Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 234

Chapter 234 I Like This Old Man

Great Hall, Shifter Emperors Palace!

Jiang Feng and Ling Zhenhong were sitting opposite of each other.

There was a table between the two of them, and there were wine and dishes on the table. All of these were the best food and drinks available in the game.

Ling Zhenhong seemed to like the wine as he kept on drinking and had some of the dishes at times.

"Haha! This is great! Back in reality, my assistant wouldnt let me touch alcohol! I havent drunk any alcohol for almost 3 years now. If it isnt because Im not allowed to play this game and I have to apply to enter, I would have come in and had a drink a long time ago."

Jiang Feng looked at Ling Zhenhong that was drinking so happily, and he looked at the time again, "Professor Ling, its almost time to update the game, and I need to log out."

Ling Zhenhong waved his hand. "Dont worry. I already applied with Lord God Ling Luo. We can stay here, for the time being, so you dont have to be worried about getting kicked out."

Jiang Feng asked, "So you are a GM?"

Ling Zhenhong shook his head. "Im just a player, not a GM. I cant change anything, Im only here to have a chat with you."

After listening to Ling Zhenhong, Jiang Feng understood what he meant. He then heaved a sigh of relief.

The games advertisement had clearly written that there would be no GMs. The game would run on its own. That meant that Ling Zhenhong really was just a player.

The only thing that he could do was to stop both of them from being forced to log out.

"Then, is there anything I can help you with?"

"I am not here to interrupt you or anything, since you are a Huaxia Server player. Only when you are strong will the players in Huaxia Server gain any benefits. The reason that I came in here looking for you is that the persons-in-charge of the other servers want me to give you some pressure. Those damn old men. What can we do if the players from their own countries couldnt handle the game? They only know how to complain."

Ling Zhenhong complaining and siding him made him feel closer to Ling Zhenhong.

He remembered when he was playing games in the past, he hated when the GMs appeared and suppressed the players. But what he did not expect was that the game really did not have any GMs. If he wanted to, he could kill Ling Zhenhong now.

"Theres nothing we can do about the Sacred Beast, so well let it slide. All of us were surprised that you had the ability to kill the Sacred Beast. However, I do have to remind you to be more discreet, otherwise, someone wouldnt give up. Of course, you should continue to increase your power without hesitation."

"Remember, be discreet. When you are with the players, use your ID card to change your information and use the same amount of power to defeat them so that you wouldnt attract those old folks attention. Also, your powers have been sealed, correct? After the update, the Master System would appear. Find Sun Wukongs reincarnation and then find Grandmaster Bodhi. He knows how to remove the seal on you permanently."

"You can find Sun Wukong among the monkey monsters. Alright, I cant tell you too much, Im going to log out! Be diligent!!"

If the senior game developers in their office could hear Ling Zhenhong talking like this, their mouth would be wide open in disbelief.

When he was in the office, he had on a very tough stance. He would say that he wanted to delete accounts for the littlest thing. But when he was here with Jiang Feng, he was not going to delete his account, he was giving him support!

Jiang Feng looked at Ling Zhenhong with gratitude. "Thank you, Professor Ling!"

Ling Zhenhong then said, "There are many spies in my office, so dont tell anyone about what I told you today. Also, when you are in-game, you have to pretend that you are under my thumb, alright? Otherwise, there wouldnt be any benefits for both of us. Remember that!"

Jiang Feng nodded. "I understand!"

"Alright, log out!"

Ling Zhenhong waved his hand and logged out.

When he saw that Ling Zhenhong had logged out, Jiang Feng said to himself, "I like this old man!"

Afterward, he drank a cup of wine and then logged out.


Divine Dominion, Game Development Base.

Ling Zhenhong walked out from a casket-style terminal with an extremely sour face.

"Professor Ling, how did it go?"

Jia Liang, one of the games developers quickly went over and asked once he saw Ling Zhenhong come out from the game.

"Delete him! Ill delete him! This NPC doesnt show me any respect at all! Im going to seal his power! How dare he talk back to me! No, delete him! Dont stop me!" Ling Zhenhong roared out angrily.

When Jia Liang heard that Jiang Feng was going to get sealed, he was secretly happy. He then smiled at Ling Zhenhong and said to him, "Dont be, well just seal him. Just seal him. If we delete him, wouldnt we change the entire games setting and history? That would no doubt affect the game greatly, and I believe that the persons-in-charge of the other servers wouldnt want to see that too."

Ling Zhenhong continued to roar, "So, what? Who cares about the other persons-in-charge? Im the one in charge of the Huaxia server! Im going to have a chat with Ling Luo!"

With that, he walked toward the room that only he had access to.

Jia Liang and the few other staff exchanged glances. The staff nodded and then left.


The Lord God, Ling Luo, was a sphere-shaped computer chip the size of a watermelon connected to many cables.

After going past several doors, he finally entered the room.

Looking at the spherical computer chip, he asked, "Lord God Luo Ling, is Jiang Feng, that boy, invincible in the game?"


An extremely beautiful phantom of a woman floated above the computer chip. Her smile could make peoples hearts skip a beat. Even Ling Zhenhong, who was already in his 80s, could not stop his heart from accelerating.

Ling Luo smiled faintly and said, "We have collected the legends and myths of every country and used them to create the backstory for this game. The grandeur of this game is beyond your imagination. As for invincibility, it doesnt exist. Only luck and effort are needed to become powerful in this game. A normal player, if Lady Luck favors him, could become stronger than Jiang Feng within a single night. And this is just a player. And you dont have to be reminded how powerful the late game NPCs can be. Even a Sacred Beast is but an insect to them."

When Ling Zhenhong heard Ling Luo say that, he was slightly stunned before trying to ask her for a favor, "About that, do I have the special authority to remove Jiang Fengs seal and give a few hundred million points to his stats?"

Ling Luo rolled her eyes. "Get out!"

"Okie dokie, you get some rest, alright!"

Ling Zhenhong smiled and left the room.


After he was out of the room, the smiling Ling Zhenhongs face became sour again. He was cursing and mumbling as he walked toward his office with his hands behind his back.

Jia Liang came over as he had been waiting for him, and asked, "Professor Ling, how did it go?"

Ling Zhenhong said angrily, "What else? She disagreed! I can only have him sealed, but I cant change any other data. Otherwise, the history inside would fall into chaos. If I were to change it by force, all of the games setting would have to be changed, and the game would become obsolete!"

Jia Liang then said, "Then lets not change it by force. Sealing it is just nice. Now that the game is running stably, if anything happens we dont have the time to produce another game! Not to mention this would affect the players economy as well, as Divine Dominion has already created an invisible economy."

"If thats the case, then you go talk with those old people! I dont care anymore!"

With that, Ling Zhenhong turned around and left.

"Ive just started earning some money. If we have to create a new game, how would I be able to earn?"

Jia Liang mumbled to himself as he looked at the leaving Ling Zhenhong. He then went to contact the other servers persons-in-charge.