Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 227

Chapter 227 Three Promises

A guest room within a restaurant in the Ancient City.

Jiang Feng had changed his setting and walked through the walls.

A mist filled the room with sounds of splashing water.

Someone was mumbling in the mist.

"Those Yama Kings from the Courts of Hell were real bastards, they would not even give me a position as a Yama King. No matter what they say, I am still the Inheritor of the Spirits!"

"As long as I get another large batch of Human souls, the Totem of Spirits would become even stronger! Let me see what they would say then!"


Listening to Xiao Lans complaints from the mists, the edge of Jiang Fengs lips began to twitch.

Hoho, this woman is quite good. She even petitioned to be a Yama King. If she did become a Yama King, wouldnt she become even stronger? Jiang Feng thought to himself as he remained hidden.

At this time, Xiao Lan came out from the wooden tub and dried herself with a towel. Jiang Feng gulped as he saw her perfect body as she was about to put on her outer robe.

At this time, Xiao Lan felt that someone was watching her and yelled out coldly, "Who is it!"

Knowing that he had been discovered, Jiang Feng did not waste his breath and took out the Shifter Emperors flag then used binding on her.

He then appeared before her.

Xiao Lan could only glare at him angrily and screamed out, "You gangster, let go of me!"

Jiang Feng looked at her stats and was shocked beyond belief. She was much stronger than he was!

Xiao Lan: Level 70 Spirit

HP: 1,800,000

Attack: 450,000-500,000

Defense: 150,000

"Lets see, since you called me a gangster, Im going to do what a gangster does" Jiang Feng gave her a naughty smile as he approached her.

"Wait what are you doing? Go away!" Xiao Lan screeched at him.

And Jiang Feng hugged her for 4 minutes amidst Xiao Lans screeches and screams as he laughed and teased her like a maniac.

"The Art of Yin Yang Union of Joy! Steal!"

Ding. System prompt: You only stole 5% of your targets stats due to insufficient contact and time.

"Damn! It has a contact and a time requirement?" Jiang Feng thought to himself as he let her go. While he only took 5% of her stats, it was already fairly good seeing that he had spent only 4 minutes hugging her.

He stole 5% of her stats, that would be 90,000 HP, 25,000 attack, and 7,500 defense.

At this point, his stats were:

HP: 693,000

Attack: 194,323

Defense: 63,720

While the increment was not much, it was still more than what he got from evolving once.

Jiang Feng shook his head and sighed, "I havent hugged you enough yet!"

"Im going to kill you!"

Xiao Lan, who was no longer being bound, put on her full outfit and a black iron chain appeared in her hand. Shen then whipped it at Jiang Feng.

Jiang Feng saw Xiao Lans attack, but he did not dodge it at all.

When Xiao Lans attack was almost going to strike him, it was deflected by a light screen.

Jiang Feng then smiled at Xiao Lan, "Honey, you have to understand something. This is my city, and Ive disabled friendly fire. While you are very strong, but you cant kill me here."

"Ahhh Im so mad! So mad!" Xiao Lan stomped her feet after she heard what Jiang Feng said with her face all red, then she stared at Jiang Feng. "You scoundrel! Just you wait, I will kill you one of these days!"

"Wait!" When Jiang Feng saw that Xiao Lan was going to leave, he quickly called after her.

"What?!" Xiao Lan looked at Jiang Feng and yelled out.

"Look, why dont we take a step forward, seeing that we already had our first times" Jiang Feng said playfully.

"Oh, to hell with you!" Xiao Lan shouted with her face bright red, and was prepared to leave.

"Sky-Stealing Hand!"

Seeing that Xiao Lan was really going to leave, Jiang Feng quickly took out the Ruler of Hakai and gave Xiao Lans buttock a little pat.

Ding. System Prompt: Stealing successful. You have received a Soul Binding Bag.

The moment that he successfully stole the bag, Xiao Lans body disappeared. His guess was that she did not even realize that the Soul Binding Bag was no longer there.

Looking at the empty room, Jiang Feng looked at the Soul Binding Bag in his hand with a wry smile.

Soul Binding Bag: Divine-Level Item

Soul Bind: Could absorb the soul from a corpse. No duration limit. No cooldown.

Soul Storage: Contain storage for souls. Can store up to 1,000,000 souls.

Prerequisite: Inheritor of the Spirits

"Hm? This is all it can do despite being a Divine Level item? And it can only be used by the Inheritor of the Spirits? What a waste of my time!" Jiang Feng said to himself as he looked at the Soul Binding Bag disappointedly.

Unfortunately, he could not open the Soul Binding Bag and it also meant that he could not kill the Black and White Impermanence.


After Xiao Lan left the restaurant and had reappeared at a corner of the Ancient City, she realized that her soul binding bag had disappeared when she wanted to release the Black and White Impermanence for payback against Jiang Feng.

"Where is my Soul Binding Bag?"

Xiao Lan became anxious when she could not find it. She then remembered something and frowned as she said to herself, "When I left, that scoundrel patted my buttocks I think. Did he steal it then? No, I must get it back!"

With that, she turned into a cloud of black smoke and disappeared again.


Jiang Feng put away the Soul Binding Bag and was just going to leave the room.


At this time, a figure appeared behind him.

Jiang Feng, who heard the sound, turned and saw Xiao Lan looked at him irritably.

"Yo, back so soon? You really want to do it?" Jiang Feng asked.

Xiao Lan extended her hand and said, "Give me back my Soul Binding Bag!"

Jiang Feng played the fool and said, "What Soul Binding Bag? What are you talking about?"

"The Soul Binding Bag is on you! You cant trick me!"

Xiao Lan waved her hand, a bolt of black light and white light flew out from his Spatial Bracelet and landed in front of Xiao Lan.

Huh? She can do that? Jiang Feng did not expect that Xiao Lan could still summon the Black and White Impermanence without the Soul Binding Bag.

However, after giving it some thought, he understood its mechanic. Just like how he could use the Shifter Emperors Flag to summon Ling Feiyu and Mu Xi over, Xiao Lan also had the ability to summon her followers.

"And you still want to lie to me?" Xiao Lan stared at Jiang Feng.

Jiang Feng merely shrugged and said, "Fine, you got me. I do have the Soul Binding Bag, but do you think Ill give it to an enemy?"

"If you return the bag to me, Ill return you the souls that I have taken. How about that?"

"Nope. As long as I have the Soul Binding Bag, their souls are as good as mine. I have no need to give it back to you."

"Then tell me. What do you want me to do so you will give me back my bag?!"


Looking at Xiao Lan being all nervous, Jiang Feng smiled.

His guess was that Xiao Lans followers were all in the Soul Binding Bag. Without her followers, her powers were very limited.

Just like if his Qiankun Gourd was stolen by someone else, he would stand to lose a lot.

"If you want me to give it back to you, its simple really. You only have to make three promises to me!"

"What promises?"

"Firstly, help me during the Great Divine-Infernal War. Secondly, free the souls of the Humans that you took. Thirdly I havent thought of it yet. Ill let you know when I have thought of it?"

"I will promise you the first two. As for the last one, I can promise you as well as long as it doesnt bring me harm and is within my power."

"Dont worry, the third one will definitely be something that you can do and wont hurt you."


"Swear to the Lord God!"


Next, a light fell from the air and entered her body as she swore in the Lord Gods name.

Seeing what had happened, Jiang Feng then returned the Soul Binding bag to Xiao Lan. Since he could not use it even when he had it, with these three promises Xiao Lan would not do anything to him. Instead, she could become his strongest supporter in the future!