Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 218

Chapter 218 Rank 11 Adult Dragon

After he had fused with the Fire Qilin, his originally brown dragon scales had turned red.

When a bright red dragon appeared in the sky, all the players that were in the ancient city were shocked.

"Divine Dragon, my wish is to get an incomparable Saintly Artifact!"

Some of the players that had their brains slightly scrambled even raised their heads and started praying for their wishes to be granted.

A female player looked at a male player next to him and walked away as far as she could. "He doesnt even know the steward of the Ancient City and he wishes for his wish to be granted by the Shifters Inheritor? He must have watched too much Dragonball."

This scene happened in a lot of places within the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor. Some of them really thought that Jiang Feng was the wish-granting Divine Dragon.

When Jiang Feng heard the shouts and screams of the players, he quickly turned small in embarrassment and landed on the plaza so that he would not cause another commotion.

"Continue the evolution!"

Once he had evolved into a Rank 8 adult dragon, he did not look at his stats and proceeded to take out the Divine Dragon blood and was going to consume it.

Just as he was about to eat it, he suddenly remembered something and summoned Xiao Longnu.

"Xiao Longnu, can you break the curse on you by consuming Divine Dragon blood?" Jiang Feng asked Xiao Longnu.

"Yes, all I need are 3 drops and I can break the curse completely," Xiao Longnu replied.

"Here, these are the 3 drops of Divine Dragon Blood. Break the curse in you," Jiang Feng said as he took out three drops of the Divine Dragon Blood and gave them to Xiao Longnu.

Xiao Longnu was slightly stunned as she looked at the Divine Dragon Blood that Jiang Feng was giving her, then ate them all without hesitation.


Next, a light burst out from Xiao Longnus body, and a black miasma came out and dispersed from her body.

"It is done," Xiao Longnu said to him happily.

"That simple?" In the blink of an eye, the curse was already broken and Jiang Feng was slightly surprised.

"Yes," Xiao Longnu nodded.

Xiao Longnu: Level 56 Immortal Beast

HP: 5,430,000

Attack: 450,000 500,000

Defense: 150,000


"Holy She already had this kind of stats when shes level 56? Doesnt that mean a level 100 Immortal Beast is going to be extremely OP?!"

Looking at Xiao Longnus stats at her peak, Jiang Feng could not help but gasp.

That meant that with Xiao Longnu by his side, as long as he was not assassinated, none of the players could defeat him.

Looking at the 23 drops of Divine Dragon Blood, he took out another drop and gave it to Xiao Longnu and said, "Try taking one more drop. See how much bloodline purity it adds!"

If 23 drops of Divine Dragon Blood was enough to make Xiao Longnus bloodline purity reach 100%, then he would let her eat an Evolution Pill so that she could evolve into a Divine Beast.

As soon as Xiao Longnu had evolved into a Divine Beast, her stats would increase by three folds or even more.

Xiao Longnu took the Divine Dragon Blood Jiang Feng gave her and consumed it. After a short while, she shook her head in disappointment. "It only added 1% of my bloodlines purity.

"The requirement for an Immortal Beast to evolve into a Divine Beast is so high, requiring 100 drops of Divine Dragon Blood! I wonder, with this kind of requirement when can I evolve into a Divine Dragon."

"Oh right, damn, I forgot to use Refine to refine the blood!"

He suddenly remembered something, smacked his forehead, took out a drop of Divine Dragon Blood, and used refine on it.

Ding. System Prompt: Refine failed. This drop of Divine Dragon Blood is already of the purest quality.


After giving it some thought, he understood why. The Divine Dragon Blood he had did not belong to any dragon. It was the purest of Divine Dragon Blood and would not be able to be refined.

If it were just a normal dragon bloodline, after refinement it would become a non-elemental, pure Divine Dragon bloodline.

For example, while the Earth Cover Dragons bloodline was also called Divine Dragon Blood, it still contained the power of the Earth Cover Dragon and through it, one could gain the power of the Earth Cover Dragon. However, a non-elemental, pure Divine Dragon Blood not only increased purity by a large margin, if one were to consume enough of it, one should be able to gain a Dragons purest Dragon skill.

Of course, this was all guesswork.

He continued consuming the Divine Dragon Blood, but to his surprise, the increase to the bloodline purity was still 20%. It seemed that the Divine Dragon Blood that was awarded to him was indeed the purest Dragon Blood. There was no need for him to refine it anymore.

After consuming the fifth drop of Divine Dragon Blood, his Bloodline Purity had once again reached 100% and he still had 17 drops of Divine Dragon Blood left.

He took out an Evolution Pill and downed it.

He had managed to transmute a lot of Evolution Pills in the past half-a-month. While he had given his followers lots of them, he still had 5 left including the one that he ate just now. He was saving it for critical timing.

He was going to challenge the Four Great Arhats at the Five Finger Mountains later. The stronger he became, the better.

His second evolution was also quite smooth. He once again evolved into a rank 9 dragon, and his body continued to enlarge. This time, he had grown to two hundred meters long.


He consumed another drop of Divine Dragon Blood. This time, it made him disappointed as the Divine Dragon Bloods effect had been weakened. The bloodline purity only grew by 15%. After consuming 7 drops of Divine Dragon Blood, his Dragon bloodline purity had reached 105%.

He ate the evolution pill and evolved a third time.

After 20 minutes, he managed to evolve into a Rank 10 adult dragon.


He spent another 7 drops of Divine Dragon Blood to evolve a fourth time and successfully evolved into a Rank 11 adult dragon.

During his first evolution, he had used 5 drops of Divine Dragon Blood. During his second evolution, he had used 5 drops of Divine Dragon Blood as well. During his third evolution, he had used 7 drops of Divine Dragon Blood. During his fourth evolution, he had also used 7 drops of Divine Dragon Blood. He had given 3 drops of Divine Dragon Blood to Xiao Longnu to break her curse and 1 drop to increase her Bloodline purity by 1%. That meant that he only had 2 drops of Divine Dragon Blood left on him.

Once he had evolved into a rank 11 Adult Dragon, his body size had already grown to about three hundred meters long.

"Come on, lets go find Yan Chixia!"

He shrunk his body and summoned the Monster Cloud, then brought Xiao Longnu toward where the Humans were living.

He was going to bring Yan Chixia along so that he could have a helper fighting the Four Great Arhats.

The Four Great Arhats were all level 80 Immortal level buddhas. Yan Chixias level had already reached level 70, also Immortal level. With Xiao Longnu, they could handle three of the Four Great Arhats by themselves. As for him and his other followers, with all the items on him, they should be able to handle one.


The Humans living place.

After a short two hours, the Humans had finished distributing their homes. Some of them had even started reclaiming the unused land behind the manor for farming.

The women were cooking in the kitchen while the children were playing in the gardens.

It was as if the Humans had stayed here for a very long time. It was a testament to their adaptability.

The most obvious was his giant statue that was erected in the middle of his garden. Offerings were already placed in front of his statue.

At this time, Yan Chixia was lying on the roof of a building drinking wine from a gourd on his own.


The Monster Cloud carried Jiang Feng and Xiao Longnu over and they landed next to Yan Chixia.

"Master, are you free?" Jiang Feng asked Yan Chixia with a smile.

When Jiang Feng appeared, Yan Chixia asked him, "Little dragon, tell me what you want."

"Can you accompany me to the Five Fingers Mountain?"