Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 231

Chapter 231 Spiritual Level Shifter Emperor Bloodline?

The higher the Luck, the better the chances of Transmute Monster succeeding.

With the Ruler of Hakai and the Golden Headband, his Luck had reached 200.

It could be said that no ones Luck was higher than his.

With such high Luck, it would be said that his luck was off the charts.

Yamata-no-Orochi had trusted him, and even that could be attributed to his luck.

As for fusing Yamata-no-Orochis Blood of Origin that was not fully completed, his success rate would also be increased.

After spending two hours, he finally managed to fuse with Yamata-no-Orochi.

Ding. System prompt: Monster Transmutation Successful. Congratulations, the Shifter Emperor Bloodline has reached Rank 16 and reached Spiritual Level. Eight elemental resistance +30. Gained eight types of magic.


The moment his fusion was successful, Jiang Feng let out an excited roar.

At this time, he had transformed into Yamata-no-Orochi. All eight of his head howled at the sky to show how excited he was.

After calming himself down, he looked for the three treasures that were in this place where Yamata-no-Orochi was imprisoned. He was in a rush of wanting to see his stats, so he did not look at what the other two were other than the Donghuang Bell fragment and threw them directly into the Qiankun Gourd.

He opened his stats and glanced in excitement and anticipation.

HP: 9,000,000

Attack: 3,000,000 3,500,000

Defense: 1,500,000

"Whoah, so powerful! It was just as I thought! As soon as the Shifter Emperor has reached those bottleneck levels, the stats would increase by manifolds.

Looking at his current stats, he believed that he was ready to fight even gods.


At this time, he sensed that something was coming as he looked into the sky.


Only to see a ball of light that was burning like the sun hurled toward him.


While it seemed like a normal ball of light, he could sense potent power from within. And it terrified him.

He used Blink to blink into another location and took out the Teleportation Cauldron wanting to leave.


But he was still too slow. And the ball of light crashed into him.

The moment the ball of light slammed into him, it transformed into many chains and dug into its body.

Ding. System Prompt: You have been hit by the Divine Emperor Nichiterasus Ball of Sealing. Your basic stats have been sealed by 90%. It will begin to affect you in ten minutes!

"Nichiterasu! Damn you!"

Once he heard the systems voice, he felt as if a beautiful woman was preparing to serve him. But when the woman suddenly removed her panties, there was a man part staring at him.

"Damn it! Nichiterasus seal has almost turned me back to my previous form!"

He would be sealed by 90%. That meant that once the seal had taken effect, he would only have 900,000 HP left. He would have at most 350,000 in attack and 150,000 in defense. While it was still slightly higher than what he has originally, it was not as high as he was at his peak at Spiritual Level.

With the seal, he needed to work ten times harder than anyone else to become stronger.

Now, he felt extremely dispirited. So dispirited that he felt like killing others!

"I should draw a lottery later and see if theres anything I can use to remove Nichiterasus seal, As for now, I have to go out and express my frustration when my high stats are still available!"


As soon as he had finished, he changed into the form of a monkey. With the Jingu Staff in his hand and the Monster Cloud under his feet, he headed straight to the top of Mount Fuji.


Ding. World Announcement: Warning! Warning! The Sacred Beast Yamata-no-Orochi of the Japanese server has died and will disappear permanently. As the Sacred Beast is a national servers roots, therefore all Japanese Server System Cities level -1. All players cities capital -20%. All players stats -10%.

Just when Jiang Feng was exiting Mount Fuji, a world announcement caused all the players that were fighting to stop their combat.

Many of the Japanese Server Players that were doing the Ore-Grab Event at Mount Fuji were stunned immediately after they heard the World Announcement.

"Damn, my stats have decreased by 10%. Damn it! Whats going on? How did Yamata-no-Orochi die?"

"Damn it! How should I know! My stats have also gone down, whats going on?"

"Damn it, no! Im logging out to ask the customer services. How should we play if our Sacred Beast is dead!"


Huaxia Server, Kitazawa Hinata was leading thousands of players to hunt down the Huaxia Servers players that were leveling up in the wilds.

Kawaguchi Shinki stepped on the body of a Huaxia Servers player and laughed out arrogantly, "Haha, I heard that this guy seems to be a guild leader. But he died only after two strikes from me. I didnt expect them to still be this weak!"

A samurai next to him picked up the items that were dropped and said in agreement, "Yeah. Also, that dragon and the bearded man from the Ancient City were so stupid, falling into our ploys so easily."

Kitazawa Hinata was very happy. With only a thousand players they had already killed several thousand players from the Huaxia Server. They even gained a large amount of equipment and gold and they had earned a lot from this.

"Oh, right, why hasnt the Shifters Inheritor come out? Is he scared?" Kitazawa Hinata asked.

He must be. I heard from quite some time ago that the Shifters Inheritors level turned to 0 after an incident at the Shifter-Sealing Tower. He must still be leveling somewhere in a corner," Kawaguchi Shinki said with a sneer.

But what they did not know was that the information they had gotten was from a few days ago. If they had kept themselves updated, they would not say things like that at all.

"Haha! Why dont we attack the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor? I remember that the Shifters Inheritor had a lot of pretty NPCs"

Kitazawa Hinata looked at his excited followers, and nodded, "Alright, lets go and attack the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor"

Ding. World Announcement: Warning! Warning! The Sacred Beast Yamata-no-Orochi of the Japanese server has died and will disappear permanently. As the Sacred Beast is a national servers roots, therefore all Japanese Server System Cities level -1. All players cities capital -20%. All players stats -10%.

Before Kitazawa Hinata could finish his sentence, the World Announcement rang on top of them. Next, a light shone upon them and all their stats had been decreased by 10%.

"What? Whats going on?" Kawaguchi Shinki was extremely confused when he heard the world announcement.

"I What the How the hell did our Sacred Beast die?"

After Kitazawa Hinata realized what had happened, he was furious. His excitement had turned into that of rage.

It was as if someone had splashed him with ice-cold water during winter and chilled his heart!

"Go back! All of you, go back to our server and see whats going on!"

Kitazawa Hinata, who was severely demoralized, roared at his followers, then quickly used his Town Portal skill to return to the Japanese Server.