Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 237

Chapter 237 Blood On The Streets


The wine glass was bashed into Liu Yings head. There was a clear, crisp sound. Next, blood started to flow from Liu Yings head.

When Xiaohei saw Jiang Feng attack, it kept on barking eagerly.

Many of the people who saw this scene felt that it was surreal. They did not know why Jiang Feng would suddenly attack someone from the underworld for a waiter.

Liu Ying touched his head and looked at the blood on his palm. He gritted his teeth and roared angrily, "How dare you hit me! Cripple them!"

Liu Yings five followers all took wine bottles and struck at Jiang Feng.

His followers were all violent people. They were very fast, one of them even jumped up aiming at Jiang Fengs head and wanting to slam him with the bottle.

When Lin Bao saw what was happening, he quickly stood up and hugged Jiang Feng.

Clang! Clang!

Two wine bottles, one hit Lin Bao on the back and the other on his head.

"Oh damn you! Xiaohei, do what you will, as long as they dont die!"

When Jiang Feng saw Lin Bao blocking two attacks that were meant for him, he was even more infuriated. He took the tray and smacked it on a thugs head.

Xiaohei was even more brutal. It simply jumped up and slammed one man onto the ground, then bite at the arm that was holding the weapon until blood was gushing out.

After Jiang Feng knocked one man down, he kicked another man that was rushing toward him into the air.

Xiaohei had also eliminated another man at this time.

It could be said that none of them was his and Xiaoheis match.

In less than a minute, he had already defeated the five thugs.

"Come on, lets go to the hospital."

After defeating the five men, Jiang Feng brought Xiaohei and carried Lin Bao outside.

When they were outside the restaurant, Jiang Feng was going to call for a taxi to get them to the hospital but he was stopped by Lin Bao.

"With my current standing, I cant go to the hospital or theres going to be more problems!" Lin Bao said, "I have handled worse, these minor injuries wont kill me."

"Alright, Ill bring you home."

While Jiang Feng did not know Lin Baos identity, he knew that something was off about him. He had an inkling from the conversation between the few thugs earlier.

Once they were at the hospital and the police came over, he would at least be charged for the fight and they would need to go have a recorded interview, and it was going to be very cumbersome. And it would be worse if he were a criminal.

Screech Clang!

Just as he managed to get a taxi when he was carrying Lin Bao and was going to get in the car, two vans suddenly headed toward them at high speed. The vans braked, and they were next to Jiang Feng.

Next, almost twenty people came down from the two vans and surrounded Jiang Feng.

"Thats the kid! Kill them!"

At this time Liu Ying came out from the restaurant and yelled to the twenty over men.

"Xiaohei, protect him! Leave this to me!"

He let Lin Bao down, and watched the twenty men carefully, and led them to a clearing nearby.

Xiaohei protected Lin Bao who was behind him with an angry look. If someone were going to do something to Lin Bao, it would take a bite of the person without hesitation.

When he saw that his followers were simply watching Jiang Feng moving away and that they did not rush toward him as soon as possible, Liu Ying was so angry that he almost fainted. He roared, "All you bastards, are you shooting a movie? Why the hell are you moving away when youre fighting? Why did I have all of you here in the first place?"


Hearing Liu Yings angry roar, his followers were slightly stunned before attacking Jiang Feng with the steel pipes, baseball bats, and knives that they were holding

Jiang Feng licked his lips as cruelty shone in his eyes, and he faced them head-on.

His physique was much better than normal humans, and his speed was much faster as well. In one step, he appeared right in front of one of the thugs. He extended his right leg and hooked his ankle, then violently chopped his neck using a palm and slammed him to the ground.

When he saw that a baseball bat was striking at him, he instantly crouched down and extended his palm. He caught the opponents palm and twisted it. It was so painful that he let go of the baseball bat. Jiang Feng then caught the baseball bat and swung it toward the opponents face.

His physique had improved a lot, and combined with the combat experience from the game, he could handle the thugs without any problems.

A majority of the twenty people were heading toward him, a small number of them headed toward Lin Bao.

Unfortunately, they could not get close to him at all. Anyone that came close would be smacked away by Xiaohei in one strike.

The fight had drawn the attention of many people, but the security did not dare to join in. If someone were to die, then it was not something to be scoffed at.


Lin Feiyus flight had arrived around ten minutes earlier. She had already disembarked at around eleven.

After she disembarked, she gathered her luggage, then walked toward the outside of the airport with anxiety and a sweet smile.

But what made her irritated was that she was surrounded before she even made it out of the airport.

"Wow~ Look, that lady is so pretty! Is she a celebrity? Why havent I met her before?"

"I have never seen her before too, but she must be someone new! This elegance, this beauty, after her debut she will definitely be popular. I should get a signature first."


Because of her looks, she was then surrounded by a group of fans that belonged to some other person.

Luckily, a handsome Korean male celebrity appeared not long after and attracted their attention, and she managed to leave the place.

But when the Korean male celebrity saw her, he too was stunned by her beauty and wanted to come over to have a chat.

"Hi, hello. I am Yun Hori. Are you new?" Yun Hori came over to greet her using his broken Chinese.

"Im sorry, Im not a celebrity. Im just a student," Ling Feiyu replied politely and left the airport with her luggage.

When she was out of the airport, she looked around trying to look for Jiang Feng. At this time, she saw several police cars headed straight to a restaurant opposite the airport. He also noticed that many people were surrounding that restaurant. She was quite curious about it.

When Yun Hori walked out and saw Ling Feiyu looking around, he had his personal assistant drive the car over and said to Ling Feiyu with a smile, "Hi, beautiful. Are you alone? I have a car, do you want a ride?"

"Ah~ Is my oppa flirting with a girl? Oppa, youre mine! I wont let you fall in love with anyone!"

"Ahhh Oppa! Dont be like that! You said youd love us forever!"

"Ah~ I hear my heart shattering"

When a group of his fans saw this, they all cried out. Some of them had on a wry smile, some of them shouted at Yun Hori with sadness.


At this time, a figure flew out from the group of people and smashed into a police car with blood all over his body. This shocked both Ling Feiyu and Yun Hori.

Very quickly, the crowds began to disperse as the police chased them away.

At this time, Ling Feiyu saw Jiang Feng holding a baseball bat looking at the twenty something thugs on the ground moaning in pain.

Jiang Feng was holding the baseball bat. And perhaps it was because of the blood, his eyes had become crimson in color.

"Its him"

When ling Feiyu saw Jiang Fengs familiar figure, she was slightly startled before pulling her luggage and going over quickly.

When Yun Hori saw this, he chased after her without caring for his personal assistant that was trying to stop him.