Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 222

Chapter 222 The Shifter Emperor Bloodline

The Great Saint had only appeared in an instant.

The entire Huaxia Server, regardless of players or NPCs, felt their body tremble.

Just like the moment when the Fire Qilin had died, all the monsters knelt down in worship and grieved.

That was the highest respect they could give to a Sacred Beast!

When many of the players that were farming monsters saw what happened, they were once again shocked and topics were created on the monsters worshipping.

"Damn, that two laughter was from Sun Wukong, wasnt it? But why does it sound so sad?"

"The game built its world on myths and legends, so it wouldnt be weird if Sun Wukong really did exist. But if Sun Wukong really did appear, then the Inheritor of the Shifters would be at a massive advantage."

"Hehe, Sun Wukong is also a Shifter. If he doesnt count as an NPC, does that mean we can capture him? It already sounds OP as hell if we can capture Sun Wukong."

"You must be an idiot. Why dont you capture the Inheritor of the Shifters? That would make you even more OP!"


Five Fingers Mountain, when Sun Wukongs phantom melded into the cauldron, a systems voice entered Jiang Fengs ears.

Ding. System Prompt: Monster Transmutation successful. Congratulations on gaining the Shifter Emperor Bloodline.

The cauldron disappeared, and Jiang Fengs figure appeared.

His looks had changed, and he looked exactly like Sun Wukong.

"Rest in peace," Jiang Feng said calmly as he looked at the empty cave. Sun Wukongs figure could no longer be seen.

Next, he looked at his own stats after fusing with Sun Wukong.

Character: Jiang Feng

Class: Shifter Emperor

Faction: Shifter

Gold Pieces: 2,633 Gold 29 Silver 56 Bronze

Reputation: 52,500

Honor: 2,838,290

Display Name: Level 48 Rank 1 Shifter Emperor

Bloodline: Rank 1 Shifter Emperor Bloodline

HP: 753,000

Attack: 259,323

Defense: 71,220

Luck: 100 +50 (Golden Headband) +50 (Ruler of Hakai)

Charisma: 100 +50

Insight: 100 +50

New Skills: 72 Changes, Summersault Cloud


After fusing with Sun Wukong, his stats had all greatly increased.

HP had increased by 200,000, attacks increased by 100,000, Defense had increased by 20,000. He even had two new skills, 72 Changes and Somersault Cloud.

While his stats had increased greatly, Jiang Feng was not happy with it.

It should not be possible for his stats to increase so little after he had completely fused with something like a Sacred Beast.

"Can it be because the Shifter Emperor Bloodline was only Rank 1?" He muttered to himself and looked at the Shifter Emperor Bloodline.

Shifter Emperor Bloodline: The basic bloodline in order to become a Shifter Emperor. It can consume all bloodlines. Each time the bloodline increases by 1 rank, all stats would be greatly increased.

"I see, only after fusing with Sun Wukong would I become a true Shifter Emperor. Of course, Im just a rank 1 Shifter Emperor, its still going to be a lot of work before I become a real Shifter Emperor." He understood what it meant as soon as he looked at the bloodline.

At this point, he had only received the right to become a Shifter Emperor. If he were to become the true Shifter Emperor, he would need to increase the rank of the Shifter Emperor Bloodline.

With that thought in mind, he took out one drop of Divine Dragon Blood and consumed it wanting to see how much it could increase the Shifter Emperor Bloodlines purity.

Ding. System Prompt: Shifter Emperor Bloodlines purity has increased by 5%.

Oh damn, one drop of Divine Dragon Blood could only increase the bloodlines purity by 5%. I guess Ill get less use out of the Divine Dragon Blood as I progress through the game. It looks like it wont be easy to increase the Shifter Emperors Bloodline."

Jiang Feng mumbled to himself again, "Oh great. While my powers have increased, my loss is even greater. Not only would evolving take much more effort, but I also cant get more lottery chances. I cant use it as freely as I did before. Luckily, I have saved 8 of my lottery chances when I was evolving the dragon bloodline, if not I would lose even more."

All of his bloodlines had been fused into the Shifter Emperor Bloodline.

That meant that he could evolve less than before, and he would have fewer chances of using the lottery.

"Fine. Regardless of what has happened, my power has increased and I have solved my problem with the bloodline. Its fine if I evolve less. With my current power, I dont need the items anymore."

He shook his head. Luckily, he was feeling alright at the moment. He then looked at the two skills that he had gained.

72 Changes: Sacred-level Skill, Can change into the form of another race that you have the bloodline of. No duration restriction. No cooldown.

"This is a great skill, let me try!"

With but a mental command, he became a wild dog. With another mental command, he became a red dragon.

What made him surprised was that once he became that monster, he would also possess the racial skill of that monster. It was indeed an OP skill.

Of course, he would first need to acquire and obtain the bloodline of that monster to change into that monster. Otherwise, he could not change into it.

Summersault Cloud: Divine-level Skill

When riding the Monster Cloud, movement speed out of combat is increased by 500%. Movement speed when in combat is increased by 100%. No duration restriction. No cooldown.

"Not a bad skill. Regardless of whether Im using it for travel or for combat, it would have some use." He nodded as he looked at the skill.

Ding. System Prompt: Congratulations on completing the quest "Kill the Four Great Arhats." You have received 30 drops of Divine Dragon Blood, a High-level Enhancing Pill, 1,000 Reputation Points, and 50,000,000 experience points.

Ding. System Prompt: Congratulations on reaching level 60. You have gained 10 free attribute points.

10 free attribute points!

After finishing the first round of quest for Uproar in Heaven, his experience points had allowed him to increase from level 59 to level 60. But what he did not expect was that after having the Shifter Emperor bloodline, he could receive 10 free attribute points after increasing his level by 1.

While at the current stage, all of his three stats were full and the Free Attribute Points were useless, but he knew that it was not a bad thing if he had more of them. There must be a use for them later on.

High-level Enhancing Pill: Can be used to upgrade the quality of a piece of equipment that is under Immortal Artifact rank.

"Its much better than the mid-level Enhancing Pill that Ive obtained before this. I can use it to increase the stats of the Jingu staff again!" As he looked at the High-Level Enhancing Pill, he took out his Jingu Staff and used the pill on the staff.

In the next moment, the "High-level Enhancing Pill" turned into a violet light and entered into the Jingu staff.


Next, golden runes appeared on the Jingu Staff. There were two thousand of them.

Ding. System Prompt: Congratulations, the Ruyi Jingu Staff had been upgraded into a Spiritual Artifact.

Ruyi Jingu Staff: Spiritual Artifact (Weakened)

Strength +2,000

Attack +20,000

+30% Attack speed

20% chance of Critical hit

20% chance of causing Daze

20% chance of causing Severe Injury

Passive Skill: Block: 20% chances of blocking any attacks.

Active Skill: Ruyi: Can change to any shape at will.

Sweep the Army: Once the Jingu Staff has been enlarged, it can be used to attack enemies within 100 meters, dealing 100% of base damage. Cooldown of 5 minutes.


The Ruyi Jingu staff had become much stronger once more. He equipped the Jingu Staff and saw that his attack had increased greatly again.

"Whew~ I didnt expect that that plot twist would be becoming the Shifter Emperor. I wonder whats the next quest?" Jiang Feng heaved a sigh of relief as he put away the Jingu Staff.


At this time, Violetglow descended from above with Yan Chixia and Xiao Longnu following her.