Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 217

Chapter 217 A Chinese Ghost Story Completed

Jiang Feng used the Qiankun Gourd to put away Nie Xiaoqian. Then, he used the ID Card to change his identity before teleporting to Luzhou City.

After exiting Luzhou City, he then rode on the Monster Cloud and headed directly toward Lanruo Temple.

After around 5 months, he had finally completed the Chinese Ghost Story. One of the Ten Main Plot quests.

After arriving at Lanruo Temple, he saw Ning Caichen who was walking around under the giant tree.

Ning Caichen was still a bit crazy and kept on calling out Nie Xiaoqians name. He was extremely loyal to his love.

Jiang Feng shook his head and released Xiao Qian from the Qiankun Gourd.

"Why did you bring me here?"

After Nie Xiaoqian came out, she looked at Ning Caichen, who was under the giant tree, with her brows locked.

Jiang Feng asked in confusion, "Arent you two"

Nie Xiaoqian answered him calmly, "We arent related at all."

Next, Nie Xiaoqian explained to Jiang Feng about everything.

In truth, when Ning Caichen was on his way to the capital for his exam, he came by here and was seduced by Nie Xiaoqian, who was still Laolaos follower. Luckily, Yan Chixia came forward and saved him, otherwise, he would have been killed by Laolao.

Originally, Yan Chixia wanted to kill Nie Xiaoqian. Ning Caichen begged for her to be spared, and after telling Yan Chixia of her background, only then did he spare her.

After Nie Xiaoqian left, Ning Caichen had been thinking of Nie Xiaoqian and hoped that Yan Chixia could save Nie Xiaoqian from Laolaos evil grasp.

Then, the Chinese Ghost Story quest was born.

That meant that Ning Caichens love was one-sided. In truth, when Nie Xiaoqian seduced him, it was all because of Laolaos order. It was not because she fell in love with him.

"Oh God, Im getting a headache. This is so confusing," Jiang Feng gave his head a massage as he remained speechless about the whole situation.

"I dont want to follow him, instead, I want to follow you!" Nie Xiaoqian said with conviction as she blinked in his direction and she bit her lips. She then stood in front of him and stared directly into his red eyes.


Jiang Feng did not expect that the kind and pure Nie Xiaoqian would say something like that to him, and it made him embarrassed.

He then said, "Alright, I will bring you back to the Ancient City. Regardless, you still have to talk to him to make him give up."

Nie Xiaoqian nodded with joy and said, "Alright!"

With that, Nie Xiaoqian then headed toward Ning Caichen.

Jiang Feng did not go over.

As long as Nie Xiaoqian had met with Ning Caichen, his quest would be completed.

As for how Nie Xiaoqian would reject Ning Caichen, he did not want to know and was too lazy to find out.

When Nie Xiaoqian appeared next to Ning Caichen, he was so excited to the point where his eyes teared, and he talked to her excitedly.

Ding. System Prompt: Congratulations on completing A Chinese Ghost Story quest. You have received 1 point of Plot Attribute Point, 30 drops of Divine Dragon Blood, two Talismans of Ten Thousand Swords, two Talismans of Invulnerability, 50,000,000 experience points, and 2,000 reputation points.

Ding. System Prompt: Congratulations on reaching level 59. You have gained 5 free attribute points.

Hm? The rewards for the quest are the same things that have appeared during the quest chain, but the number has definitely been multiplied by a few folds when compared to the past!

The only thing that made him curious was the so-called Plot Attribute Point.

Plot Attribute Point: Can be used to increase the level of one Craft-Profession Skill.

"I didnt expect that I would be able to use the Plot Attribute Point to increase the levels of a Craft-Profession Skill. This is not bad. Ill use it when my Craft-Profession skills are higher. Maybe I can use it to directly increase my Craft-Profession skills to Divine Level."

Jiang Feng was still quite satisfied with the rewards from this plot quest.

The Talisman of Ten Thousand Swords and the Talisman of Invulnerability were items that would be very useful. As for the 30 drops of Divine Dragon Blood, it made him overjoyed. With these Divine Dragon Blood, his Dragon bloodline could at least be increased to rank ten or eleven. At that time, his stats would be increased by a great amount again.

In other words, the rewards were not that bad and were acceptable.

After all, he had gotten other benefits when working on the Chinese Ghost Story plot quest.

For example, when he was working on this quest he had also completed the Save the Humans quest and had even obtained an Incomplete Saintly Artifact.

After he had finished checking on his rewards, Nie Xiaoqian walked toward him with a faint smile and said, "Lets go!"

Jiang Feng turned and looked at Ning Caichen who was wallowing in disappointment and sighing. He put away Nie Xiaoqian and used the Town Portal skill.

Once he was back at the Shifter Emperors Palace, he then said to Nie Xiaoqian, "You can stay here after this."

Nie Xiaoqian also nodded and said to Jiang Feng, "I want to join the Shifters!"

Nie Xiaoqians level was only at level 60 and was an ordinary Spirit. Her power was alright. while she would not matter much when she joined the Shifters, she could at least give him some support.

When he thought of that, he took out a Shifter Spirit Stone and gave it to Nie Xiaoqian. "Here, take this Shifter Spirit Stone. It would allow you to become one of the Shifters."

Nie Xiaoqian was overjoyed and received the Spirit Shifter Stone and used it directly.

In the next moment, a light barrier enveloped Nie Xiaoqian. In a small while, her figure reappeared.

She had a pair of rabbit ears and a short rabbit tail growing out of her buttocks. It made her look naughty and seductive.

"Do I look good?" Nie Xiaoqian touched her rabbit ears as she asked Jiang Feng.

"You look great," Jiang Feng said with a smile.

"Thank you for saving me. This is your reward. I am going to go find the other Humans to have some fun. If there is anything you need, come look for me anytime." Nie Xiaoqian then approached Jiang Feng and kissed Jiang Feng on his lips. Her rabbit ears trembled as she touched Jiang Fengs cheek, then quickly left the Shifter Emperors Palace.


Jiang Feng was breathing heavily when he saw Nie Xiaoqian leave, and he thought to himself, All of these ghosts really have the natural power to charm men. If she were to continue that any longer, I wouldnt be able to hold it in. And what does she mean that I could go look for whenever I need her?

"Whatever, I shouldnt think too much about this. I should increase my Dragons rank, go to the Five Fingers Mountain, and look for Sun Wukongs body. Then, have Ling Feiyu save him so that I can find a way to control my bloodlines!"

He shook his head and threw away all his thoughts, then walked over to the plaza of the Shifter Emperors Palace.

He took out a drop of Divine Dragon Blood and consumed it.

Ding. System Prompt: Dragon Bloodlines purity increased by 20%.

One drop of it could increase the bloodlines purity by 20%. He took out another four drops and consumed them.

Once his bloodline purity had reached 100%, he took out an Evolution Pill and ate it.

Next, his body was surrounded by fire and formed a flaming cocoon.


Ding. System Prompt: Evolution Successful. Congratulations, you have become a Rank 8 Adult Dragon.

After the fire cocoon exploded twenty minutes later, he rushed out of the fire cocoon.

Jiang Feng, who became a Rank 8 Adult Dragon, had his size increased again. He was about 150 meters in length. As he floated on top of the Shifter Palace, he was releasing a majestic aura.


With a dragons roar, all the monsters in the mountains fell to the ground.

Some players in the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor also looked at the gigantic dragon that had appeared on top of the Shifter Emperors Palace.