Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 211

Chapter 211 Frost Dragon

The Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor and the Myth Group were on the verge of war.

The hills of Mount Kunlun were filled with players from the Huaxia server. All of them were waiting to watch the battle unfold.

There were still around 50 minutes before the Guild War would begin.

At this time, Jiang Feng was still on his way toward the Robin River back in the American Server.

He needed to travel at least 30 minutes to get from where he was to the Robin River.

Jiang Feng sat on the Monster Cloud and looked at the Monster Transmutation system.

As he had evolved 10 times during this time and upgraded the bloodlines that he had newly fused into himself, he had gained 20 lottery chances.

After he had found the Donghuang Bell fragment, he would return to join the Guild War. So he needed to prepare some useful items first.

This time, he still chose to go for the gift packs since the items contained inside were of higher quality and more useful.

He opened the wheel and began to draw from the lottery.

The indicator pointer started to spin, and after a while stopped at the Support Gift Pack. A Prismatic Gift Pack appeared in front of him.

When he opened it, there were five of the same items inside. They were rocks radiating a soft, red light.

Shifter Spirit Stone: Spiritual Level Item

After using this item, the users faction shall change to the Shifters and obtain a monsters physical appearance.

"I didnt expect to be able to obtain the Shifter Spirit Stones. Not bad. I can use it to recruit five elites to the Ancient City."

Jiang Feng was slightly surprised as he looked at the Shifter Spirit Stones. While he was not that satisfied with it, if they were correctly used, he could use the stones to gain the support of five elites. So, in the end, it was not that bad.

He still had ten chances left, he did not save them and continued with the draw.

This time, the indicator stopped at the Attack Gift Pack area.

He opened the prismatic gift pack and there were four items inside. A talisman, a scroll, an orb, and a weapon.

Talisman of Ten Thousand Swords: Spiritual-Level Consumable Item

After activation, it will release ten thousand light swords. Each light sword will attack an enemy within 50 meters, dealing 30% of the users attack as damage to them. One-time consumable.

Attack Boost Scroll: Immortal level Consumable Item

After use, all allies within 100 meters will have their attacks increased by 30%. Duration of 10 minutes.

Orb of Swords: Divine Level Item

108 swords were hidden inside. After activating it, all the swords will be released and each sword can attack once. Their damage is equal to the users attack. Cooldown of 48 hours.

Bloodlust Claw: Spiritual Artifact

Attack: +15,000

+30% Attack Speed

+20% Critical Hit Rate

Passive Skill: Drain Blood. Attack heals the equipper for 10% of the damage done.

Prerequisite: Level 55 Monster

"Oh damn, this wave is nice! There are two items that are permanent and one of them is a Divine level item!"

Jiang Feng was overjoyed when he looked at the four items that he had drawn out.

Both the Talisman of Ten Thousand Swords and the Attack boost scrolls were consumables, which meant that he would not be able to reuse them.

Though the Orb of Swords could be used continuously, it had quite a long cool down.

The Bloodlust Claw, a Spiritual Artifact, was something that he could use.

The equipment that he could get from the Monster Transmutation System would be of the same level as his. So, if he had drawn them when he was at a higher level, the equipments stats would be higher as well.

But no matter what, the equipments stats were already quite good. It increased attack by 15,000, but most importantly was its Drain Blood passive skill. In this game, vampiric equipment was very rare. It was even rarer for equipment to have it as a passive skill. It was considered a very good weapon.

A spiritual weapon could increase attack by 15,000 and players could equip nine pieces of equipment at most. If they had one full set of these, their attacks could potentially reach around 150,000 even before including the stats increased from changing class. They could easily crush me in battle! Jiang Feng thought to himself as he looked at the equipments stats.

He could yet to see the Gold Cloths stats but his guess was that while the Gold Cloth was only a piece of Yellow-Gold equipment, it was no normal Yellow-Gold equipment. Its stats should be comparable to Dark-Gold equipment, or perhaps comparable to the Spiritual Artifact. If there were other players that managed to get a Gold Cloth, their stats should be similar to his.

Compared to normal players, a monster could equip very little equipment. He could wear a collar and something on his four claws, so at most he could equip five pieces of equipment. Without a set equipment, he could not compare with other players.

Luckily, he had the Monster Transmutation System. Otherwise, even though he was the Shifters Inheritor, his strength would not be comparable with the other Inheritors.

He heaved a sigh and continued his journey.


He had spent almost half an hour before finally reaching the Robin River.

The Robin River was located within a glacier, and it was actually a frozen river.

The river was a thousand meters wide, and he could not see how long it was until he could not see its end.

The monsters here were all around level 80 to 100.

"I wonder if it was under the Robin River?"

He looked at the coordinates that Shen Luo had given him and looked toward the bottom of the Robin River.

"I wonder if Haozi could dig a hole through the ice?"

He sneaked past some monster territories and arrived on top of thick ice. He called out Haozi as he could feel the freezing air around him.

"Haozi, try digging a hole through the ice!"


Haozi nodded and his sharp claws quickly dug through the ice layer. In a short while, ice flakes started to gather around him.

It was possible!

Jiang Feng was overjoyed seeing that Haozi could dig through the ice layers.

The ice layer was a few hundred meters thick. After around ten minutes, Haozi managed to dig through it.

It would be icy water if he continued digging. In order to stop the cold, he summoned Xiao Longnu out and used her water barrier to swim toward the coordinates under the river.

After swimming for a while, Jiang Feng began to get nervous.

Because he realized that there were no monsters there. That meant that this was the territory of a powerful monster. Otherwise, there would be normal monsters here.

Carefully, he had Xiao Longnu refresh the duration of his water barrier and then had her return into the Qiankun Gourd. He himself used Hide and swam deeper downward.


After he had dived for about a thousand meters, he could hear the sound of snoring coming from the water.

He became alert and looked at where the voice was coming from.


While the depths were dark, he was a monster so had the ability to see in the darkness. Naturally, he saw the one that was snoring. And when he saw what it was, he shuddered in terror.

The one snoring was a giant-winged dragon. It was like a giant ice statue, its entire body was almost transparent. Due to its gigantic size, he could only see a part of it.

Frost Dragon: Level 100 Divine Beast

HP: 50,000,000

Attack: 2,800,000 3,000,000

Defense: 790,000


"The Donghuang Bell fragment!"

At this time, he noticed that in between two scales near the Frost Dragons giant head was the Donghuang Bell fragment that he was looking for.

"Holy sh*t, this is going to be a suicide! Luckily, the cool-down for the Sky Stealing Hand has passed. Hopefully, I can steal it. If I cant, then I need to leave immediately, because I cant even hurt it!"

Jiang Feng became anxious when he saw the location of the Donghuang Bell fragment.