Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 212

Chapter 212 Surge Of The Turquoise Tide

Riverbed of the Robin River.

Jiang Feng had shrunk his body and did not dare to move when he was next to the Frost Dragon, fearing that he would awaken it.

As he floated in the water, he stared at the Donghuang Bell fragment that was on the Frost Dragon. His mind kept on calculating the steps that he needed to take to steal the Donghuang Bell fragment.

Perhaps, he could try using Transmute Monster to fuse with it. What if he got lucky.

As the thought crossed his mind, he felt that he could give it a try.

“Huff I shouldn’t be too fearful of this. Let’s do it!”

He took a deep breath then Blinked forward, and appeared where the Donghuang Bell fragment was at.

“Sky-Stealing Hand!”

Next, he wore the Sky-Stealing Hand and took out the Ruler of Hakai, then he extended his dragon claw, grabbed the Donghuang Bell fragment, and pulled it outward.

At this time, his pair of dragon claws were surrounded by a ball of light, enveloping the Donghuang Bell fragment.


As the Donghuang Bell fragment was lodged into the Frost Dragon’s dragon scales, as Jiang Feng pulled it out, it was awakened by the pain. It let out an angry roar!


As the Sky-Stealing Hand pulled the fragment out from between the scales, it made a slurping sound and some blood as the fragment was pulled.

Unfortunately, the blood was too little. If it contained any Bloodline, it would not even be enough for one drop.

Ding. System Prompt: Stealing successful. You have obtained one Donghuang Bell fragment.

“Roar! You eastern insect! I will kill you!”

When the Frost Dragon felt the pain and saw an Eastern Dragon pulling out the Donghuang Bell fragment and injuring it, it became angry and opened its mouth and breathed out a large amount of white mist. Everything that the white mist touched was instantly frozen.

“Transmute Monster, Transmute!”

When Jiang Feng saw what happened, he quickly used Transmute Monster.


At this time, a cauldron so huge that its end could not be seen appeared within the icy river and fell upon them, covering him with the Frost Dragon before quickly spinning.

“You damn Eastern Insect, what are you doing to me?”

In the giant cauldron, both the Frost Dragon and him were in a blazing fire and could not attack. However, the Frost Dragon could feel great danger as his eyes were filled with fear and he roared at Jiang Feng.

Jiang Feng merely smiled. “No nothing, I’m bringing to you for a sauna. Just work with me and stop resisting, you will feel very comfortable later.”

“The Frost Dragon roared out, “Damn you! Why is my body melting?!”

The scales on the Frost Dragon began to melt, and the liquid that formed all flowed into Jiang Feng’s body.

‘I must succeed!’

‘If I succeed, a Divine Beast’s bloodline would allow me to reach rank 16 and become a Spiritual Beast! I don’t even need to use the Evolution Pill!’

“You condemnable insect! You want to fuse my bloodline!”

As its scales turned into liquid and melded into Jiang Feng’s body, the Frost Dragon knew what Jiang Feng wanted to do. Its giant body began to resist in force.

Jiang Feng became excited as soon as he thought of the benefits, and started to divert the Frozen Dragon’s attention, “Stop resisting! It is your honor to be part of me!”

“Hogwash!” The Frost Dragon’s body began to vibrate even more powerfully, and the entire cauldron started to shake.

Ding. System Prompt: Monster Transmutation Failed. You have died. Ice Resistance +10%.

“Sigh Fusing with a Divine Beast could still easily fail. Luckily, it wasn’t like I didn’t get anything out of it at all. At least, my Ice Resistance has increased!”

Jiang Feng was speechless as he entered the black dimension.

He could only revive after 5 minutes.

When waiting for his revival, he logged out and went for a toilet break before going back online.

Five minutes. It was not too long a wait time, but it had become one due to the critical timing.

And he had begun to grow anxious.

He had spent almost an hour by getting to Robin River, entering the Robin River, stealing the Donghuang Bell fragment, and fusing with the Frost Dragon.

That meant that in the Huaxia Server, the battle between the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor and Myth Group had already begun.

“Ling Feiyu, you have to hold on! Wait for me!”

Jiang Feng was anxiously walking around in the dark dimension as he waited.


Hills of Mount Kunlun, Huaxia Server.

The battle between the Ancient City and the Myth Group had begun.

“Kill them all! Kill them until that animal comes out from whatever hole he’s hiding in!”

Shen Ye rode on his Blazing Eagle as he yelled at his army of 100,000.

“Kill them!”

With his order, his army of 100,000 headed toward the 60,000 monsters belonging to the Ancient City.

The army of 100,000 was clearly trained.

The warriors were the ones being the spearhead of the army. Next, there were the Summoners, the Priests, the Gunners, the Priests, the Archers, the Wizards, and the Priests. Between each layer of different classes was a layer of priests, to cover for the HP of the players.

All of the players had pets with them. And there was even a group of flyers in the air to help with the battle.

As for the assassins, they were the skirmishers that wandered around the army like ghosts.

As they marched, the scene was very impressive.


The Ancient City was not bad at all.

Ling Feiyu rode on her Unicorn. She held the Jewel of the Snow Soul in her hand, and raised it high in the sky and began to lay down orders for the battle with a majestic aura and a cold, calm look on her face.

“Team A, Steel-Haired Pigs to the front. Lightning Tigers, to the flanks. Spikes Apes, harass. Territory Kings, lead your own troops and surround them from the sides. Prioritize on eliminating the enemies between the layers!”

As she waved, the monster army began to move as one.

In a short while, many different and interesting formations began to form on the battlefield.

As the Shifter Hierophant, Ling Feiyu was also their chief strategist and that was a heavy burden on her shoulders as well. As they were waiting, she began to flip through the books on military stratagems that she had read during her high school years and created formations that would be suitable for the monsters.

The formations were not about killing the enemies. Their attacks were meant to harass, and their defenses were meant to prevent casualties. The attacks and defense were all about buying enough time for Jiang Feng to return.

Ding, Ding

Xiao Yatou sat cross-legged on a Winged Tiger and began to play the Fuxi Zither that was lying quietly on her legs. She played her music using the two strings on the zither, and its melody moved the hearts of its listener.

For almost one month, Ling Feiyu and Mu Xi had helped her finish her quest and found one of the strings for the zither.

And thanks to the second string, she could play a melody, and it was a melody that was very well-known.

Surge of the Turquoise Tide.

As soon as the music was played, musical notes began to appear in the sky and fell to the monsters that were within 20 meters. Next, those monsters began to emit red light, and they roared as if they were being energized.

Mu Xi rode on a Lightning Hawk and pointed his sword toward the Myth Group army, “Attack!”


As per Mu Xi’s order, all the monsters released a unified roar and began to charge. Their giant bodies stampeded the ground to the point where it was quaking.


“Why do I feel like this is even more exciting than the Siege of the Ancient City? Who is that girl? When she played “Surge of the Turquoise Tide”, she made me excited!” When all the players saw what happened, they were shocked as all eyes were on Xiao Yatou.