Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 229

Chapter 229 Under Mount Fuji

Resources were what was needed the most during a war.

The World War would soon begin. And all the players would not want to take advantage of their own servers, so they were preparing to raid other servers for resources.

The so-called resources were mainly gold pieces, equipment, and materials from killing players as well as weakening them at the same time.

Regardless of Divine Dominion or the old MMORPGs, resource wars were quite common.

Jiang Feng did not bring any of his followers and was going to go to the Japanese server on his own.

He did not manage to make them stop last time by attacking the Japanese Server and they came raiding their server, and he was quite angry about this.

When he got to Dongliao City, he summoned the Monster Cloud and quickly flew toward the countries borders. With the Somersault Cloud skill, his speed was five times faster than in the past.


He flew away like a beam of light.

"Hm? I didnt see anyone from the Japanese Server. It looks like they didnt come over from here."

In a short time, he had arrived at the border. He did not encounter any players from the Japanese Server. Originally, he wanted to kill the first wave of Japanese players before going over to the Japanese server. He was slightly disappointed because of that.

He gave it a thought, then when he remembered that with Xiao Longnu and Yan Chixia present, they could easily defeat those players. "Whatever. Ill leave those people to Xiao Longnu and Yan Chixia."

As he did not have to worry anymore, he took out the Ruler of Hakai and entered the Japanese Server.

Ding. World Announcement: Warning! Warning! Huaxia Servers player "Shifter Emperor" had invaded the Japanese Server. Players that have crossed over between servers can only stay for one week. Players who die within this week can choose to revive on a set waypoint or in their own server. Non-local players can ignore the limits and bans and they are allowed to kill players in cities. They can gain a large amount of honor points in this way. In order to reduce this servers loss, drive them back as soon as possible!


Close to the Southern Sea, Kitazawa Hinata frowned when he heard the world announcement.

He then turned to Kawaguchi Shinki next to him and asked,"Shifter Emperor? Whos this Shifter Emperor? Go and ask from the Huaxia players!"

Kawaguchi Shinki nodded. "Yes!"


American Server, Atlantis City. Johns spoke with the Inheritor of the Vampires, James J. "Did we get any information on Zeus?"

James J shook his head and said, "No, after the last Guild War, he hasnt appeared for almost a month now."

Johns became visibly agitated and said, "Fine, well leave on our own."

The Inheritor of the Undead, Eve, a beautiful woman asked, "Which server should we go to?"

Johns then said, "European Server. We need to balance it out."



Using the Ruler of Hakai, Jiang Feng had arrived at the Japanese Server.

He did not immediately begin the slaughter. Instead, he rode the Monster Cloud and came close to Osaka City. He polymorphed into human form and used his ID Card to change his status and entered the city.

There was something much more efficient in a resource war other than killing players.

That was to open a shop.

Open a shop, then sell the equipment that their players had dropped. Then kill them again! It was such a profitable cycle!

With his ID Card, no one could see through his identity.

He came to the Shop Management Hall and spent 20,000 to rent an equipment shop as well as a cashier.

After renting a shop, he then sold all the equipment that he had ever gotten from the Japanese Server as well as some equipment that he did not have the time to settle and sold it there.

After he had completed setting up the shop, of course, he needed to find something that could be considered as the shops treasure.

"Maybe I could go get a Primordial Divine Artifact or some high-level equipment from the Japanese Sever," Jiang Feng muttered as he left his shop and headed to the city gate.

Next, he realized that a group of players were all headed toward the Teleportation Circle. He was baffled and pulled aside a player. After tuning the language system, he then asked, "Friend, where are you going?"

The player with the samurai class said, "Theres going to be an ore-grabbing event at Mount Fuji, dont tell me you forgot about that?"

Jiang Feng pretended to be happy about that and said, "I see, Ill go too!"

After he entered the Teleportation Circle, he teleported to Tokyo City and then left the city. He found a place with no one and summoned the Monster Cloud and headed to Mount Fuji.

When he was on his way, he opened the World Message Board and started reading, wanting to understand what the event was about.

The so-called ore-grabbing event was only available at the Japanese server. Every Saturday at 12, Mount Fuji would erupt. At that time, many fire-elemental monsters would appear. Those monsters would drop ores of various levels. They also give a lot of experience points and would drop fire elemental equipment. If they were lucky, they could pick up ores without killing the monsters.

Some of the players could pick up ores for a night and sell them for around ten thousand, no wonder they could attract so many players.

He was up in the air and hid his figure. He noticed that there were tens of thousands of players heading toward Mount Fuji.

"These are all money and honor points!"

Jiang Feng could feel himself gulp with excitement as he looked at the players riding their steed toward Mount Fuji.


At this time, he could hear a loud explosion coming from afar. Lava several thousand meters high burst out from the gigantic Mount Fuji.

When the lava fell to the ground, they all transformed into fire-elemental monsters and fought with the other players.

As the lava erupted, the surroundings became extremely bright. The players all formed parties and killed the monsters. Some of the solo players wandered around, picking up ores that were scattered around.

These ores did not require mining or gathering skills to pick up and became many players paths to wealth.

He came close to Mount Fuji, but he did not go down to kill the players. Instead, he took out Divine Fate Compass and prepared for a treasure hunt.

Mount Fuji, the biggest mountain in the Japanese Server as well as having the most beautiful mountain peak. There must be some treasures there.

Shen Luo appeared on the Divine Fate Compass and began searching as she closed her eyes.

In a short while, Shen Luo opened her eyes and pointed at Mount Fuji. "Master, there are two treasures and a piece of Donghuang Bell fragment over there!"

"What?! Two treasures and a Donghuang Bell fragment?!"

Jiang Feng did not expect there to be a Donghuang Bell fragment in Mount Fuji. But what surprised him more was that there were two more treasures within it.

"Give me the coordinates!"

Next, Shen Luo gave the coordinates for the Donghuang Bell fragment and the other two treasures.

He then flew toward Mount Fuji while riding on the Monster Cloud. As for the players outside, he would kill them after he had the treasures later.


Once he was at Mount Fuji, he transformed into the Fire Qilin.

He then dived into the magma and headed deep into Mount Fuji without letting any of the other players notice him.

The temperature in mount Fuji was extremely high. Luckily, the Fire Qilins bloodline and his own fire resistance allowed him to be almost immune to its heat.

In order to prevent himself from being thrown out by the flowing magma, he kept on diving downward after he made the jump.

The magma pool was very deep. Only after diving for a thousand meters did he reach the bed of the magma chamber.

"A cave?"

When he had dived to the bottom, he noticed that there was a cave underneath it. The cave magically blocked out the magma.

He looked at the sets of coordinates that Shen Luo gave him. They were all here at the bottom.

He then used his hide skill and slowly crawled into the cave.

There were no monsters within the magma at all. That meant that there was a very powerful monster in Mount Fuji. It was possible that it was the Japanese Servers Divine Beast or even Sacred Beast.