Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 220

Chapter 220 Fighting The Immortals

The Shifter Sealing Rock was around thirty three meters high, and the talisman was also several meters long.

The moment he touched the talisman, the six words "Om, Ma, Ne, Pad, Me, Hom all attacked him.


At this time, the headband that he was wearing unleashed a glowing light. All six words crashed into the golden headband and were absorbed into it.

With the six words disappearing, Jiang Feng could then easily remove the blank talisman.


"Everyone, get ready!"

When Jiang Feng saw what was happening, he jumped onto the Monster Cloud and ascended into the sky and told everyone to get ready.


At this time, the Shifter Sealing Rock shattered as four Buddhistic lights came out from within.

Each of them landed on the large rocks, and they were the Arhats surrounded by golden light. All of them stared at Jiang Feng with anger.

One of the Arhats clasped his hand together and said to Jiang Feng, "Inheritor of the Shifters. By destroying the Shifter Sealing Rock, you have committed a grave sin. Allow us to cleanse your sins!"

"If it is a sin for me to kill, a sin for the Great Saint to kill, then the Divines, the Infernals, and the Buddhas are equally sinful for deliberately causing wars and killing others. Your sins are bloodier than mine, so why dont you cleanse the sins on yourself first?"

Jiang Feng took out the Jingu Staff and waved, the small Jingu Staff was slowly enlarged.

"The Buddhas are clear of sin!" The four great Arhats said at the same time.

"Then my response is that the Shifters are clear of sins too!" Jiang Feng replied coldly.

"You arrogant little shifter, die!"

The Four Great Arhats seemed to have given up in talking to Jiang Feng. In anger, a Zen staff appeared in each of the Arhats hands and they all flashed toward Jiang Feng.

Yan Chixia blocked in front of the Arhats on his Red Sun Sword and said, "I, too, am sinful. Could you please cleanse it from me?!"

Xiao Longnu also transformed into a giant dragon and blocked another Arhat, "I, too, am a Shifter. Come!"

Violetglow drank a bottle of Moon Essence and a bottle of Sun Essence. Her power was instantly restored to the level of an Immortal. She also blocked one of the Arhats and said, "My husband is a Shifter, then so am I! I, too, am sinful!"


Seeing that Violetglows power had returned to that of an Immortal, and that she was attacking an Arhat, Jiang Feng was slightly surprised.

He did not realize that Violetflow would help in this plot quest.

After giving it a thought, he then understood what was going on. In order to save Sun Wukong, she would naturally help Jiang Feng, otherwise, it would be illogical.

As for why her power was not restored to Divine level, his guess was because of the plot. Or because of the Infernal Miasma within her.

The Four Great Arhats did not waste their breath and each of them attacked Jiang Feng, Yan Chixia, Xiao Longnu, and Zixia with lightning speed.

Out of the four of them, Jiang Feng was the weakest.

However, he was not that worried. He had lots of items on him, and he did not need to be afraid of them.


It was very easy for him to enter a Berserk state. All he needed to do was to release all his raw emotions, and he could then gain the Berserk status.

Arhat: Level 80 Immortal

HP: 7,000,000

Attack: 600,000 650,000

Defense: 200,000


When compared to Yan Chixia, Xiao Longnu, and Violetglow, a Level 80 Arhat only had an advantage in terms of its level, and a 30% stats difference. Otherwise, they were not that different.

So, when they fought, they were not in too much danger as they were in a stalemate.

Jiang Feng, on the other hand, quickly flew backward after gaining the Berserk status. He was going to kill the Arhat by kiting them.

As he was flying, he took out a Poisonous Body Pill so that his attacks would cause fixed Poison damage. That way, he could deplete some of the Arhats HP.

"Come, my followers!"

Once he was far away from where Xiao Longnu and the rest were fighting, he stopped, waiting for the Arhat to approach him.

When the Arhat came over, he released all his followers.

"Oh, gods! Boss, I cant beat this baldie, let me go back into the Qiankun gourd!"

When Heifeng came out and saw the Arhat, he was so shocked that he almost dropped his chicken drumstick.

"Stop talking nonsense. Take turns and use your crowd control skills!"

Jiang Feng rolled his eyes at Heifeng, with the Jingu staff in his right hand and the Bloodlust Claw on his left, he assaulted the Arhat.


The Arhat came before Jiang Feng as his Zen Staff shone with a Buddhistic light, and slammed it at Jiang Fengs head.







As Jiang Feng repositioned himself and went behind the Arhat, the Jingu staff in his hand slammed on the Arhats head violently. Due to his high attack speed, he managed to hit him twice. With the Poisonous Body Pills effect, the Arhats head became green in color and his HP kept on dropping.

"Requiem! Tornado!"

Just as the Arhat turned his body over, he used his crowd control skill to force the Arhat into a daze. Of course, this skill only had a duration of zero point something seconds, so he quickly used Tornado to throw him up into the air.

"Fire Domain, Rockfall, Fireball, Tiger Howl"

He took the chance when the Arhat had been thrown into the air and blasted him with all the skills he knew.

In the span of a breath, he had damaged around 1,000,000 of the Arhats HP.

"Thunderclap Mantis, Heifeng, Yanhu, my lifes in your hands after this. I taught you all how to use the Crowd Control skills. Do not mess this up! Otherwise, I would be instantly killed!"

He had used all of his skills, and he only had "Dao Dao Dao", "Infernal Shades,""Kill" and "Demon-Suppressing Heavenly Staff" that he could still activate.

All these skills had no ability to crowd control, and they needed to be used in close combat. As long as his followers could successfully stunlock the Arhat, he could use these skills to deal massive damage to it.

In truth, if he did not use the Binding skill on the Shifter Emperors Flag, he could kill the Arhat on his own. But he had already used it on Shen Ye, so now he had to depend on his followers.

"Entangling Vines!" A wood elemental Greenwood Bull King used his crowd control skill the moment the Arhat left the Tornado. He managed to connect very well indeed.

"Demons! Die! Purify!"

The Arhat was angered and used the Purify skill to remove the status effect.

"Wind Lash!"

Winds started to appear around the Arhat, binding him.

"Infernal Shades! Demon-Suppressing Heavenly Staff!"

As soon as he saw that the Arhat had been bound and was unmovable, he immediately used the Demon-Suppressing Heavenly Staff that the Jingu Staff carried.

In the next moment, he created ten shades and all of them exchanged places quickly between his true form and his illusions and struck the Arhats head. Their speed was quick, so quick that it would shock anyone watching, and each of their strikes was causing higher and higher damage.


Just as Jiang Feng was fighting for his life, a semi-transparent little monkey jumped out from the shattered Shifter Sealing Rock. He muttered to himself as he looked at how Jiang Feng was fighting, "My Isnt that my Demon-Suppressing Heavenly Staff? That kid Hm? 72 Bloodlines? Thats so chaotic. Oh, Is he the Shifters Inheritor?"