Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 219

Chapter 219 Talisman? Golden Headband?

Five Fingers Mountain. The sky was dark and filled with Infernal Miasma.

Jiang Feng rode on the Monster Cloud, leading Yan Chixia and Xiao Longnu as they flew into the Infernal Miasma.

"I didnt expect the Infernal Miasma here to be so dense," Yan Chixia said in bafflement as he stepped into the area of the Five Fingers Mountain.

When they came in, Jiang had already given them several Infernal Repellant Pills, stopping them from being corrupted by the Infernal Miasma.

In a short while, they had arrived on top of the Five Fingers mountain.

At this time, Fairy Violetglow was no longer there. She must have gone to collect the Essence of the Sun and the Moon.

When they landed on top of the Five Fingers Mountain, Jiang Feng said to Yan Chixia and Xiao Longnu, "Lets start. Hopefully, we can slay the four Arhats!"


Yan Chixia and Xiao Longnu nodded.

Next, Jiang Feng gave Abbot Lanruos Golden Body to Yan Chixia. He then struck at the Buddhist Talisman on the Shifter Sealing Rock.

What he was doing was trying to attract the attention of the Four Great Arhats.



As soon as he had touched the Talisman, he was electrocuted until his body felt numb. Then, a bolt of powerful energy struck him away.

"Hm? The Four Great Arhats are still not out?"

Jiang Feng crawled off the ground in pain and looked around him. He was baffled when he did not see the Four Great Arhats.

"Let me try!" Yan Chixia said and then tried to attack the Talisman on top of the Shifter Sealing Rock while riding on his sword.

"It is useless. Even if you have the ability to attack the Four Great Arhats, only Tang Sanzang can remove the Talisman. No one else can do it," Just as Yan Chixia was going to touch the Talisman, a voice that was pleasant to the ears sounded.

They then saw Violetglow slowly descending upon the Five Fingers Mountain slowly on a cloud.

Once they heard what she said, Yan Chixia quickly stopped his hand from even touching the talisman.

"Er that little kid?"

After listening to what Violetglow had said. Jiang Feng was slightly stunned and then used the Town Portal skill to return to the Ancient City to look for Tang Sanzang.


Tang Sanzang was living in the Shifter Emperor Palace.

He had been staying in the Shifter Emperor Palace and very rarely came out from his little corner. No one knew what he was doing.

After returning to the Ancient City, Jiang Feng immediately headed toward the Shifter Emperor Palace.

In a short while, he found Tang Sanzang who was sitting next to a pond, fishing with a fishing pole.

There was a burning fire next to him, and a few fishes were being roasted as they gave out an alluring aroma.

"This kid is quite free. I could never figure out how this fake monk is the boss of the Dead-Cicada Tribe." Jiang Feng mumbled to himself as he took a roasted fish and had a bite when he saw Tang Sanzang fishing and roasting his catch.

While Tang Sanzang was still young, the fish that he roasted tasted quite good.

When Tang Sanzang saw Jiang Feng, he was slightly surprised and then he put aside the fishing pole. He then went to him excitedly and said with his baby voice, "You came just in time! I want to get some dragon meat from you! Give me some more dragon meat that you gave me last time."

"I can give you some more dragon meat, but you need to help me with something," Jiang Feng told him as he ate the fish.

"Removing the talisman that the Buddha, Tathagata, has placed on the Shifter Sealing Rock, right?" Tang Sanzang also took a fish and ate, as if he had guessed why Jiang Feng had come.


"Here, take this. Wear it, and you can remove that Talisman.

Tang Sanzang took out a Golden Headband and gave it to Jiang Feng.

A Golden Headband?

Jiang Feng then looked at the Golden Headband that Tang Sanzang gave him, and he narrowed his eyes as he looked at the Golden Handbands stats.

Golden Headband: Buddhist Mantra Golden Headband

Luck +50

Charisma +50

Insight +50

Attack increases by 20%

Mantra Resistance: Once equipped, can be used to resist any Buddhist Mantra.

"Damn, this is quite OP. All three hidden stats increased by 50? With the Ruler of Hakai, wouldnt my luck reach 20%? My success rate for transmuting Evolution Pills and Bloodlines would be increased, and my failure rate for fusion wouldnt be that high too!" Jiang Feng looked at the Golden Headbands stats excitedly.

Tang Sanzang wiped his oily mouth and said, "With this, you dont have to be afraid of any Buddhist mantra attacks. And this is an equipment that can level up automatically. The more Buddhist mantra it has resisted, the more attack power it would increase as it will absorb the power of the Buddhist mantra."

Tang Sanzangs words made Jiang Feng smile excitedly. He then took out a piece of dragon meat and gave it to Tang Sanzang and said, "Thanks."

With that, he polymorphed into his human form and transformed into another identity. He then teleported to Kunlun City, then rode the Monster Cloud and headed to the Five Fingers Mountain.

When he was on his way there, he looked at the golden headband in his hand.

The golden headband did look like the one that Sun Wukong wore in the legends, but it did not look like it when he looked at the stats.

"Whatever. These kinds of headbands are quite common in Buddhism. It shouldnt be the same one worn by Sun Wukong in the legends," Jiang Feng shook his head and wore it without paying much attention to it.

After wearing it, he then took it down again. It can be equipped and unequipped. Indeed, it was different from the golden headband that Sun Wukong wore.

When he was on his way, he opened his stats and gave it a look.

After evolving into a Rank 11 Adult Dragon, his stats had undergone a great change.

Character: Jiang Feng

Class: Inheritor of the Shifters

Faction: Shifter

Gold Pieces: 2,633 Gold 29 Silver 56 Bronze

Reputation: 52,500

Honor: 2,838,290

Display Name: Level 59 Rank 11 Adult Dragon

Bloodline: 72 Types (too many to list, will only list the number from now onward)

HP: 553,000

Attack: 159,323

Defense: 51,220

Luck: 100 (Max) +50

Charisma: 100

Insight: 100

Fire Resistance +90%

Earth Resistance +50%

Ice Resistance +40%

Other Resistances +30%

Items: Shifter Emperors Flag, Orb of Swords, Qiankun Gourd, Ruler of Hakai, Talisman of Invulnerability, Talisman of Ten Thousand Swords, Forbidden Spell: Meteor Swarm Sacrificial Doll


Evolving from rank 7 to rank 11 adult dragon, his HP had increased by 100,000, attack increased by 50,000 and defense increased by 10,000.

His stats were already very good.

If he were to use the items on him and enter Berserk status, his attack would be off the charts. As long as he was not hit, he could fight against an Arhat without any issue.

After 20 minutes, he had arrived on top of the Five Fingers Mountain once again.

When they were on the Five Fingers Mountain, Yan Chixia, Xiao Longnu, and Violetglow waited in front of the Shifter Sealing Rock.

When she saw Jiang Feng come back, Violetglow asked excitedly, "Did you bring Tang Sanzang?"

Jiang Feng took down the Golden Headband on his head, "No, but he gave me this. He said that it can break that talisman."

Once she saw the Golden Headband that Jiang Feng was holding, Violetglow became visibly nervous and grabbed the headband from Jiang Fengs hand, and scanned it thoroughly.

After scanning it for a long while, she said, "Whew. Fortunately, this is not the same golden headband that attacked Wukong."

"A golden headband attacked Sun Wukong?" Jiang Feng asked Violet Glow, baffled.

"Yes," Violet Glow explained, "You should have heard of his title. The Great Saint that Equates Heaven!"

"He had already become a Sacred Beast, his power was comparable to the Shifter Emperor, Divine Emperor, and the Infernal Emperor. Even if Tathagata, the Buddha, himself attacked him, he wouldnt be able to kill him. But at the time, Tathagata had somehow made Wukong wear the golden headband. Only afterward when he was attacked by all the Infernal Archmasters present that he died because his power was suppressed by the golden headband" The more Violetglow said, the tenser she became with hatred flowing out from her eyes.

"I didnt realize that the golden headband would be so dangerous. This headband should be alright?" Jiang Feng asked as he played with the headband in his hand.

"I have already checked it. It should be fine," Fairyglow said.

"Alright, let us break the talisman and save Sun Wukong!"

Jiang Feng nodded and put on the golden headband. He did not transform into his dragon form, rode on the Monster Cloud, and rushed toward the talisman on the Shifter Sealing Rock.