Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 239

Chapter 239 Ling Feiyus Confession

With just one call from Ling Feiyu, Lin Bao was then brought over soon after.

The three of them then called a taxi and stayed in a slightly higher quality hotel.

Jiang Feng got a room, showered, and went down, prepared to have lunch.

Ling Feiyu had already booked a room for lunch.

When he reached the room, Ling Feiyu scanned at him continuously.

When Lin Bao saw this, he smiled and said to Jiang Feng, "Little Crazy, not bad! Not only did you get a beautiful girlfriend, but you also trained your body well too! Better than me, at least!"

Jiang Feng glanced at Ling Feiyu, then quickly turned away and asked Lin Bao, "I Right, where did you go for the past eight years? Did you join a gang? Why are there so many scars on you?"

Lin Bao drank from a glass of beer, then said calmly, "Its nothing. I went to Suhai City to establish myself. I was doing quite well, I even became the boss of a small gang. Unfortunately, I was betrayed by my follower. I barely survived it and came back with my tail between my legs. As for the scars on me, who would have walked in the underworld and didnt get scars?"

Ling Feiyu stared at Jiang Feng and abruptly said to him, "Steward, I realize that you look quite handsome in the real world. You look a lot like in the game."

Jiang Feng then smiled awkwardly. "I realize that you are very different than when you are in the game, its hard getting used to it."

At this time, Ling Feiyu suddenly stood up and looked at Jiang Feng, then boldly said, "Steward, be my boyfriend."

"Pfft~" Lin Bao sprayed out the mouthful of beer in his mouth.

Jiang Feng stared at Lin Bao, then looked at Lin Feiyu and gave her an awkward smile. "I"

Before he could finish it, Ling Feiyu suddenly held his face and kissed him. Her assertiveness had risen to another level.

"Hee hee, from now on youre my boyfriend," Ling Feiyu said to Jiang Feng, then happily started eating her lunch.

I Did I just Was I kissed? Whats going on?! Is Ling Feiyu that open?!

Jiang Feng once again fell into torpor.

What he did not know was that the reason Ling Feiyu did this was that she had unlocked the memories from her second life a few days ago.

Ling Feiyu was originally already quite attracted to him, so after she unlocked the memories of her second life, she fell in love with Jiang Feng completely.

In the real world, her personality was the complete opposite of how she acted in the game. When expressing her emotions, she was also very direct.

How dare she take advantage of me! No, I have to take that back!

Jiang Feng felt that he had lost face in front of his brother after being kissed by a girl, so he pulled Ling Feiyu over and kissed her too.

"Hey, hey~ Are we going to eat or what?!" Lin Bao teased and laughed at the two.

Jiang Feng let loose her lips, and also said to Ling Feiyu assertively, "From now on, you are my girlfriend. I dont care what kind of background you have, if you do something wrong, I will smack you!"

Ling Feiyu blushed and nodded happily.

After six months, Jiang Feng was now in a new relationship. Because of that, Jiang Feng really enjoyed his lunch.

He felt that his girlfriend had a very influential background.

After dinner, he brought Ling Feiyu home.

Ling Feiyu did not have a place to stay since she came to look for him as soon as she had arrived.

While Lin Bao did have a place to stay, but after offending Liu Ying, Jiang Feng was worried that Liu Ying might look for trouble, so he brought him back too.

As for the motorbike, he had to leave it in the city for the moment.


When he reached home, Jiang Feng introduced Ling Feiyu to his dad. His dad was also quite happy since his son now had a partner. He did not need to worry about him anymore, so he was quite happy about it.

When he saw Lin Bao, his dad was also quite surprised and also welcomed him to join them.

Next, Jiang Feng introduced Su Qing and the family of foxes.

They chatted with excitement and only went to bed when it was late at night.

When Ling Feiyu entered Jiang Fengs room, she said shyly, "While were both in a relationship, you cannot bully me at night. Let me test you."

Jiang Feng rolled his eyes at Ling Feiyu. "Am I that kind of a person?"

Ling Feiyu smiled and said, "I wouldnt know, would I?"

With that, she took her pajamas and went to shower.

After showering, she wore a semi-transparent pajama as she returned to the room.

Jiang Feng looked at her wet hair and perfect body, he gulped.

"What are you looking at, go to sleep!"

Ling Feiyu rolled his eyes at him, then buried herself in the blanket. Jiang Feng hugged her, and his hands were placed where he should not have.

But he respected Ling Feiyu, so he did not do anything that crossed the line.

Perhaps he was too tired from fighting in the morning, he fell asleep after a short while. Ling Feiyu had also spent a whole day on the plane, and she was also very tired. With a smile, she fell asleep in Jiang Fengs caress.

"Woof~ What. About me?"

Xiaohei lay on the floor and stared at Jiang Feng who was fast asleep with Ling Feiyu in his embrace. It barked lightly, eyes filled with bitterness.

Before Ling Feiyu came over, it would climb up Jiang Fengs bed in the middle of the night because sleeping with Jiang Feng would increase its strength.

Helplessly, it crawled to the corner of the bed and coiled itself and began to sleep.


The next day, Ling Feiyu made a call and had people send over five casket-style terminals. He even gave Su Qing one. She was so generous.

The one that Jiang Feng originally booked was canceled.

They then celebrated happily in the afternoon.

In the evening, under Ling Feiyus request, the entire house had been renovated, and they even got a larger bed.

On the third day, he mainly accompanied Ling Feiyu shopping. However, it was mainly to buy clothes for him, and it made so many men envious of him.

In the evening, around 11 oclock. Ling Feiyu climbed into bed after taking a shower, then hugged Jiang Fengs neck and said, "Little Feng, should we get married in the game first?"

Jiang Feng held her smooth, black air and kissed her. "You want to get married so soon?"

Ling Feiyu nodded. "Yes, I see the other players getting married every day at the Ancient City, Im quite jealous."

Jiang Feng grinned. "You sure? I cant announce my identity. If you get married to me, youll have to listen to a lot of rumors about you."

"As long as I love you, that is enough. I dont care what others say."

Alright, I will prepare for it when I go online. I might need a few days though. The wedding of the Shifter Emperor has to be grand."

"Of course."

"Alright, its almost time to enter the game. Lets get ready."


There was a casket-type game terminal next to each side of the bed. The terminal was two meters in length and half a meter in broadness. It looked like those sleeping pods from the science fiction movies, and it looked very high-tech.

After kissing Ling Feiyu, both entered their own game terminal and prepared to enter the game.

As he lay down into the terminal, Jiang Feng smiled weakly as he muttered while entering the game, I wonder if Feiyu is going to be that cold and distant with me in the game?


As soon as he logged into the game, he could feel a needle pierce into his blood vein at the back of his palm. The cushions that he was lying on were also slowly vibrating. The massage was done in stages, and it was good for the body.

Ding. Welcome back. Wish you have a good time in the game.