Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 23

Chapter 23

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After he had logged out of the game, Jiang Feng removed the Divine Dominion earring and sat upon his bed.


Looking at the time,it was almost around 5.


“I’ve managed to earn some money, I should bring my dad to have something good!”


Standing up from his bed, Jiang Feng had left his room and saw his father feeding the chicken and ducks.


“Little Feng, you’re awake?” His father put down the woven basket in his hand that carried the feed and turned to look at Jiang Feng. “The porridge is ready and we can eat now.”


Jiang Feng walked toward him with a smile and said, “Dad, let’s have something else today.”


His father’s eyes lost their glints and sighed. “It was my fault that I can only provide you with such simple fare.”


Once he heard his father’s words, Jiang Feng knew that his father had misunderstood him, and he quickly said, “Dad, what are you talking about? I’ve earned some money, so I want to bring you out to have something good for your body. Let’s go.”


As he was saying it, he was pulling his father toward the outside.


“Little Feng, you have been staying in the whole day. How could you earn any money?” His father looked at him suspiciously.


“I will explain to you slowly on the way.”


Jiang Feng smiled and walked with his father toward a nearby food stall without giving much explanation.


Fatty Wang’s Stall is a small restaurant that is quitepopular within the area. Jiang Feng would only come here once every lunar new year.


Sometimes they would come hereas well, but mainly to collect any leftovers to feed the animals. Of course, most of the time these leftovers would have been grabbed by someone else.


The boss, Fatty Wang, saw the father and son coming over, and smiled. “Little Feng, the leftovers were already taken away by Old Zhou. You should go home.”


Jiang Feng walked over with a smileas well, and said, “Uncle Wang, we’re not here for the leftovers. We’re dining in.”


Fatty Wang scanned Jiang Feng from top to bottom, and jokingly asked, “Yo~ this is rare. Did you get lucky and win a lottery?”


Jiang Feng didn’t mind much as he got used to the jokes and shook his head. He said, “If I won a lottery I would have gone to a five-star restaurant. Why would I even be here? Can you make me a stewed old goose and two of your signature dishes?”


“Ho~ That’s luxurious. Go in and have a seat, I’ll give you a plate of peanuts in a while,” said Fatty Wang with a smile.


“Thank you, Uncle Wang.”


Although Fatty Wang loved to joke around with people, he was a nice person.


Next, Jiang Feng brought his slightly weakened father into the shop and found a place to sit.


Once his father had sat down, his face paled and spoke to Jiang Feng in a low voice. “Little Feng, the dishes that you’ve ordered would almost cost around a hundred. I didn’t bring that much cash.”


Once he heard his father’s words, Jiang Feng felt a wrench in his heart.


His family was very poor, and his father did not carry more than 20 every time he went out. He had been saving money so that he could send him to university.


1He shook his head as he felt he was going to cry and said, “Dad, I have money now. You can eat whatever you want after this, you don’t have to worry about money.”


“Sigh.” His father thought that Jiang Feng was merely trying to ease his worries and make him happy, so he did not say anything else after sighing.



After tens of minutes, all the dishes had been served. He served his father and enjoyed the food.


When he was eating, three young men came in, ordered some dishes, and then sat down on the next table as they were talking.


While he was still eating, he became interested in the topic that the three were discussing.


“Ah~ After saving money for three years, and I’ve been waiting in line for three days to buy the terminal for Divine Dominion. But I never would have thought that not only did I not earn any money, I even paid a few hundred more. Looks like after the guilds have been built, I have to follow behind the guilds to earn some money.”


“You’re right. I’m only at Level 7, and I’m so bad at this. I’m preparing to learn skills from the Profession Classes once I’ve hit Level 10, using mining and harvesting to earn some money. Since you won’t get tired in-game, I think I should be able to earn enough to make a living. If I managed to mine something good, I could make a small fortune.”


“I have been gathering information. There’s only about 3,000 of us in the Slum District that managed to buy a game terminal. And among these, Zheng Tao was the one at the highest level at Level 8. His equipment isn’t bad either and is hoping to build a guild. I heard that he is calling all players from the poverty district to join him, should we go along and work for him? Since he is the richest in the Slum District!”



‘I did not expect that so many from the Slum District managed to buy a terminal, but they are obviously having a hard time. The highest level is 8, and that is my creditor Zheng Tao?’


Jiang Feng lamented to himself as he listened to the three of them talk.


After finishing a bowl of rice, and when he ate his second bowl, their conversation had shifted to him. This made him interested again, and he listened to them.


“I wonder who that Jiang Feng person is? He’s so great that he had two system announcements about him. I heard that many companies are looking for him, and some of them are even prepared to offer him a monthly salary of 50,000 so that he would join him!”


“That’s right, but I think that he has to be a rich expert and doesn’t care about this amount of money. Just the twenty gold pieces awarded by the system alone is worth 2,000 real-world money. To him, isn’t money something that he can easily earn?”


“Yes, a gold piece is already worth as much as a hundred in cash in the black market. But that’s just for this week. I heard that once the second batch of players joins next week, the Banking Exchange Service is going to be opened as well.”




‘Goodness, 50,000 a month! It’s almost the same amount of money as my family’s yearly income!’


‘Who said that I don’t care about that amount of money, I would smack you right here and now!’


Hearing their discussion, Jiang Feng could only smile bitterly in his heart.


“Little Feng, is the Jiang Feng they said you?” His father suddenly asked, but quickly shook his head, “Impossible, I heard about that game. It’s a game that the government has a hand in, and I heard that you can earn money from it. But just the gaming equipment needs around thirty, forty thousand. You couldn’t afford it, it must be someone with the same name and surname as you.”


Just as Jiang Feng was going to admit it, he could only swallow his explanation and said nothing as he heard his father’s words.


After the dinner, Jiang Feng paid the bill using his handphone with his surprised father, then took away all the leftovers.


On his way back, his father had asked about the origin of the money. He used scholarship as an excuse to explain it.


“Once I’ve earned more money, then I’ll explain to Dad,” he said to himself.


Once he saw his dad had returned to his room to read the newspapers, he left home.


He took a ride to the city and took out 2,000 from his bank account. Then he walked to an internet caf.


The game had already been updated, but he still did not know about the new content. He was going to go read up on it.


After he had paid, he switched on a computer and logged in the official page for Divine Dominion.


Just as he was prepared to read through this game’s new content, a familiar figure walked into the internet caf. He felt as if he had seen her before.


The familiar figure belongs to a long-haired beautiful woman and she possessed a tall, perfect figure. She wore a black coat and a skin-tight skirt, with two of her underlings with an advert board.


She entered the internet caf, and the manager was respectful toward her. She found a place to sit down, then nodded at her two underlings.


Next, the two underlings raised the advert board in his hand, and the other one shouted out.


“Friends, we would like to take a minute of your time. Divine Dominion had been opened for the past two days, and all of our friends that played this game know that there are three difficulties within. It is difficult to level up, difficult to earn money, and difficult to get equipment. But if you are willing to join us at Canaan Corporation, these three difficulties will no longer exist, and you will even get a salary every month.”


The other person then continued, “Not only that, but our company also does not limit your freedom in any way. You must have seen the new content for the game. By Level 15, you can create a guild. Because we do not have a base, as long as you check-in and complete the missions being given out, you can then take the salary. If you have completed the missions on a high level, you can even get a bonus. There is no need for you to go to the company, and you can earn from home. If you are interested, please come take a look.”


After the two had finished speaking, many of the players that were currently browsing the web all came forward to check on the details.


‘There is no need to go to the company to earn money?’


‘If I can join a guild and earn money, under the situation that no one knows that I am a monster?’


Jiang Feng became tempted, and walked toward the two men and looked at their advertisement board.