Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 216

Chapter 216 The Totem Of Humans

Within a huge manor in the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor.

Jiang Feng took out the Qiankun Gourd and with a wave, the 30,000 Humans had all appeared within the manors garden.

He had just spent several million capitals to build the manor.

It could fit around 50,000 people. At the back were rooms built for them to live in.

"Haha! We are finally out! We no longer have to be afraid that we will become food for the Necropolitans!"

"We must thank the Dragon God! We must build a statue of the Dragon God! We will worship him and offer up incense every day!"

"Hm? Why is the Dragon God not here?"


As soon as the 30,000 people had appeared, they could not stop their chatter.

Some of them cried out of joy, some of them looked at the sun above them in numbness, some of them screamed and danced, some of them even wanted to build temples dedicated to Jiang Feng In short, they were all very excited.

Afterward, they discovered that after being let out, all they could see was a silver-haired red-eyed man standing right in front of them.

"No need to look around, Im the divine dragon that you are looking for," Jiang Feng said to them with a smile.

"Thats right, he was the one that saved us!" Nie Xiaoqian said as she walked toward him in small steps and looked at Jiang Feng with her clear eyes.

"Thank you!"

All the Humans knelt in worship.

"Alright, stand up, all of you," Jiang Feng had everyone stand up with a smile. "This is the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor, and I am the Inheritor of the Shifters. Currently, the entire continent is under threat from the Infernals. You can live here in peace. There are food and drinks out in the business district. You can also find tools over there. There is some equipment in this manor, and there are farmlands at the back. You should live here for the time being."

"We thank you for your aid, benefactor!"

Everyone knelt and worshipped him again.

Ding. System Prompt: Congratulations. You have completed the "Save the Humans" quest. The Totem of Humans has been unlocked. You received 50,000,000 exp and 10,000 reputation points.

Ding. System Prompt: Congratulations on reaching level 58. You gained 15 free attribute points.


At this time, a giant statue of him appeared before him.

The statue was ten meters high with his feet on the Monster Cloud. He held the Jingu staff in his hand. He had long hair, a pair of red eyes, and it was very majestic.

Next, a statue the size of his palm appeared from its forehead and fell into his hand. The statue in his hand and the big statues were almost the same.

Er thats a lot of experience points, enough for three levels. And also whats with this statue of me?

Curiously, he looked at the statues stats.

Totem of Human: Incomplete Saintly Artifact

Introduction: A totem created from the Faith of the Human race. Worship it to increase its rank and to become more powerful. Could be used to contact anyone that the Humans worship.

Fulfill: Benefit the Humans and fulfill one wish from the Humans. Could be used to gain even more Faith.

Light of Blessing: Upon activation, all allies within 1,000 meters are covered by the Light of Blessing and restores 10% of HP every second. The more Faith there is, the more health is recovered. If there is no Faith, this skill disappears. Cannot be used on a single target.

Power of Faith: Upon activation, all allies within 1,000 meters have their health fully recovered and gain invulnerability for 3 seconds. The more Faith there is, the wider the area of effect. Cannot be used on a single target.

Prerequisites: Inheritor of the Shifters

"Holy! Its a Saintly Artifact! While its still incomplete, its already very OP! Its also the kind of equipment that the Ancient City needs the most."

Jiang Feng was so excited that he even used slangs in his sentence.

While the incomplete Saintly Artifact would not be useful for normal players, it was extremely valuable to a huge guild.

Think about it. During a Guild War, he could stand in the middle of all his guild members. He would accept the worship of the Humans and activate Light of Blessing, then he could heal them without limit for the entire duration. It would be very effective.

When most of his guild members had only a slither of life left, he could activate the Power of Faith to instantly heal them to full health. That would be very OP.

It could be said that this piece of equipment was only effective during mass combat. It had no use in single combat.

The incomplete Saintly Artifact was what the Ancient City needed the most.

Once the monsters belonging to the Ancient City were killed, they could not be revived.

The Totem of Humans could greatly decrease the monsters rate of death. With there being fewer monsters killed, that meant that the Ancient Citys overall power had been increased.

"The quest was worth it! All those items wasted were all worth it!" Jiang Feng was so excited when he looked at the statue of himself in his hand.

His mind got cranking as he tried to remember if any races required saving. If he could save another race, then he would have two totems. During the World War, they could become extremely useful.

While he had only obtained an incomplete Saintly Artifact, but when he looked at the 30,000 Humans in front of him, he knew. If he did anything that would harm the Humans, the totem would be destroyed.

That meant that when he bore the responsibility of taking care of the Humans, it was the same as strengthening the Totem of Humans.

Because of the Totem of Humans, he was grateful. To thank them, he went to the restaurant and bought a large amount of food to be distributed to the Humans. He even helped them choose their chief.

The Human was very young, and he was called Lin Xi.

He then passed everything else to Lin Xi, and brought Nie Xiaoqian to the Palace of the Shifter Emperor.

When he reached the Palace of the Shifter Emperor, Ling Feiyu, Mu Xi, Xiao Yatou, and all his followers were waiting for him there.

After informing Ling Feiyu everything about the Humans, he then asked them to take care of the Humans. Then, he took out Yan Chixias body.

Yan Chixias power was slightly higher than Xiao Longnus, but when compared to the Ancient Fiend of the Black Mountain, the difference was still great. In order to buy time for him back in the Purgatory, he was even killed by the Ancient Fiend.

Luckily, with Ling Feiyu, he could revive him.

Jiang Feng then said to Ling Feiyu, "Feiyu, please revive the master!"

Ling Feiyu nodded and knelt beside him. She placed her palms on Yan Chixias body and used her skill. A soft green light radiated from her hands and entered Yan Chixias body.

In a short while, Yan Chixias eyes and fingers began to move.

"Thank you for reviving me, little dragon."

Regardless of everything, he was still an NPC. After he woke up, he did not feel that it was something extraordinary. He did not show any weird expressions but merely thanked Jiang Feng for what he did.

"Sure," Jiang Feng then turned his attention to Nie Xiaoqian and asked Yan Chixia, "Master, now that we have saved Xiao Qian, what other plans do you have?"

"Since you have saved Xiao Qian, then the Humans should have been saved as well. I once read a book that said that the Humans know how to brew a special wine. After this, I will be fine living together with them," Yan Chixia answered with a laugh.

Next, Jiang Feng told Yan Chixia where the Humans were, and Yan Chixia then stepped on his sword and flew over.

Whew~ I can finally turn in the Chinese Ghost Story quest. I didnt expect the quest to be so hard. I only managed to clear it after almost 5 months, he thought to himself as he looked at Nie Xiaoqian.