Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 209

Chapter 209 The Declaration Of War From The Myth Group

"Not bad. The result isnt bad, I got both the Evolution Pill and Bloodline!"

Jiang Feng nodded satisfyingly as he looked at the items in the flames. He then put away the items that were dropped as loot as well as the Donghuang Bell fragment.

He looked at the equipment that he received. It was a Spiritual Artifact and an assassins dagger.

As he could not use it, he did not look at the Spiritual Artifacts stats and threw it directly into the Qiankun Gourd.

The Shifter Emperors Flags duration was ten minutes.

Only four minutes had passed and he still had about five minutes left.

"All territory kings, step forward!"

He unleashed a dragon howl as he enlarged his body.

Next, twenty Territory Kings stepped out from the ten thousand monsters. Their levels ranged from 70 to 90.

"Join me. Those who are willing to be loyal to me shall receive an Evolution Pill!" He said that as he took out an Evolution pill, and gave it to a level 90 Territory King.

"Thank you, Master."

The one that took the Evolution Pill was a Twin-Headed Two-Armed King Kong. It looked at the Evolution Pill in its hand, and due to the effects of the Shifter Emperors Flag, he chose to swear loyalty to Jiang Feng directly.

Jiang Feng was slightly stunned after he managed to recruit a new follower that easily.

He was just testing it and seeing if he could recruit some followers using the influence of the Shifter Emperors Flag. He did not think that it would succeed that easily.

"If thats the case, I can use the Shifter Emperors Flag to recruit more followers."

The cooldown of the Shifter Emperors Flag was 24 hours, he could only use it once every day.

That meant that if he used the Shifter Emperors Flag, he could recruit around thirty bosses in a day.

"Those territory kings who would like to join me, wait here. You will all receive an Evolution Pill!"

Due to the fact that he could transmute Evolution Pills more readily, he had become even more generous. He could get around two Evolution Pills every ten times he transmuted monsters.

The main reason that he was going to give them evolution pills was because he was not ready to bring them with him. He wanted to let them remain in the American Server to wait for his orders.

Once they had left, a new batch of Territory Kings would be respawned and they would become wandering monsters. All other monsters would attack them.

Then his plan for the World War would be all for naught.

None of the twenty four Territory Kings left and all chose to join Jiang Feng.

Jiang Feng then began to transmute the normal monsters to transmute Evolution Pills.

As soon as he had transmuted one, he would then hand it to a Territory King.

After around five minutes and the effect of the Shifter Emperors Flag had disappeared, all the monsters began to retreat in large numbers, leaving only the twenty four Territory Kings behind.

He had already distributed 5 Evolution Pills. In order to be more effective, he had the twenty four Territory Kings kill monsters and bring back their corpses so that he could transmute them.

Perhaps he had reached the part of his life when he was unlucky, he used almost 8 hours to transmute the remaining 19 Evolution Pills.

When the Evolution Pills had been distributed, he had all the Territory Kings disperse.

He looked at the time and it was almost noon, so he quickly logged out.


This time, the result was quite good. Not only did he earn a fair amount of honor points, he even managed to obtain a Primordial Divine Artifact fragment, a Gold Cloth from Flow Forest, a Spiritual Artifact, a Donghuang Bell fragment, and recruited a new group of followers.

In fact, it could be said that he was very well-rewarded.

After he logged out, he went for a toilet break and then asked Su Qing to make lunch early.

After lunch, he then lay on bed and went to sleep.

After being online continuously for 20 hours, he was quite tired.

It would be better if he had a casket-style game terminal. Other than going to the toilet, he could stay inside continuously as it had built-in systems that could give him massages and make sure that he was properly nourished. It was even better for the body.

After using the casket-style terminal, his fathers body that was previously quite sickly had improved a lot.

He slept until it was evening when it was time for dinner.

After dinner, he once again entered the game.


He appeared where he logged out, within Flow Forest.

He summoned the Monster Cloud and headed toward other Monster Territories.

As all the bosses within the depths of Flow Forest had become his followers, he was not interested in the low-level bosses. He was going to another area and use the Divine Fate Compass to hunt for treasure and recruit more followers.

After leaving Flow Forest, he had arrived on a mountain peak where he used the Divine Fate Compass.

Shen Luo said, "This set of coordinates is within 5 kilometers. The coordinates are 3435.9564."

He looked at the map and the coordinates were not that far.

He rode on the Monster Cloud and quickly headed to the coordinates that Shen Luo had given.

Once he had reached the coordinates, he was disappointed that the treasure this time was just a Spiritual Level ore.

"Looks like there are no better treasures nearby, otherwise Shen Luo would not give me the coordinates of an ore." He was quite speechless when he looked at the Spiritual-level ore that Haozi had dug for quite a long time to get to.

"Fine. I should improve my followers bloodline and then transmute some more Evolution Pills. It would be the World War before long. I should strengthen them in this one months time and then think of other things."

He put away the Spiritual Level ore. With the Divine Fate Compass entering cooldown, he could no longer use it. Thus, he was getting ready to level up as well as improve his followers bloodline.


He spent around half a month in the American Server.

His levels had increased from 39 to 55. The number of Bloodlines he had had also increased to 72. The number of followers he had in the entire American Server had reached around 800.

At this time, he had increased Heifeng, Yanhu, and the rest of his followers to rank 10. Their powers had almost doubled.

Even the ten new bloodlines that he had obtained had also increased to rank 1.

At this time, his stats were:

HP: 453,000.

Attack: 109, 323.

Defense: 41,220.

Currently, most of the players were at around level 60. Players on the level rankings had reached level 70. But his current stats could be compared to a level 70 player with a set of Dark-Gold Equipment.

The higher the players levels, the higher the level of equipment that they could equip. The higher the level of the equipment, the higher the stats were increased. This would slowly close the gap between him and the players.

That was why he was still quite stressed.

While he was still stressed, he was not worried. That was because the ranks of many of his bloodlines were still not increased. He was going to focus on improving his Bloodline in the next month. At that time, his power would still dwarf those of other players.

"Unfortunately, I didnt get any fragments of the Primordial Divine Artifact. Lets try again!"

Jiang Feng killed the monster in front of him then used Transmute Monster. He then put away all the transmuted items into his backpack. He then took out the Divine Fate Compass and was prepared to try again.

His current location was at the American Servers northern region. He still had not searched this place with the Divine Fate Compass.

Shen Luo closed her eyes to look for treasures, then turned to him and said, "I found a treasure in the Robin River. It is what you are after the most, my master. It is a Donghuang Bell fragment."

"Another Donghuang Bell fragment?!"

Jiang Feng frowned. This was the second fragment that he found in the American Server. He did not know if there were a third fragment or a fourth fragment in the American Server. If there were any, he was not sure how long it would take for him to find them all.

"Fine, Ill go pick this one up first!"

He put away the Divine Fate Compass, then headed to the Robin River by riding the Monster Cloud.

Beep! Beep!

At this time, his friend panel began to blink. It was from Ling Feiyu.

Ling Feiyu: "Myth Group has sent out a Declaration of War against the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor. Should we accept it?"

The Myth Group has sent out a Declaration of War against the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor? I havent made my way back to take care of him and he wants to challenge me first?!"

Jiang Feng then replied, "Of course. If we dont accept it, they would mistake it for fear. The location of the Guild War will be at Mount Kunlun. Find somewhere where there are more monsters!"

Ling Feiyu answered, "Yes!"

"I should quickly take that Donghuang Bell Fragment and return to my home server!" Jiang Feng mumbled before quickly flying toward Robin River.