killed and de-leveled to level 9, and be sent back to the Starter Village.

There might be another way if he did not want to lose levels. After he being killed the first time and the Gold Cloth had been dropped as loot, simply not pick it up. But his guess was that he would be locked within the barrier for the rest of his life.

Of course, choosing such a way would be foolish.

He could still increase his levels if he were to return to the Starter Village. If he kept staying within the palaces barrier, it would be wasting a lot of time.

However, what Jiang Feng did not know was that there were people that were that foolish within the game.


A valley near Mount Kunlun in the Huaxia Server.

Underneath the valley around five hundred meters deep, there was a bronze palace.

"1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2"

There was a level 25 player within the palace that was doing push-ups on the floor.

If the first batch of players that had entered the game was here, they would definitely know who the man was.

The man was once ranked number 5 on the Level Leaderboard, Ye Wufeng.

Ding. System Prompt: Congratulations. Thanks to your training, your Constitution and Strength +1.

"Whew~ Two months! Ah~ Two months! My attack has finally surpassed 30,000 and my HP surpassed 50,000," Ye Wufeng cried out with tears flowing down his cheeks. He was not afraid of letting anyone see him like that, because there was no one else there.

He brushed his mucus away, then looked at the twelve Bronze Warrior statues and said, "Damn it, I thought after accepting that hidden quest, I would become very powerful. Instead, I was trapped here."

At this time, his sight fell on a green box not far away.

"Bronze Cloth. Hopefully, I can kill the 12 level 40 bosses. If I still cant get out of here, Ill go crazy!" Ye Wufeng roared out angrily as he put away the bronze box and readied his fist. Before the twelve Bronze Warriors approached him, he pushed forward and hurled his attack toward them.

Two months ago, he had received a hidden quest. He was teleported here when he was at the end of it.

When he saw the Bronze Cloth, he was too excited and put away the Bronze Cloth.

He did not expect the system to tell him that he needed to defeat all twelve Bronze Warriors. He was only level 37 at the time and he was not able to defeat the 12 level 40 bosses and was killed.

However, the Bronze Cloth was too much of an allure to give up. If he were to give up, he would not be able to enter again.

That was why after he was killed the first time, he remembered that on the official website it was said that training his body in the game could increase his stats. Afterward, all he did after he went online was running around the bronze palace as well as doing pushups and sit-ups to train his body.

His training regiment was even tougher than when he was in the army.

Maybe the best players out there all had their own unique temperament and he could be considered the type that was especially stubborn, and so he kept on training.

After training for one month, he had tried many times until he was killed to the point where he had reached level 25. As he was worried that he could not equip the equipment on him, he did not continue trying it.

However, he did not give up. He continued to train for another month.

Through his training, he had received a large amount of Stamina, Strength and Agility points to his stats. His stats could be comparable to a level 50 player.

As he was still wearing a set of level 25 equipment, his attacks had reached 30,000 and his HP had reached 50,000. The hard work that he invested could not be compared by anyone within the game.

Once his levels had climbed up, he would receive a large number of free attribute points and his stats would be increased by several folds.

As the twelve Bronze Warriors were revived, they all attacked Ye Wufeng.

After twelve months of training and trying, he had already understood all the Bronze Warriors attacks. The moment that they swung their greatswords, he moved like a spirit and dodged away. He twisted his body, and then attacked another Bronze Warrior.

And even more miraculously, as he kept on prancing around, the twelve Bronze Warriors formed a circle and surrounded him in the middle.

His body was very agile as he kept on dodging the Bronze Warriors from under them or from under their arms, and the Bronze Warriors would sometimes feel that they could not fight at full efficiency, and even attack the other Bronze Warriors next to them and causing damage.

Despite being surrounded by twelve Bronze Warriors, he managed to avoid getting hit as he continued to be as slippery as an eel.

It was also a way of showing how good he was at positioning as well as predicting attacks.