Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 225

Chapter 225 The Black And White Impermanence

The Living Quarters of the Humans, Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor.

Jiang Feng rode the Monster Cloud and flew over. Before he even landed in the residence, he already saw five bodies lying in the courtyard. All others were simply shaking their heads. Some of them were even crying.

He landed next to Ling Feiyu, Mu Xi and Xiao Yatou then asked, "What happened? Tell me."

Ling Feiyu then pulled Lin Xi, the elected chief of the Humans, over and said, "Chief, tell him."

Lin Xi then looked at Jiang Feng and said, "My Lord, last night I saw someone terrifying wearing black and white coming over. Once they have left, five of us were dead."

One black and one white?

The Black and White Impermanence!

Jiang Feng knew what had happened.

"It seems like the Humans within the game also have a limit as to how long they are able to live. But all five that passed away were not old and that they were still alive when it happened. Why would the Black and White Impermanence come for their souls?" Jiang Feng mumbled to himself as he was trying to figure it out.

In truth, he really did not have any idea. He did not know where the games Court of Hell was. He also had nothing that could extend the lives of the Humans.

Ling Feiyu saw his expression and said, "Is it the Black and White Impermanence?"

"Im not sure, I will guard here tonight," Jiang Feng said to Lin Xi, "Lin Xi, lead your tribesmen away and find a place to place these five. I will settle this."

Lin Xi was overjoyed. "Thank you, My Lord."

Ding. System Prompt: You have accepted the "Save the Deceased Humans" quest.

"Its a quest. Looks like I have to do it," Jiang Feng mumbled to himself.

He did not leave and was going to stay with the Humans and wait until it was dark.

"Come over here," Ling Feiyu said to Jiang Feng, seeing that he was free at the moment.

Jiang Feng looked at Ling Feiyu curiously and followed her to another courtyard.

Ling Feiyu sat next to Jiang Feng and said calmly, "The Ancient City has leveled up to level 2. We no longer have enough capital to upgrade the buildings within the city. There are two more months before the World War. Once the World War ends, we will have to go to Silvermoon. If we are going to bring the Ancient City over, it needs to be leveled up to level 3 before we can do that."

"The official website has already posted some information about Silvermoon. It said that the city would need to build up its fortress or it would be very difficult to defend against the monsters over there. Thats going to need more capitals."

Jiang Feng understood what Ling Feiyu wanted to say. The Ancient City had spent much of the citys capital in order to level up to level 2 and they were running out of funds.

At this stage, some of the Humans were helping the Ancient City to work on the city quests. While they did not have enough capital, experience points wise they had enough. If they wanted to level up to level 3, they needed a lot of money.

If they want to move the Ancient City to Silvermoon, they would need even more money.

Once they had moved over, they would also need more money to build a fortress on Yaodi Island. Otherwise, they would not be able to survive on Silvermoon.

Then, they would need to invest an unlimited amount of capital.

Jiang Feng massaged his head, "Oh gods, this game is so good at getting our money. If we do invest the money in, I wonder how much money we need to pay them."

Ling Feiyu then smiled. "Dont worry. Every countrys game company has already clarified that once a city is built, they can be sold. At that time, the game company would pay you 120% of what you spent on building the city, so theres no need to be worried that the money you invested couldnt be earned back. If you no longer want to play this game, you could sell the city directly. In that case, you can quickly recoup all the money you spent."

"That is why at this stage there are a lot of people building up guilds and cities again. Since a built city wouldnt incur any losses and is an investment."

When Jiang Feng heard Ling Feiyu said that, he also checked it on the official website.

There was indeed a new official announcement. What it wanted to say was that the game company would buy the city by looking at the citys capital, the buildings levels, and appraising all other equipment. They would price it accordingly and then add on another 20% to its appraised price.

As for why this official announcement was made, his guess was that the game company wanted to encourage everyone to build cities and invest, building an economy within the game so there was no fear that the money that they invested into the game would be a waste.

"Thats great! If thats the case, there would be a lot of money flowing into the game, and the economy within the game could expand faster," Jiang Feng said.

"It is quite good, but most importantly we dont have money to level up the city. The other cities have been trying to attract investors, should we do the same?" Ling Feiyu asked.

After giving it some thought, he shook his head and said, "No. If we use the investors, when we sell the city most of the money would need to be given to the investors and we wouldnt get much out of it. Dont worry, Ill settle our money problem."

Ling Feiyu nodded with a smile. "It isnt really that problematic in the first place. If you dont have any money, let me know. I do."

Jiang Feng stared at the beautiful Ling Feiyu, then joked with her, "My, I didnt realize that the beauty next to me is a rich woman. Be my sugar mommy!"

Because of their memories of having their first lives together, Ling Feiyu was also much more open with Jiang Feng and said, "Alright, I can be your sugar mommy. Especially since you have a city thats worth at least 70,000,000."

"Then no! I have to give you my body and my city? This is not a good trade," Jiang Feng smiled after an initial stutter, then he stood up with a smile. "The Humans have a lot of potentials and have great creativity and insight. I should see if I can teach them some Craft-Profession skills. If thats the case, we could earn a lot!"


When Jiang Feng left, Ling Feiyu pouted as she stomped on the ground. "How dense could he be? Dont tell me he wants a girl to confess? Sigh I wonder, how can I unlock our memories in the second life. I feel that something must have happened between us during our second life. If I could unlock that second life, maybe he would begin to understand."

What Ling Feiyu did not know was that it was not because Jiang Feng did not understand, it was because he kept on thinking about his quests and building up the Ancient City, and he did not think of it that way.


Jiang Feng then returned to the Humans. In order to dig up their potentials, he asked Lin Xi to choose some people and taught them how to make pills and forge equipment.

NPCs could learn these Craft-Profession Skills. However, he could not directly teach them. He could only teach the skills to others once his skills had reached Divine Level.

"Look closely. When you want to make pills, it would be easier if you have the formula. Understand the traits of each herb, then add it in sequence into the alchemical furnace. Control the heat so that the herbs would turn into liquid. Then, just wait for them to congeal."

Jiang Feng had bought some alchemical furnaces that were forged by players and were placed in the Trading Hall. He placed them within the courtyard and taught them how to make pills.

Since he had nothing much to do, he could use this time to create pills and forge equipment to wait for time to pass and wait for the Black and White Impermanence to arrive.