Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 240

Chapter 240 Sect Leader

Ding. Welcome back. Wish you have a good time in the game.

As he entered the game, he could hear the melodious voice of the system.

There was darkness, and he felt a bit dizzy.

But when he opened his eyes again, he had reappeared in the Shifter Emperor Palace.

He opened the world map to take a look once he was back online.

He saw that the map had been expanded to almost twice the size, and there were plenty of new locations.

The most unique thing was that in all the major oceans, pirates that were humanoid monsters would appear.

Not only that, these pirates had their own city. It was on the Skull Island on the Pacific Ocean. The City was called the City of Desire, and the minimum level to enter was 100. What that meant was that the pirates in the city had the power to kill players who were at level 100.

Other than the pirates, other areas had introduced many monster territories.

As for the newly added Sects, players would need to find them on their own. Only when a Sects existence was publically announced would they appear on the map.

Ding. System Prompt: As you have reached the maximum number of 100 skills, you can create your own sect. Will you build your own sect?

"I can build my own sect?"

Jiang Feng was slightly stunned from the great surprise when he heard the systems voice.

He opened his skill panel and took a look, and he was shocked.

Other than his original twenty-plus skills, there were around seventy-plus skills that were newly added. And if he added them all up, he had 100 skills.

Most of the new skills were the eight elemental magic skills.

He remembered when he fused with Yamata-no-Orochi, the system had prompted him saying that he had gained eight types of magic skills. He initially thought he had gained eight magic skills, but only now did he understand its significance.

The so-called eight types of magic skills were not eight magic skills, it was eight types of magic skills, and each type had around ten magic skills.

Water element magic, metal element magic, wood element magic light element magic, he had mastered all of them. Of course, these magic are all of Spiritual level and below. Since when he fused with Yamata-no-Orochi, he had only reached Spiritual level.

Even then, he had still underestimated the benefits he could obtain from fusing with a Sacred Beast!

"Build the sect, Shifter Emperor Palace!"

He looked at the magic skills he had to the point where he was getting confused.

While he had many magic skills, they were not that useful to him since he was a melee fighter and did not like to chant to use magic.

He now wanted to see what kind of rewards there were for building up his guild. Then, he would need to go look for Sun Wukongs reincarnation, then look for Grandmaster Bodhi to deal with the seal and skills.

Having too many skills in itself was a problem. It would make your brain confused on what to use, and he could not remember the names of that many skills anyway.

And at times, he could easily call out the wrong name.

Most importantly, there was a limit to the limit of the skills. The skills limit was 100, and he had 100. If he could not find a way to eliminate the skills that he had on himself, he would not be able to learn any more new skills.

Ding. System Prompt: Congratulations on building the Shifter Emperor Palace Sect. As you are the first player to have built a Sect, you shall become the Creator of the Shifter Emperor Palace Sect. You have been rewarded with 1,000,000 gold pieces, 100,000 reputation points, Shifter Emperor Palace Sect level +1. This moment shall be recorded in history and will be announced to the world. Will you hide your name?


Since the name of the sect had already shown who built the sect, hiding the name really did not serve any purpose.

Ding. Server Announcement: Congratulations to the Shifter Emperor for building the Shifter Emperor Palace Guild, becoming the Creator of the Shifter Emperor Palace Guild. He has been rewarded with 1,000,000 gold pieces, 100,000 reputation, and Shifter Emperor Palace Sect level +1. We hope that all players will continue to try their best!


As soon as the Server Announcement was made, all the players were still confused about what had just happened.

The game had only started running for one minute and Jiang Feng had already built his own Sect.

What were Sects? They were the hidden factions within the game. They could learn some Spiritual level or even higher level skills over there.

But what they did not understand was how Jiang Feng built his Sect. What criteria did he fulfill?

Suddenly, the Huaxia Server Message Board, which had been quiet for the past three days, became very active again with everyone trying to chime in.

"Nothings wrong with that. The Shifter Emperors an NPC, and hes that powerful, theres no problem in him building a Sect."

"That I will not accept anyone to be my boss! Except maybe the Shifter Emperor. Do you need a disciple?"

"This is bullshit! I suspect that the Shifter Emperor is the Lord Gods son, hes treating him so well."


Just as everyone was embroiled in the discussion, Jiang Feng pulled over a chair and had a seat, trying to understand what a Sect could do.

Monsters and Players could join a Sect.

Sects would have access to the Scripture Depository, and one could create a low-level skill book every day, a mid-level skill book every three days, a high-level skill book every week, a Spiritual-level skill book every month, and skills of immortal level could be created once every three months.

The higher the level of the sect, the shorter the time needed to craft them.

That meant that with this function, he could create skill books to be given to the disciples that had joined his sect.

As for the sects location, it was located in the Shifter Emperor Palace, and not the Ancient City.

While the Shifter Emperor Palace was still within the Ancient City, it had been singled out.

"Wow! Steward, I didnt realize that youre that powerful, capable of creating your own Sect!"

"Heehee, of course, my idol is the best!"


Just as he was reading some of the Sects functions, Ye Wufeng, Xiao Yatou, Mu Xi, and Ling Feiyu walked in.

Jiang Feng glanced at Ling Feiyu and saw that Ling Feiyu was secretly doing funny faces at him. He smiled, and said to them, "Now that youre here. Have a seat."

"Idol! Quickly, tell us! What is this sect thing?" Xiao Yatou asked excitedly.

Ling Feiyu, Mu Xi, and Ye Wufeng all looked at Jiang Feng curiously.

Jiang Feng then explained to everyone, "The use of the Sect isnt that great, Its mostly used to increase the disciples power. For me, the only useful thing is that as long as those who had joined the sect and want to leave, I have been given the authority to remove the skills that they have learned!"

"Oh! I want to join the Shifter Emperor Palace, and I wont leave, ever!" Xiao Yatou raised her hand.

"I will join too. The Stewards skills are all so cool, I hope you wont be that stingy!" Ye Wufeng said with a smile.

"I will join as well. I really like the Stewards Kill skill," Mu Xi said calmly.

"Ill join. I want to learn the Fly skill from the steward." Ling Feiyu winked at Jiang Feng.

"Alright, you can all join, but the skill books wont come out so soon. Well have to wait for a while."

Jiang Feng then added the skills that Mu Xi and Ling Feiyu wanted to learn into the Scripture Depository. He also added the Infernal Shades skill into the Scripture Depository. Looking at the three skills cooldown, he said to the three of them,

"Kill, Fly and Infernal Shades are all Spiritual level Skills and they will need one months time to make them into a skill book."

He then added all four of them into the Sect, and said to them, "I need to leave the Ancient City for a while, I will leave the Ancient City in your capable hands."

As the World War would be delayed, he was no longer in a hurry to raid for resources. Other than the Uproar in Heaven plot quest, he also did not have any other quests for him to do. He was going to look for the reincarnated Sun Wukong.

Since Ling Zhenhong told him to look for Sun Wukong, that meant that Sun Wukong had already been revived.

As long as he could fund Sun Wukong, he can then bring him to find Grandmaster Bodhi to learn new skills and break the seal.

Once Sun Wukong had learned those skills and his seal had been broken, he could then go to the Celestial Court together with Sun Wukong to save Violetglow and go on a murderous rampage!