Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 210

Chapter 210 At The Verge Of War

Huaxia Server.

Myth City.

Shen Ye sat on the stewards throne as he looked at all the upper management of Myth Group. He said, "I didnt expect the Shifters Inheritor to be such a coward. He didnt show himself after the event at the Shifter-Sealing Tower for almost one hour. If thats the case, well force him to show himself. We will send a Declaration of War to the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor!"

Qiu Si, who was sitting next to him, did not say anything.

To him, the Shifters Inheritor had truly fallen.

If they could conquer the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor at this time, they would become the largest guild in the game. The benefit would be huge.

He originally planned to send the declaration after another week or two. However, his quest had been completed early. With his current strength, he need not fear Jiang Feng. Therefore, when Shen Ye wanted to declare war and start a Guild War, he did not say anything.

In truth, he could not wait to meet with Jiang Feng once again. After being killed by Jiang Feng so many times, the anger that he had been suppressing within himself was going to explode soon.


Ding. Server Announcement: The Myth Group had declared war on the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor. If they accept the declaration, the Guild War will begin in one hour. If they refuse, 30% of the guilds capital and experience points will be given to the declarer. The victor of the Guild War shall increase their Guild Bases territory by 20km. The loser of the Guild War shall have their Guild Bases territory decreased by 1

Ding. Server Announcement: The Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor had accepted the Myth Groups declaration. The Guild War shall begin in 1 hour. Members of the two guilds please be prepared!

As soon as the two server announcements were made, they instantly lit up the passion of the players from the Huaxia Server.

For the past month, all of them had been talking about the Witchers Inheritor.

Jiang Feng was slowly being forgotten by them. Even the players that had once worshipped him had lost patience with him and were no longer his fans.

However, the server announcement once again pulled the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor back into focus. Jiang Feng was once again becoming the topic of discussion.

"This time, its finally Myth Groups time to shine. My guess is that the Shifters Inheritor is completely done for. The Ancient City will definitely fall."

"Thats right. The Myth Group has two inheritors. The Divines Inheritors and the Witchers Inheritors. Not to mention that they recruited an elite with a secret class half a month ago. With the elites that they already have, it could be said that no other guilds can compare with Myth Group in the game."

"Im more curious about what Canaan Guild was doing for the past month. They didnt have any big movements. I wonder what theyre doing. Maybe theyre trying to recruit inheritors too?"

"The location of the Guild War has been announced. Its within the largest valley in Mount Kunlun. I have to go over to find a place with a good view."


After Ling Feiyu had accepted the Declaration of War and chosen their location, the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor disappeared from Yaodi Island and reappeared at the valley in Mount Kunlun.

The valley was so huge that it could easily contain five cities and there would still be enough place for a battle in between them.

The Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor and the Myth Group were opposite of each other.

At this time, a 100,000 army had appeared outside of Myth City. All of them were Myth Groups veteran players.

Outside of the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor, there were only around 50,000 normal monsters and around 100 bosses.

At this time, three women had appeared on the walls of the Ancient City.

They were Ling Feiyu, Mu Xi, and Xiao Yatou.

Mu Xi looked at Ling Feiyu, who was carrying a red rabbit, and asked, "Feiyu, when will the steward return? Without him, we do not stand a chance."

Xiao Yatou also blinked and asked, "Thats right, Sis Feiyu. Wheres my idol? Only you know how to contact him, so you have to ask him to return soon."

Ling Feiyu smiled plainly and said, "Dont worry, he will return."


At this time, an eagle screech could be heard and the three of them looked ahead.

They saw that Shen Ye, accompanied by the Witchers Inheritor, Xing Kui, was flying over.

When they saw Shen Yes bloodthirsty smile, they all frowned at the sight.

"Yo, you want to face us in battle using these animals? You do have quite a few bosses, but theyre just going to drop loot for us," Shen Ye sneered at Ling Feiyu and the other three after he gave the monsters a glance.

Xiao Yatou was still young and she was very frank, and she said, "Its none of your business! Dont let the animals defeat you to the point where youre begging for your life! At that time, youre worse than animals!"

When Ling Feiyu and Mu Xi heard what she said, they were shocked.

Mu Xi even said to her using her teachers voice, "Xiao Yatou, its fine this time, but next time dont talk like that, alright?"

Xiao Yatou said with a smile, "I usually dont say things like that, but it depends on who Im talking to."

"You!" Shen Ye did not hide his murderous intent as he stared at Xiao Yatou, and said, "Fine, when the Guild War begins, I will make sure that you all die a quick death!"

"Stop yapping! When my idol returns, you better dont run with your tail behind your back!" Xiao Yatou yelled back coldly.

Shen Ye said with a frigid smile, "Your idol must be the Shifters Inheritor, right? His acting skills in acting like a turtle is quite good! My suggestion is that you should tell him to surrender now, otherwise, he would be killed to the point where he would lose all his pride, haha!"

Ling Feiyu then said with a frown, "Are you done? If youre done, you can scram now!"

"Fine, fine! Just you wait! I will destroy all of you today! You better let that animal inheritor come out, or this killing will be meaningless!" Shen Ye pointed at Ling Feiyu and said arrogantly in his rage, then brought the Witchers Inheritor back to Myth City.


At this time, many players had already made their way there.

All of them were standing on the mountains surrounding the valley, preparing to watch the battle.

Even Canaan, Ling Yun, Su Xingyu, Bai Yu, Hei Tong, and other bosses from the other guilds were here.

The only strange part was that the Infernals Inheritor, Yao Qiong, was not there.

Canaan looked at the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor and frowned as she muttered, "Your decision to choose to side with the Ancient City is a wrong one!"

Han Qianqian nodded and said, "The normal monsters that are protecting the Ancient City are around level 50. While the bosss levels are slightly higher, there are only a hundred of them. They could never beat Myth Groups army of 100,000."

Ling Yun agreed with her and said, "Canaan, you have to be careful. If the Myth Group beats the Ancient City, the next one on the list would be you. Of course, they might recruit your entire guild instead. Since the World War would begin soon, he really wants to become the leader!"

"And you dont want to?" Canaan sneered at Ling Yun.

"I do. Who doesnt want to lead an army! While I have my pride, I know myself very well. Our guild cannot defeat the Myth Group. But Im not afraid of starting a fight with the Canaan Guild!" Ling Yun said with a smile.


When Su Xingyu saw what was happening, she could only shake her head. She had never joined in on the tussling between the guilds.

"Where there are men, there will be wars. Where there is something to be gained, there will be power. Especially in this game where everyones ambition will be infinitely magnified, wars are inevitable. What we need to do, is simply watch!" Bai Yi said with a smile as he glanced at Su Xingyu, his arms around her waist.