Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 236

Chapter 236 Who The Hell Do You Think You Are?

The next morning, Jiang Feng rode his motorcycle and brought Xiaohei into the city.

He was going to pick up Ling Feiyu in the afternoon. He had been staying at home for so long, he did not have any clothes that were decent, and his hair was quite long as well. He went into the city to clean himself up.

After he entered the city, he found a barbershop and gave his hair a makeover.

Afterward, he looked much cleaner as well as more energetic and handsome.

After cutting his hair, he walked into a branded clothing shop.


As he brought Xiaohei with him, he was the focus of the attendants attention.

While the clothes he was wearing were quite ordinary, it could even be described as old, but Xiaohei was much more expensive than an actual sports car.

The attendants in these shops frequently interacted with those from the upper strata of society, they knew how much Xiaohei was worth. Otherwise, they would not leave those customers that they were originally serving and serve him instead.

"This This and this, Ill try these!"

After choosing several clothes he then went into the fitting room to try on the clothes.

Xiaohei had also followed him inside.

He did not mind, and he undressed as he tried the new clothes.

Because his underwear was too dirty, he did not wear any and was going to buy a new one later.


Xiaohei barked at the next fitting room when he was inside the fitting room.


A dog barked back from the fitting room next to them. Seemed like the other person had also brought a dog into the fitting room. Xiaohei was getting so excited that it was scratching on the wooden planks that were used as makeshift walls.

"Xiaohei, stop it."


He had just finished undressing as he was warning Xiaohei, but he was not sure why Xiaohei was that excited, it clawed a hole through the wooden wall!


There was a scream from a woman on the other side, but Xiaohei did not pay much attention to it and clawed through the wood. Next, a beautiful woman and a pure white Tibetan Mastiff appeared in front of Jiang Feng.

When a man sees a beautiful woman, his first sight was definitely not on the face. So he looked at the woman from bottom to top.

"Sis Hua!"

But when he saw the womans face, he gulped in shock.

That was right, the woman that was trying out clothes next to her was the woman that he had met twice, Sis Hua.

"Excuse me, whats going on inside?"

At this time, the attendants voice came from outside.

Sis Hua looked at Jiang Feng from bottom to top, then replied, "Nothing."

After she said that, she left her fitting room without wearing anything and walked over to Jiang Fengs fitting room. Her body was so close to his that Jiang Fengs face was completely red.

Jiang Feng smiled awkwardly and put on his new clothes. "About that Sis Hua, my dog, hes a bit"

"Why are you so shy? A beautiful woman standing in front of you naked, and you have no other thoughts?" Sis Hua smiled as she looked at Jiang Feng.

"That Sis Hua, can you please dont step on my trousers?"

Who was Sis Hua? She was the most popular woman on this side of town.

If something were to happen between him and her, he would be in big trouble.

"My~ Youre quite the corny one. You dont even wear any underwear, and it looks quite good!" Sis Hua continued to tease Jiang Feng who was trying to put on his clothes while not even bothered by the fact that she herself was not wearing anything.

"About that, Sis Hua, Ill leave first!"

Jiang Feng quickly put on his clothes and then pulled Xiaoheis leash and ran outside.

When he was outside, he quickly took out a stack of cash and said to the attendant, "I want the ones on me, how much is it?!"

"Xiao Hui, thats my friend. You dont have to charge him anything."

At this time, Sis Huas head poked out from the fitting room as she said to the attendant.

The attendant looked at Jiang Feng that had just come out of the fitting room, then looked at their boss with her eyes widened, then looked at Jiang Feng again with a wry smile.

Damn it, shes making things worse!

Jiang Feng did not care about the money. He took out 5,000 and put it on the desk, then quickly pulled Xiaohei up his motorcycle and ran away.

"Xiaohei, you little bastard! There goes all my pride and dignity!"

He finally locked his motorcycle in a car park as he continued to harp on Xiaohei about it even as he pulled him into a taxi.

"Woof~ Female!"

Xiaohei barked at Jiang Feng.

"Female?! Shes a female so you pounced over?" Jiang Feng smacked at Xiaoheis head. He started to regret bringing Xiaohei out.

While he did not know Sis Huas true identity, his guess was that Sis Hua was no mere commoner.

Looking at how she worked, he knew that she was someone that had stepped into society for many years.

Jiang Feng loved beauties, but he understood what kind of women he could touch and what kind of women he could not touch. If something were to happen between him and Sis Hua in the fitting room, his quiet life would be ruined.

Damn it, I didnt realize that Sis Hua would be so influential. Thats her shop? Then Jiang Feng smiled creepily and thought to himself, But Sis Huas body was so good! Almost as good as Xiao Lans! I almost couldnt help myself."

Xiaohei looked at him, and its expression was even more expressive than a huskys.


When he arrived at the airport, it was only around 10 oclock. As the airport did not allow dogs to enter, he looked for a slightly better restaurant and had a meal while waiting for Ling Feiyus flight.

In the restaurant, almost everyone was talking about Divine Dominion. Its popularity could be easily seen.

"Have you read the World Message Board? Someone said that its very possible that the Shifter Emperor had killed the Sacred Beast. Why dont you guess whos the Shifter Emperor?"

"Whos the Shifter Emperor?"

"The Shifters Inheritor! Go look at the video at Mount Fuji! The Shifter Emperor is so handsome! Im his fan now! Do you know that several crazy fans even wanted to lower their levels and become the Shifter Emperors apprentice and follow his lead? Hes so cool!"


Jiang Feng, who was drinking a cup of coffee when he heard that, almost spat out his coffee.

Lowering their levels to become my apprentice? This is a bit too much, isnt it?

Jiang Feng felt extremely speechless, but at the same time he thought to himself, I didnt expect the news to reach here so quickly. I cant even lay low even if I wanted to.


As soon as he reached for his phone and wanted to use the Divine Dominions official app to do some checking, he heard the sound of a tray dropping onto the ground in the restaurant and it surprised him.

He turned his head and saw several brutish thugs targeting a male waiter. It was like they were purposely doing it.

"Sh*t, do you even know how to serve your dishes? Where the hell did all your training go, huh?"

The male waiters back was facing Jiang Feng, and he was bowing to the thugs as he said, "Im sorry! Im sorry!"

One of the thugs with yellow hair saw the waiters attitude and felt a sense of superiority. He laughed, "Haha, did you see that? Our boss apologized to us, haha"

"Hehe Boss, Im so scared."

The few thugs kept on humiliating the waiter, and one of them even spit into the wine of a wine glass then splashed it onto his face.

The waiter did not say anything and was going to leave.

However, he did not expect one of the thugs to kick him to the ground.

When the waiter fell onto the ground, he fell next to where Jiang Feng was sitting. Jiang Feng also recognized the waiter when he saw his face, and cried out in surprise, "Little Bao!"

Lin Bao, an orphan. He was a violent fighter. He used to live near his home and the two of them had played with each other when they were kids.

However, Lin bao left without even finishing his Junior High education. He last heard that he had left Qingyang City and went to Suhai City. Before he left, he even gave him one semesters worth of school fees.

"Hey, crazy. Dont be crazy like me, okay? Youre smart, so work hard. Best if you can become a lawyer or something. I still need you to take care of me in the future. Take care!"

That was what Lin Bao said to him before completely losing touch with him.

Jiang Feng did not have any real friends when he was young. If there was someone, Lin Bao was the only one that he would call a friend. Lin Bao was also the only one that treated him well.

He did not expect to see Lin Bao here, and he became excited.

"Little Bao, its me, Im" He was just going to help him up and say something when he saw that there were several scars behind his ears and at his neck. His face instantly soured, and he could not say what he wanted to.

"Im sorry, but youve got the wrong guy!"

Lin Bao glanced at Jiang Feng, and he trembled. He quickly took the tray off the ground and was going to leave.

"Who the hell allowed you to leave?

At this time, one of the thugs blocked his way and kicked into Lin Baos stomach. Lin Bao lost his footing and fell onto the floor.

Jiang Feng realized that not only did Lin Bao had wounds everywhere, one of his legs was limping. He could feel his heart skip a beat as he thought to himself, "After so many years, what happened to Little Bao?"

A middle-aged man that was drinking tea casually stood up, took a glass of wine and walked over to Lin Bao and looked at him with a sneer as he lay on the ground, and said, "Lin Bao, you were someone quite gutsy back then. Youve killed so many of my brothers. Didnt expect to find you hiding here. Im going to settle all the scores with you today!"

When the waiters and all the diners saw this, they were all shocked and stepped aside, worried that they might get pulled into this.

"Liu Ying, Im already a cripple, what else do you want?" Lin Bao said to the middle-aged man.

"A debt of blood will be repaid by blood. Not only did you cause the death of several of my underlings, you even made me lose some packages. How should we settle this debt, huh?" Liu Ying whispered to him after he squatted down, then slowly poured the water from the wine glass on his head.

When Jiang Feng saw this, he was infuriated. He grabbed the wine glass from his hand and smacked it on his head. "You dare touch my brother? Who the hell do you think you are?"

Seeing his brother from the past being insulted as such, Jiang Feng felt his temper rising.

While he was not sure what was going on, and why Lin Bao would have a connection with someone obviously from the underworld, he knew that Lin Bao was nice to him and that he was his only brother. And his personality would not allow him to stand and watch his own brother being humiliated like this.

"Woof! Boss do it?"

Xiaohei barked at Jiang Feng as it swallowed the steak in his mouth.