Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 22

Chapter 22


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An anomaly had appeared in the heavens, and the Divine and Infernal Factions had been opened!


The players thatwere with Jiang Feng belonging to the same Starter Village, had all stopped what they were doing and looked at the dark whirlpool above them.


Ling Yun slashed at a monster and frowned as he looked at the sky, “The anomaly has only appeared on this Starter Village, that means that player called Jiang Feng should be in the same Starter Village as us. He should be an expert. Investigate him and see if he can be recruited into our guild.”


Ba Ge nodded and said, “Yes, the anomaly came from the Blaze Wolf Canyon. That player should still be there, I will go take alook.”




Just as Ling Yun was looking for Jiang Feng and was ready to recruit him into the guild, the players from various other Starter Villages were all discussing Jiang Feng.


“Damn, the game had only opened for two days and there is already someone going public. That is so impressive.”


“I didn’t realize that this game is so interesting. Some of the ways to play this game require players to unlock. But from how I see it, it should be quitedifficult to unlock it. That Jiang Feng is not a simple guy.”


“Haha, let’s all raise our levels to Level 10. I heard that you have a chance togo public if you reach Level 10. This is the best way to quickly increase your popularity. Remember, once we’re all Level 10, let’s choose the Infernal Faction. Let’s kill the gods together!”



Many players had begun discussing Jiang Feng and the Divine and Infernal factions. Even Weibo and the official message boards had many similar posts and had millions of views.


But what they did not know was that the person that was being discussed, Jiang Feng, was hiding in a hole without any composure, avoiding Heiya’s search.


His four limbs were all on the ground, and he looked upwards at Heiya, who was floating in the sky. Jiang Feng silently cursed, “Damn old bastard. He had already patrolled this place three or four times. Why won’t you scram?!”


“Wait for me, tiger cub. You can’t escape!”


Heiya, who had been searching for a long time, angrily said as he left after he could not find Jiang Feng.




After seeing Heiya left, he heaved a heavy sigh. But he did not leave.


That NPC had very high intelligence, if not he wouldn’t have fallen into his trap and destroyed the talisman. With Heiya’s personality, he would not leave that easily.


Just as he had thought, Heiya once again appeared in the Blaze Wolf Canyon after a while. He swept the surroundings with his sight and mumbled under his breath. “Perhaps it has really escaped? That’s fine, I should return to the Infernal Altar first. I will seek it out later!”


After leaving, Heiya did not return this time. After crouching in the hole for almost half an hour and he had confirmed that Heiya had left, he walked out of the hole and quickly climbed on the nearby cliffs and left the Blaze Wolf Canyon.


When he left the Blaze Wolf Canyon, many players had also appeared in the Blaze Wolf Canyon. And like Heiya, they were all searching for him.


Once he had left the Blaze Wolf Canyon, he had returned to the Piebald Tiger’s territory and returned to that hidden place.


“Let’s take a look inside the Qiankun Gourd!”


He took out the Qiankun Gourd from the Spatial Bracelet and stared at the gourd for a while. He then removed its cork after muttering.


Ding! System Prompt: Will you enter the Qiankun Microworld?




When he removed the cork from the gourd, a voice from the system rang in his ear.


As soon as he had responded, there was darkness. And in the next moment, his body appeared in an empty plain.


2The area in the Qiankun Microworld was very big, it was even bigger than the area belonged to the Starter Village. Other than a grassy plain and a lake, it did not have anything.


Jiang Feng said excitedly, “What a great microworld. I wonder if I could find the other two gourds, and combined the three to become the Lianyao Flask. What will happen to the inner world?”


He came out after he had stayed inside the Qiankun Gourd for a while.


He had summoned fifty Piebald Tigers and had all of them moved into the Qiankun Gourd.


Originally he wanted to move more Piebald Tigers in, but unfortunately, no matter what he did, he couldn’t move anymore Piebald Tigers in. He suspected that the Qiankun Gourd had a limit to how many monsters of each race it could contain.


After knowing that, he released the fifty Piebald Tigers and used Transmute Monster to fuse them together, turning them into Piebald Tiger Elites.


To him, normal Piebald Tigers were not qualified to become his underling. Only the Piebald Tiger Elites were somewhat qualified.


With that, he used his Transmute Monster to fuse the Piebald Tigers as well as killing the normal Piebald Tigers to gain experience points.


As he had unlocked the Divine and Infernal Factions System, the system had awarded him around 10,000 experience points. This had caused his Level-9 experience points to reach 84%. He only needed the remaining 16% worth of experience points, then he could increase to Level 10.


After one whole afternoon, he had spent his time in the Piebald Tiger’s territory.


He wasn’t sure how much time he had spent until suddenly, the system’s voice rang in his ear again.


Ding! System Prompt: Congratulations on reaching Level 10. You have received 1 free attribute point.

Ding! Server Announcement. Congratulations to player “Jiang Feng” reaching Level 10. As the player is the first player to reach Level 10, he is awarded 200 reputation points, 10 gold pieces, and one Green-Bronze equipment. At the same time, the game shall also be updated. The time the update will take is 24 hours. Please check the official website to see the updated content. To prevent all players from any loss, please log out within 10 minutes. Thank you for your cooperation!


Ding. System Prompt. Transmute monster successful!


“Haha, I didn’t realize that being the first to level up to Level 10 would have so many great benefits. Luckily, I didn’t let anyone grab it first.”


Listening to the three system messages, Jiang Feng smiled.


“Whew~ I’ve finally finished fusing the last of the fifty Piebald Tigers Elite. Time to logout!”


Looking at the successful Piebald Tiger Elite fusion in front of him, he used the Qiankun Gourd and moved it in. He then packed the Qiankun Gourd and logged out.



His level reaching 10 was like a bomb being thrown into calm water, the explosion caused a gigantic wave.


The entire player base from the Huaxia Server was in an uproar.


If it could be said that the unlocking of the Divine and Infernal Factions System was by luck, then being the first to reach Level 10 among the 20 million players could only be by his skill.


Because of the importance of this game, other than some veteran companies, many other companies had also joined in.


Canaan Company, a newly formed small company that didn’t have a lot of staff. They only had them in the tens.


The boss that created this company was also a powerful woman and also the daughter of a high ranking official, called Xue Li.


Once the server announcement had been made, she had all her staff to log out for an emergency meeting!


In the office, Xue Li was wearing a pair of high heels, a black skin-tight skirt, and a black coat. It made her look sexy yet professional.


While her appearance could not match Mu Xi’s, whom Jiang Feng had seen in the game, she had a different kind of style to her.


Xue Li was stern, and she was knocking on the desk with a pen. She spoke to her staff, “There are only two simple points in this meeting. One, get to Level 10 as soon as possible. Once the game had finished updating, choose one of the galaxy’s main cities and farm the boss for the Guild-Building Order! Two, find that player called Jiang Feng at all costs. Pay him high to make him join us, then use his reputation to make our Guild prominent!”


Other than Canaan Company, other small companies had recently formed that used this time to tightly plan their developments within the game.


When all the players have reached Level 10, the struggle between all the major factions within the game would begin!