Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 208

Chapter 208 The Thousand Year Tree Shifter King

Jiang Feng did not know about Ye Wufengs existence.

He did not even know him.

At the same time, he was fighting with the last Bronze Warrior along with all his followers.

After spending almost two hours, he had finally killed the twelve level 70 Bronze Warriors.

What disappointed Jiang Feng was that the Bronze Warriors did not drop any items.


After he killed the twelve Bronze Warriors, the barrier disappeared and the entire palace began to shake. The palaces columns also began to collapse.

"Lets go!"

Seeing what was happening, he took out the Qiankun Gourd and put away Xiao Longnu and all his followers. He then summoned the Monster Cloud, rode on it and flew upward.


After he had left, the entire palace collapsed on itself. The once originally majestic palace had become a ruin.

After he flew out of the tunnel that Haozi had dugout, it slowly began to close itself.

He did not stay and headed to the another set of coordinates.

The other set of coordinates must be where the Donghuang Bell fragment was, but it was within the deepest depths of the Flow Forest.

The depths of the Flow Forest was also the territory of level 90 monsters.

Not only were there bosses around, but there were also spiritual beasts and immortal beasts.

That was why Jiang Feng became even more careful. He put away the Monster Cloud and slithered his way deeper in.

After slithering for a very long time and avoiding many monsters, he finally came close to the coordinates.

"Found it!"

He looked at the Divine Fate Compasss coordinates and stared straight ahead, and saw a bronze metallic piece buried into a giant tree that needed a dozen people to embrace it to measure its size.

The bronze piece was indeed the Donghuang Bell fragment, and it was half a meter across in size.

Seeing that, he was overjoyed. He looked around and saw no monsters, so he flew over and quickly headed toward the giant tree.

When he was in front of the tree, his body became slightly larger and he extended his dragon claw to get to the Donghuang Bell fragment.

"Oh, sh*t" He was halfway extending his dragon claw when he suddenly saw that the bark of the giant tree suddenly moving, revealing two huge eyes staring at him frighteningly. He was so shocked that he quickly retreated.


He only managed to take a few steps back before seeing that all the trees surrounding him had grown eyes and moved their branches, attacking him.

Thousand-Year Tree Shifter King: Level 90 Spiritual Level Spiritual Beast

HP: 8,820,000

Attack: 650,000-700,000

Defense: 250,000

Skills: Whip, Tie Up, Suck Blood, Quick Whip, Leaf Blizzard

"My goodness, a level 90 Spiritual Beasts stats is so terrifying! I cant even break through its defense, and one hit from it could kill me instantly!"

Jiang Fengs body shuddered when he saw the Thousand-Year Tree Shifter Kings stats.

If he could recruit a Tree Shifter King, it would be very beneficial for him. After dodging a strike using Blink, he looked at the Tree Shifters around him. He then took a look at the Donghuang Bell fragment that was lodged just on top of the Thousand-Year Tree Shifter Kings eyes again, and he quickly shouted out, "Thousand-Year Tree Shifter King, can we have a word?"

"Roar! You want to steal my treasure! There is nothing to be said!"

The Thousand-Year Tree Shifter King stirred its tree branches, then whipped them toward Jiang Feng.

Jiang Feng quickly took out an Evolution Pill and said to the Thousand-Year Tree Shifter King, "I will give you the Evolution Pill in exchange for the Donghuang Bell Fragment, how does it sound?"

When the Thousand-Year Tree Shifter King saw the Golden pill, his eyes were filled with desire and he quickly said to Jiang Feng, "The golden pill? We can trade, but you must give me the Golden Pill first, and only then I will give you my treasure."

However, the Thousand-Year Tree Shifter King did not show much emotions. Jiang Feng could not determine if it was being sincere or it was lying. Of course, he guessed that it was not entirely being forthcoming.

While he knew that the Thousand-Year Tree Shifter King would not give him the Donghuang Bell Fragment, he nodded in agreement. He had to try. If it was civilized and was willing to keep its promises, then he could avoid an attack.

But if it dared to turn its back on its promise, he would beat him up.

"Alright, but first you have to tell your followers to leave. If you turn back on your words, I would be dead," Jiang Feng first needed to have all the trees gone.


The Thousand-Year Tree Shifter King nodded and all the trees retreated.

It was quite impressive seeing all the trees move together, it was as if the very earth itself was moving.

In but a moment, in front of him was a clearing.

"Take it!"

Jiang Feng did not hesitate and gave the Evolution Pill to the Thousand-Year Tree Shifter King.

When the Thousand-Year Tree Shifter King saw that, it quickly extended a branch and caught the Evolution Pill and put it away.

Jiang Feng then said to it, "Now that you had the Evolution Pill, give me the Donghuang Bell fragment!"

"Ahahaha! I didnt expect that a lizard like you could be so easily tricked! You can die now!"

As expected, the Thousand-Year Tree Shifter King did not keep its promise. It extended its branch and whipped at Jiang Feng.


He dodged the Thousand-Year Tree Shifter Kings attack. Jiang Feng was not angry at all, but he merely smiled as a flag appeared within his dragon claw.

"Since you want to die so badly, you cant blame anyone else for what Im going to do. Dont think you can be that prideful just because you are high-level!" Said Jiang Feng as he waved the Shifter Emperors Flag. "Shifters from all directions, heed my call!"

"Kill it!" He pointed the Shifter Emperors Flag at it, and all the Tree Shifters that were originally its followers began to attack it.


Not only that, the ground started to shake and eagle shrieks could be heard from the sky.

All the monsters within 5km were converging at his location. The scene was a magnificent one, with many trees toppled over by the monsters.

In less than a minute, thousands and thousands of monsters appeared before Jiang Feng.

When the Thousand-Year Tree Shifter King saw that its followers were attacking it and so many monsters were surrounding it, it was shocked to the point where its branches were quivering.

"The the Shifter Emperors Flag About that my lord, please, that was just a joke, you"

The Thousand-Year Tree Shifter King was in fear. If it could kneel, it would kneel without hesitation to beg for Jiang Fengs forgiveness.

Jiang Feng gave the Thousand-Year Tree Shifter King a cold smile and said, "Originally, if you kept your promise, I would have accepted you as my follower. But now, you can die. Kill it!"

By his command, all the monsters began to assault the Thousand-Year Tree Shifter King.

The monsters were all high level, and the lowest was at level 70. It could not defend against the attacks of so many high-level monsters.

In just a short while, its branches had all been broken and its giant tree trunk was bleeding liquid.

In three minutes, the Thousand-Year Tree Shifter King had been beaten to death. It died so horribly that all that was left was its trunk.

Jiang Feng picked up the Evolution Pill from the ground. It was the one that he gave to the Thousand-Year Tree Shifter King. He then used Transmute Monster on the Thousand-Year Tree Shifter King.

"Transmute Monster, Transmute!"

A blazing fire consumed what was left of the Thousand-Year Tree Shifter King and began to melt it away.

Ding. System Prompt: Transmute Monster Successful. Congratulations, you have gained 10 bundles of wood, 1 piece of equipment, 1 Evolution Pill, 1 drop of Bloodline, and 1 level 90 Experience Pill.