Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 235

Chapter 235 Ling Feiyu Returns To The Country

Jiang Feng sat up from his bed as he logged out of the game.

He put down the earring terminal and put it on the desk.

He switched on the computer and went for a toilet break.

At this time, his father had also logged out of the game and complained, "Why did the game update again? I was going to go out to the sea together with Lao Zhou and the others to fish."

Jiang Feng smiled as he came out of the toilet and said, "Maybe because they have some new contents."

"Thats true. Speaking of which, the game is addictive to even us old-timers." He then remembered something and asked Jiang Feng, "Little Feng, do you have ways to go to other servers? We want to go visit other places, and fish for fishes from foreign countries."

"Of course, after the game has been updated, Ill tell you how. Ill go look for you and send you and your friends to the other servers for a trip."

"That would be great."

"Alright, Dad. Im going to go back and see what are the things that will get updated. You should go and exercise. While the casket-type terminal is good for your body, you still need to exercise more."


After chatting with his dad for a little while, he asked Su Qing to prepare some dishes, and went back to his room to browse the internet.

He sat in front of the computer and opened the Divine Dominions official website.

If he was going to guess, the sudden update had something to do with him killing the Sacred Beast belonging to the Japanese Server.

Otherwise, they would not update at a time when every server was at each others throat for resources. Not to mention that the World War was going to begin in at most two months time. There was no need to update the game anymore.

"Other than the Master System that Professor Ling mentioned, I wonder if theres anything interesting thats coming out during this update!" He mumbled to himself and logged into the website and started browsing.

There were nine items that were going to be updated.

Each servers map will be expanded by three times. The first maps level cap is level 150.

      Master System

      There are sects within the game. Complete the apprenticeship quests and become the apprentice of these masters. Powerful players could request to become masters and build their own sects.

        Casket-type Game Terminal is now available, can be booked via the official website

        The new generation of game terminals is now available and will replace the earring style terminal. The game terminal can inject nutrients and the massaging capability is available within. After playing for 24 hours, the system will let out its first warning, but you can continue playing. After 3 warnings and if the player hasnt logged out even once, they will be logged out by force.

          Game Terminal can be sold without limit

          The game terminal can be sold without limit. Price of Earring-Type Terminal would be lowered and only needs 9,999.

            There were quite a lot of content updates this time around. It should be considered as a large scale update.

            There was much more content added than the previous two updates. His guess was that the game would have a lot more fun contents appearing.

            But what made him disappointed was that this update was similar to the second one. It needed three days to finish the update.


            Just as he was about to close the web page and have his meal, he received a private message on his account on the official webpage.

            It could only be used by friends.

            And in his friend list, there were only Ling Feiyu, Mu Xi, and Nangong Tiaotiao.

            He had contacted Nangong Tiaotiao when he was leveling in the American Server. Her quest was a bit troublesome, she would not be able leave in short notice. Not to mention that the two of them did not have much to talk about in reality, so she would not send him any messages.

            Then the other possibility was either Ling Feiyu or Mu Xi.

            He opened it, and it was a text from Ling Feiyu.

            Ling Feiyu: Which city do you live in?

            Jiang Feng did not know why Ling Feiyu would ask him this question and said: Qingyang City.

            Ling Feiyu: Well meet tomorrow at 12 at Qingyang City Airport. Dont be late!

            Jiang Feng: Im

            Before he could answer that he was not free, Ling Feiyu had already gone offline. That made him speechless.

            "Originally, Im thinking of preparing some Enhancing Pills to deplete some of my mental power so that I could go to bed and wake up three days later just in time for the game. Seems like my plan would have to be scrapped then!"

            Since it would be quite boring to wait to enter the game, he was going to transmute some animals, make some Enhancing Pills to deplete his mental energy and stamina, then sleep for three days like before.

            After sleeping for three days, he would be mentally recharged and it would be the best time to enter the game.

            "Ah well, Im quite handsome in reality as well. I should take a look if Ling Feiyu really is that pretty. If she is, maybe I can chase after her? Ive been single for about 6 months now, its time to get myself into a relationship!" He mumbled to himself as he exited his room and prepared to have his meal.


            A girls dorm, Los Angeles.

            Ling Feiyu was not wearing pajamas this time. Instead, she had on a white, short jacket with a white t-shirt underneath and a white skirt. She looked clean and elegant.

            I wasnt able to stay alone,

            And unlock the lock to my heart

            Not sure how to describe you

            The spring breeze is not as pretty as you

            At this time, she was humming a small song from the past as she packed her bags. She was very happy.

            Karina was still not wearing any clothes and her hair was super messy. She looked at Ling Feiyu packing up her stuff and asked, "Feiyu, what are you doing?"

            Ling Feiyu looked at Karina, raised both her hands and slapped her shoulders with a smile, and said, "Ive washed your pajamas. Now, you will have to be alone, because I need to go home for a while."

            With that, she continued to hum her little song as she continued packing.

            "Tsk tsk, going back to see your little lover, right?" Karina said jokingly.

            "Thats right, are you jealous?" Ling Feiyu made a joker face at Karina and said with a smug tone.

            "Go on, go. After you leave, Ill let those boys come visit your dorm. 100 per ticket. Im going to be rich."

            Ling Feiyu carefully rolled a poster in front of her and placed it into her luggage, and she then rolled her eyes at Karina. "If you do that, then Ill sell my secret cache of your embarrassing photos. 1,000 for one. I think it will be popular too.

            After playing around with Karina for a little while, Ling Feiyu then pulled her luggage out of her dorm.

            Before she even reached her school gate, a bunch of boys had already surrounded her, asking where she was going. When they knew that she was going back to visit her parents, they all wanted to help her move her luggage. Some even wanted to send her over using their luxurious cars.

            But she rejected all of them. There was only one person in her heart. A person that she had been together with for the longest time, but had never seen before!