Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 224

Chapter 224 Something Happened To The Humans

Jiang Feng transformed into a Snow Hawk. He flapped his white wings and landed on a giant tree and looked at Ye Wufeng fighting down below.

Ye Wufengs stats were very high after he equipped the Bronze Cloth.

His HP had reached 130,000, attack had reached 80,000 and his defense had reached 30,000. Among the level 43 players, he could already be considered the top of the top.

His stats were even comparable to normal players at level 60 that had class-changed twice. His stats were almost 20 levels higher than normal players.

This made him baffled.

Impossible, how could his basic stats be so much higher than normal players? Could it be that he has obtained something that would grant him free attribute points?

But when he looked at his superior prediction and positioning, he suddenly remembered something, and he narrowed his eyes. This guy said that he went through a lot of pain to get the Bronze Cloth, does that mean"

He thought of one terrifying possibility. He had thought about it back when he was at the Gold Cloth palace.

It was a very painful way, and normal people would not be able to handle it. If it was as Ye Wufeng had said, and he had trained in the Bronze Palace for almost two months, then his willpower alone would be extremely impressive.

Its best to have these kinds of people in my own faction. If he joins an enemy faction, then it would be very difficult, Jiang Feng thought to himself as he looked at Ye Wufeng.

While these kinds of people may look normal, but they had the iron will to never stop until they achieve their goals. They were very suitable to become assassins. If they were enemies, he would have to be worried every single second if he would be attacked.

But what he could not understand was that Ye Wufengs weapon was a silver spear. It was not a dagger or a handgun that would allow for high burst damage.


Then, a shocking scene appeared.

Three assassins ambushed Ye Wufeng and were already close to him. If he was closed in on by the enemies, the use of his spear would be severely weakened.

At this time, his spear transformed into a short blade. He spun it a few times using his hand then sliced at the throat of the three assassins, and killed the three of them at the same time. The short blade was extremely flexible in his hand.

"This guy really is terrifying. Hes a warrior. A warrior can use any weapon regardless of whether its long-ranged or short-ranged. He has been mastering all the weapons a warrior can wield so that he can attack others by surprise!"

A warrior could use weapons such as axes, short swords, long swords, long spears, shields, short blades, and other weapons. It was a class that would allow a player to develop masteries in all of them. That meant that a warrior could use these weapons and switch between them at will.

But in order to become a master of two types of weapons and use them as dexterously, there was most probably no one else like this in the game.


Lengkuang let out a final cry as he was killed by Ye Wufeng.

A hundred over level 60 players had been decimated by a level 43 player with a normal class. If this were to become news, Ye Wufeng would instantly become popular.

It could also be seen that the game rewards the players for being diligent.

Other than his unbreakable will, Ye Wufeng had also trained very hard, and harder than others by a long mile.

Just as Ye Wufeng was going to pick up the drops and leave, Jiang Feng transformed back into his silver-hair red-eyes form. He landed in front of Ye Wufeng, and kept on clapping his hands. "Wonderful! Wonderful!"

"Oh? Didnt expect to meet with the Shifters Inheritor. Nice to meet you," Despite being bloodied, Ye Wufeng still seemed to be someone that was quite friendly and easy-going, and was not arrogant at all.

But Jiang Feng knew under his happy-go-lucky personality there hid a pair of sharp fangs. As soon as anyone turned on him, he would bite without hesitation.

"This is the first time Ive seen someone dodging crowd control skills. Wanna be friends?" Jiang Feng smiled.

Ye Wufengs prediction was superb. Almost a dozen players crowd control skills could not even touch him.

"Even if you dont look for me, I would look for you too. Didnt realize that we would meet here, what a coincidence!"

Ye Wufeng extended his hand pleasantly.

Jiang Feng shook his hand and said, "Looks like youre a smart guy."

Ye Wufeng shrugged and said, "What can I do? Both the Divines and Infernals didnt want me, so I can only join you."

"So joining the Shifters is just your backup plan?"

"Haha, I kid, I kid. I like freedom and dont want to get tied down. The Divines and the Infernals both cant give me what I want, so I am looking for the Shifters! Only an idiot would refuse since there are freedom and money to be made."

"This is the Shifter Spirit Stone, welcome aboard!"

"Sure! I will continue to play as normal and you can pay me a salary as normal. If theres anything, let me know. If its within my ability, Ill settle it for you! If I cant, you dont have to pay me anything!"

"Nothing wrong with that!"


After chatting with Ye Wufeng, he felt as if he and Ye Wufeng had known each other for a very long time. It was a very comfortable experience and they could talk with each other without any awkwardness.

Next, Ye Wufeng used the Shifter Spirit Stone.

The monster appearance that he had chosen was a Snow Wolf. He had grown a pair of fluffy white ears and a clean wolf tail. Combined with his handsome face, he was so cute that he did not look like an assassin.

Of course, he could hide the appearance. He was not that happy with it so he hid his ears and tail.

"I keep hearing that the Ancient City floats in the sky. I havent been there yet, so Ill go take a look!"

Ye Wufeng smiled at Jiang Feng, then used the Town Portal skill to return to the Ancient City.

Seeing that Ye Wufeng had left, Jiang Feng smiled.

When he thought back to what Ye Wufeng had said, he must have some grudges against the Divines and Infernals. Otherwise, he would not join the Ancient City without any sort of hesitation. Perhaps he had gone through something where he was controlled by the Divines and the Infernals and he hated them, that was why he chose to join the Shifters.

However, from the conversation, he knew that he needed money. A lot of money. If not, he would not keep on hinting about a salary.

"If he could bring benefits to the Shifters, any problems that can be solved by money is no problem at all!" Jiang Feng mumbled to himself and used the Town Portal skill to return to the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor.

Beep! Beep!

As soon as he had returned to the Ancient City, his friend panel started to blink. It was Ling Feiyu.

Ling Feiyu: "Where are you?"

Jiang Feng: "I just came back to the Ancient City. What happened?"

"Something happened to the Humans!"

"What happened to them?"

"Come over to where they live and look for yourself. Its a bit strange and Im not sure how to describe it."

The Humans had only moved to the Ancient City for less than one day. Before he left, they had just started with their new lives. What could happen?