Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 223

Chapter 223 Saving Fairy Violetglow

Within the Five Fingers Mountain.

Sun Wukongs body was supposed to be sealed within.

After the Four Great Arhats were slain, Violetglow jumped into the hole from above.

Her eyes were still filled with tears.


When she saw Jiang Feng, who looked exactly like Sun Wukong, she hugged him.

"Wukong, finally, youre alright! I have so many things I wanted to tell you all these years"

"Im sorry, but Im not Sun Wukong."

Jiang Feng, who was hugged by Violetglow, did not want to lie to her. He transformed into his original form, a man with silver hair and red eyes.

When Violetglow looked at him, she took a few steps back before forcing a smile. "No, Wukong. Youre joking with me, arent you? I know that youre the naughty one, so stop joking around, alright?"

Jiang Feng told her calmly, "Im not Sun Wukong, and he could not be revived. However, hes not dead but only reincarnated. Perhaps a rock somewhere is Sun Wukong, Im sorry" Jiang Feng gave her a bow.


Violetglow, who had almost been driven mad by her own love, could not accept what had happened. She pulled out her violet sword and pointed it at Jiang Feng and said angrily, "No Impossible, Sun Wukong didnt die! Hes the Great Saint who Equates Heaven! If the Heavens couldnt kill him, he cant die! Tell me, where did you hide him, if you dont tell me, Ill kill you!"

"If killing me will make you feel better, then do it!" Jiang Feng closed his eyes.

Violetglow looked at Jiang Feng with tears in her eyes, hesitating.

Crack! Boom!

At this time, a sonic boom could be heard from the sky following the cackling of lightning.

Once he heard that sound, Jiang Feng remembered something and quickly put away Yan Chixia and Xiao Longnu.

He was going to take Violetglow along as well, but she did not agree to it.

There was nothing else he could do but to fly upward toward the top of the Five Fingers Mountain with Violetglow closely behind him.


The top of the Five Fingers Mountain. A huge cloud had appeared, and on the cloud was an army.

The one leading them was the Four Heavenly Kings of the Celestial Court.

Jiang Feng was shocked when he came out.

He did not expect the deities of the Celestial Court to be the ones who have arrived instead of Tathagata.


He did not expect to see someone that he knew in front of the Celestial Soldiers and Celestial Generals at this time. It was the Divines Inheritor, Qiu Si.

Qiu Si was slightly shocked when he saw Jiang Feng as well. He did not expect that what happened in the Five Fingers Mountain was caused by Jiang Feng.

"Shifter! You dare to release the Monkey Shifter without Heavens authorization? Your punishment for your crime is death!" Said the Heavenly King Guangmu as he held a red dragon in his hand. He then turned to Violetglow, "Fairy Violetglow. As a deity of the Celestial Court, you did not serve the Celestial Court and even conspired with the Monkey Shifter! The punishment for your crime is death! You will be imprisoned and be tormented for your crimes, and then summarily executed at the end of the year!"

With an order from the Heavenly King Guangmu, thousands of soldiers and cavalries began to move toward Jiang Feng and Violetglow.

"Violetglow, come with me!"

When Jiang Feng saw what was happening, he took out the Qiankun Gourd and said to her urgently.

Violetglow glanced at Jiang Feng. Just as she was hesitating, the Heavenly King Duowen appeared behind her with the Chaos Umbrella. He opened the Chaos Umbrella, and Violetglow was immediately sucked into it. She did not even have the time to react.

"Damn it! Hes too fast!"

When Jiang Feng saw that, he was filled with terror and quickly took out the Teleportation Cauldron, he was going to leave.

After he took out the Teleportation Cauldron, Heavenly King Zengzhang appeared with his Sky Sword and stabbed him with it.

Ding. System Prompt: Sacrificial Doll Use -1.

"Roar~ Dragon Howl!"

He let out a dragon howl and stunned the Heavenly King Zengzhang for a split second. He then used this chance to jump into the Teleportation Cauldron.


In the next moment, the Teleportation Cauldron was activated and had disappeared before the eyes of the Celestial Soldiers and the Celestial Generals.

"No matter how powerful you are, you cant beat the deities and the buddhas!"

Qiu Si said calmly before the Celestial Soldiers and Celestial Generals as he looked at Jiang Fengs disappearing figure.


An icy mountain near Piaoxue City.

The Teleportation Cauldron appeared and Jiang Feng crawled out from within.

Ding. System Prompt: Will you accept the second quest of the Uproar in Heaven, "Saving Fairy Violetglow" with a duration of 3 years?


He knew now why Violetglow did not follow him. Because all of this was plotted, and he could not change it no matter what.

"Looks like this quest wouldnt be easy. In order to save Fairy Violetglow, I need to be at least level 100 and to have the power equal to a Greater Divine Beast. By my estimation, the reincarnated Sun Wukong should have a part to play in the Uproar in Heaven. Of course, Im just guessing!" Jiang Feng looked at the snowy sky and mumbled to himself.


Just as he was about to use the Town Portal Scroll to return to the Ancient City of the Shifter Empire, he could hear the sounds of battle close by.

Driven by curiosity, he used his ID card to change his stats and transformed into a Snow Hawk and headed toward where the battle was.

Very quickly, he had arrived at where the sounds came from.

He saw that a handsome man was smiling as he stood at the edge of a cliff even when he was surrounded by hundreds of players.

The man was called Ye Wufeng, and he held a silver spear next to him. He said to the middle-aged man that was leading the hundred cheerfully, "Lengkuang, its not easy for you to have gone this far. You sure you want to be my enemy?"

The middle-aged man, Lengkuang answered, "You killed me so many times when were both from the same Starter Village! As long as you give me the Bronze Cloth, I will consider our debts settled!"

Ye Wufeng smiled and said, "Do you know how much pain I went through to get this Bronze Cloth? Give it to you? No way!"

"If thats the case, kill him! Make him drop the Bronze cloth!" Leng Kuang said.


Hundreds of players all headed toward Ye Wufeng.


The spear in Ye Wufengs hand hummed as he swung it. He put force into both his feet in the snow, and his body quickly jumped forward.

He was like a silver dragon flashing through the players. He was extremely fast, moving like a ghost. Wherever he pointed his spear, blood would spill.

"Bronze Cloth!"

Ye Wufeng yelled out coldly and a bronze box flew out from his backpack. It transformed into a bronze armor and appeared on his body.

With the Bronze Cloth on him, not only did he not slow down, he became even faster causing his attacks to grow by one fold.

All the players that were attacked would lose almost half of their HP. He was extremely powerful.


"Hm? Bronze Cloth? Ye Wufeng? The names so familiar. He could get a Bronze Cloth at level 43, he must be pretty good," Jiang Feng muttered to himself as he was slightly surprised at hearing the Bronze Cloth. The name was also quite familiar to him, but he could not remember where he heard about it.

But it did not matter if he knew him or not because he did not expect that Ye Wufeng, as a normal player, would be able to gain a Bronze Cloth.

It was all thanks to Xiao Longnu and his followers that he was able to obtain the Gold Cloth. If it were not because of them, he would not have been able to get the Gold Cloth so easily.

"Hes very perceptive! His ability to position himself and predicting attacks is the best Ive seen so far. I wonder if he has joined any guild? I wonder if I could ask him to join the Shifters faction?"

He was quite interested when he saw Ye Wufeng, and wanted to entice him to join the Shifters.