Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 221

Chapter 221 Here I Come

Five Fingers Mountain.

Jiang Feng, Yan Chixia, Xiao Longnu, Violetglow were fighting the Four Great Arhats together.

The eight of them could not decide on the victors so soon.

The Arhat that fought Jiang Feng was at a disadvantage and had already had its HP fallen by half.

He could kill it with another wave of crowd-control skills from his followers.

Perhaps they were too concentrated on fighting them, no one saw the semi-transparent monkey that jumped out of the Shifter Sealing Rock.

The semi-transparent monkeys sight shifted from Jiang Feng to Violetglow, who was fighting with a violet sword.

"Its great to see you again. You have been watching over me for ten-thousand years."

When the little monkey looked at Violetglow, his eyes were filled with regret.


"Beast, die!"

The Arhat that fought Jiang Feng was extremely angry and did not have any chance to fight back. He was going to die by the hands of Jiang Feng and his followers soon.

The Arhat could not even move when over fifty monsters took turns using their crowd-control skills on them.

Jiang Feng and his shades kept on attacking the Arhat, and the Arhats HP kept on falling. After a short time, he had less than 30% of his HP left.

"Arhat Golden Body!"

The Arhat let out a roar as a golden light flashed from his body as if he was covered in gold. He was instantly freed from the effects of the crowd control skills, and quickly used his fists and punched through Jiang Fengs shades.

In the blink of an eye, all of Jiang Fengs shades had been dispersed. His Demon-Suppressing Heavenly-Wind Staff had also been canceled and he was forced to retreat.

"Demon Slaying Palm!"

Just as Jiang Feng was retreating, a giant golden palm fell from the sky and headed straight to his head.

"The Dao of Man!"

At this time, a voice came over and Yan Chixia blocked the attack using the Red Sun Sword in his hand.

"Boy, go. Leave this to me!" After blocking the Arhats attack, Yan Chixia said to Jiang Feng then headed toward the Arhat who only had a slither of health left.

Jiang Feng then looked at the other two. He discovered that Yan Chixia had already killed his Arhat. Violetglow and Xiao Longnu were almost done too.

Seeing that, he put away all his followers and disengaged from the battle.


At this time, he discovered a semi-transparent monkey, and he looked at it with excitement as he ran over.

When the little monkey saw that Jiang Feng was running over, he jumped into a nearby hole.

Jiang Feng summoned the Monster Cloud and pursued him.

The hole was very deep, it ran for almost a thousand meters.

As he pursued him, he finally reached the inner chamber of the Five Fingers Mountain and saw Sun Wukongs body. The little semi-transparent monkey stood next to Sun Wukongs body.

Sun Wukongs body was covered by Infernal Miasma. His eyes were closed as if he was asleep.

While he was already dead, his body was still emitting a powerful aura. The aura was so powerful that it sent chills down his spine.

The most powerful being could still be sensed after his death!

Even if you could kill him, his spirit would not die even in death.

Jiang Feng jumped down from the Monster Cloud and came before the semi-transparent monkey and called out excitedly, "Great Saint!"

Sun Wukongs Soul: Weakened Soul

Stats: None

"Haha! Looks like we, Shifters, arent destroyed yet. Not bad, little shifter," Sun Wukongs soul laughed when he saw Jiang Feng.

Hearing Sun Wukongs laughter, he was reminded of how he laughed loudly with the Jingu Staff in the original myth where he dared to challenge an entire heavens worth of deities and buddhas.

But for some reason, he felt sad.

"Im not worthy of such praise. Thats right, Great Saint! Can your soul enter your body? I can save you!" Jiang Feng said to Sun Wukong.

Sun Wukong shook his head. "I cant. My body has been wholly Infernalized. Even if it was cleansed using the Essence of the Sun and Moon for ten thousand years, it would still be useless."

Jiang Feng then said, "Its going to be alright. Uncle Hua is experimenting on creating a pill to fully remove the Infernal Pill. It can definitely revive you!"

Sun Wukong merely shook his head and said, "Even Shennong hasnt found a way to create one, do you think your Uncle Hua would be able to create it?"

Jiang Feng fell silent.

Shennong Cauldron, one of the ten primordial artifacts, was Shennongs treasure. If Sun Wukong said that even Shennong could not create a pill to destroy the Infernal Miasma, then Uncle Hua would not be able to succeed no matter how hard he tried. Since compared to Shennong, Uncle Hua was not even at the same level.

But thats not right," Jiang Feng thought to himself. This plot quest is called "Uproar in Heaven." If Sun Wukong cant be revived, how could he cause an Uproar in Heaven?

"Great Saint, there should be other ways to revive you, right?" Jiang Feng asked.

"There is, but the one that needs a revival isnt me, its you!"

"What do you mean?"

"No matter which races most powerful being is killed, a new being with that power would appear. That is the law of this world. While Im called the Stone Monkey, not belonging to the three realms nor in the five elements, but that only meant that my soul could remain forever. Yet, my soul remains powerless. But you, youre different! Youre the Inheritor of the Shifters and bears the duty to restore the Shifters to its former glory! Both of us cant exist at the same time. You have the potential to grow stronger than I ever could. Thats why you will live, and I will die. You are me, and I am you!"

"But what about Violetglow?!"

"Shes going to encounter a great calamity soon. It will appear after I die. Save her and take care of her on my behalf!"

"What do you mean?"

"Fuse with my body and youll know!"


"Stop hesitating! Tathagatas on his way here! Quick!"


Jiang Feng walked toward Sun Wukongs body and knelt before him. He then kowtowed to his body three times.

While this was just a game, the NPCs had the same intelligence as real people. Sun Wukong sacrificed himself to grant him power, kneeling and kowtowing was his way of thanking him, respecting him, and worshipping him.

After he knelt down, Jiang Feng used Transmute Monster. A giant cauldron fell from the sky and covered him with Sun Wukongs body together.

"Little Shifter, after fusing my body, you will be able to master all the bloodlines within my body. Your bloodline will reach a very high level, and you can even shapeshift into thousands of forms. But dont forget your duty. Restore the Shifters! After I die, I will reincarnate. When you have restored the glory to the Shifters, I will return and we will meet again!"

When Sun Wukongs soul had finished saying that, he melded into his own body.


When Sun Wukong entered the cauldron, a great beam of light shot out from the cauldron before the Transmute Monster had even been completed. The Monster Cloud and Jingu Staff followed the light and burst out.

The light turned into a humanoid form once it was right on top of the Five Fingers Mountain.

It was wearing a golden mail, wearing a golden crown, stepping on a cloud, holding the Jingu Staff, and had a pair of burning eyes that could see through Heaven and Earth.

He waved the Jingu Staff in his hand, and a majestic yet easy-going laughter rang throughout the Huaxia Server.

"Hahaha I am Sun Wukong, and here I come!"

That humanoid was indeed the Great Saint who Equates the Heavens, but it was just a phantasm of him.

When his phantom appeared, he waved his Jingu Staff. Beams of golden light shot out from the Jingu staff and headed to all directions.

The Arhats who were fighting Yan Chixia, Xiao Longnu, and Violetdawn were struck by the golden light and were instantly shattered into dust.

As soon as the dense Infernal Miasma was struck, light returned to the Five Fingers Mountain. Some of the locations that had been corrupted by the Infernal Miasma had been returned to light.


Violetglow started tearing up as she looked at Sun Wukongs phantom.

Sun Wukong looked at Violetglow, and gave her a naughty grin. "If one day, you see an idiot monkey looking at the sunset, dont disturb him. Just sit quietly by his side!"


As soon as Sun Wukong finished what he was saying, Violetglow could not stop her tears any longer and started weeping with her hands over her mouth.

"Hahaha! And here I go!"

In the next moment, Sun Wukongs phantasm returned into a white light and melded into the Cauldron deep within the Five Fingers Mountain.