Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 238

Chapter 238 Collapsing Jiang Feng

After Jiang Feng had taught the twenty thugs their lessons, he then saw a group of police coming toward him. He was stunned, then thought to himself, Oh sh*t, I had too much fun to the point where Ive completely forgotten that this is a society of law, I wonder how many days I have to spend in the lockup.

"Woof~ Boss Fight?"

When Xiaohei saw a group of police surrounding them and approaching Lin Bao and it, it barked at Jiang Feng.

When he heard what Xiaohei said, Jiang Feng rolled his eyes at it and said under his breath, "Fight? No, dont fight them! If you fight them, theyll make a stew out of you tonight!"

When Lin Bao saw Jiang Feng talking to a dog, he did not ask anything about it. That was because he was thinking of a way to deal with the police.

At this time, a police officer came over and frowned as he looked at Jiang Feng, then told the policeman behind him, "Call the ambulance and take those heavily injured away. The ones that only have bruises, follow me back to the police station. Xiao Zhang, interview the surrounding witnesses."

Very quickly, a group of police came over and dragged them to the police car.


Just as Jiang Feng was going to go into the car, he saw a beautiful woman dragging her luggage running toward them, huffing and puffing.

Ling Feiyu!

When she saw her looks, Jiang Feng instantly recognized her.

She did not change her appearance at all, so it was easy for him to see who she was. However, she still looked different in her classical era costume and modern era costume and there were still some differences. Those that did not know her well most probably could not guess that it was her at first glance.

Ling Feiyu approached the police and then scanned Jiang Feng from top to bottom. She saw that there was blood on his hair and face, and then asked him with uncertainty, "Do you know Heifeng?"

"I dont want to know that moron!" Jiang Feng answered with a smile.

At this time, Yun Hori finally made his way here. When he saw Ling Feiyu talking to a man that was covered in blood, he frowned and walked toward Ling Feiyu, "Beautiful, you shouldnt be so close to him. Hes cruel and brutal. I didnt know that Huaxia is so chaotic. And that there are people as violent as this."

"Who the hell are you? Do you even know how to speak properly?!" When Jiang Feng heard Yun Horis bad Chinese, he yelled out angrily.

A thug that was moaning and lying on the ground was also extremely unhappy when he heard what Yun Hori had said. He said to him angrily, ignoring the pain that Jiang Feng had caused him, "Thats right, who the hell are you? Whats wrong with Huaxia? Its not your place to say anything about something you dont understand! Damn it, if I can move right now, Ill kill you!"

When Jiang Feng saw that the thug was defending his country, he gave that thug a naughty smile and said, "Bro, sorry about that. Didnt realize were so similar! I might have overdone it, so sorry about that. Next time Ill be careful when I pull my punches."

The thug was speechless and thought to himself, Next time? Oh, hell no!

"Pfft" Ling Feiyu laughed, and many in the crowd watching also laughed.

"You you are all thugs!" Yun Hori said and he was so angry that his face was red as he pointed at Jiang Feng and the thug on the ground. He then turned to Ling Feiyu and said, "Beautiful, you must have the wrong person. The thugs shouldnt be your friends."

Ling Feiyu smiled and clasped Jiang Fengs neck without showing any sign of disgust. "Im sorry, but this thug is my boyfriend. As for you, my advice would be to respect and be grateful that you can earn our money, or else you should leave!"

With that, she pushed Yun Hori aside. She then opened the police cars trunk and put her luggage in it while pulling Jiang Feng into the police car.

When the policeman saw how a woman could be so domineering, he was momentarily speechless before finally walking over and saying to her, "Miss, if you have nothing else, please leave the car."

Ling Feiyu looked at the policeman, then looked at Jiang Feng with wide eyes. She came down from the car and walked toward the thug that said something just now. She was going to step on him with her high heels but stopped at the last moment. She muttered, "Well, seeing that you did say something in support of us just now, Ill spare you!"

Next, she walked toward a thug that did not seem to be quite seriously injured and stomped his thigh.


The thug let out a roar of pain that even scared the surrounding crowd, and they all looked at Ling Feiyu in shock.

"Alright, comrade policeman. Ive participated in the fight. Come, take me away."

With that, she cleaned her hands and got into the police car.

The thug that said something looked at Ling Feiyus high heel and brushed away his cold sweat, Luckily I showed my love for my country, otherwise the pain from that stomp is definitely going to give me nightmares!"

The policemans mouth was wide open from the shock and he then looked at the police officer next to him.

The middle-aged police officer finally recovered from his shock as he frowned and said, "Take them all away!"

Next, Jiang Feng, Ling Feiyu, and Xiaohei all rode in the same police car. Lin Bao and some of the others were in another police car. They were all taken away.

Yun Hori stood there awkwardly as if he was slapped by someone.

Meanwhile, his fans were still looking at him with adoration.


In the police car, Ling Feiyu patted Xiaoheis head and said, "Teehee, so this is the dog that you have. Its quite cute. I didnt know that you are so compassionate!"

When he heard Ling Feiyu talking to him, Jiang Feng finally snapped out from being stunned by Ling Feiyus assertiveness.

He gulped, the edge of his lips twitched, and he smiled, "Youre Ling Feiyu?"

"Yeah." Ling Feiyu smiled at him. Her absolute beauty with her warm smile almost made the police ram into another persons car when he looked at the back mirror.

"You sure you dont have Schizophrenia?" Jiang Feng asked with a bitter smile.

"Yeah." Ling Feiyu seemed to have remembered something, and then told Jiang Feng, "Maybe its the environment. I dont really speak that much in the game, but I do speak a lot in the real world."

My goodness, this isnt about speaking a little or speaking a lot, alright? Jiang Feng was speechless at her explanation.

"Im sorry, I was supposed to bring you out for lunch, but now" Jiang Feng scratched his head awkwardly.

"No problem, Ill make a call."

Ling Feiyu smiled and took out her mobile, then called a number.

"Hello, Uncle! I got caught by the police as soon as I came back! Im in Qingyang City. Alright, thank you, Uncle!" Ling Feiyu then hung up the call, and smiled at Jiang Feng, "Done and done. Now, where do you want to bring me for lunch?"

"What do you mean"


Just when Jiang Feng was still confused about what was going on, the policeman that was driving received a call and his entire body jolted from the surprise call. He braked immediately and drove the car somewhere private, and opened the car door for Ling Feiyu politely, then said with a smile, "About that, Ms. Ling, Im so sorry about that, you can leave now."

"What happened?" Jiang Feng was still confused about what had just happened.

"Thank you."

Next, Ling Feiyu exited the car.

"Woof~ Boss feel sick"

The emergency brakes just now must have caused Xiaohei to feel ill. It barked, then ran down the car and threw up at the side.

Jiang Feng was still in a daze as he exited the car. As the cold wind blew, he felt himself waking up a bit.

Ling Feiyus background was so terrifying that she could settle the police with one call.

Suddenly, he thought of something and said to Ling Feiyu, "You can settle the cops?"

Ling Feiyu said with a smile. "Just a little."

Jiang Feng then said with enthusiasm, "I have a brother called Lin Bao in another car, can you"

Ling Feiyu did not wait for him to finish talking and flipped out her mobile. "Say no more."

"Hello, Uncle, I have another friend called Lin Bao. He has a history? No, hes my friend. If you dont send him over in five minutes, Ill call Grandpa!"

With that, Ling Feiyu hung up the call and said to Jiang Feng with a smile, "Done!"

Jiang Feng gave his head a smack, then asked the police for a cigarette. He lighted it up, then squatted by the curb. He needed to calm down before he was going to completely collapse.

Damn, who is this chick? She can even settle people with a criminal record? My God, who are the people that I know from the game? Schizophrenics dont have this kind of power!