Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 241

Chapter 241 Stone Monkey

The Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor.

The lake next to the home that Ling Feiyu was living in.

Jiang Feng ate a low-level polymorph pill and transformed into his human form, and caressed Ling Feiyu from behind.

"Honey, can we be intimate while in the game?"

Ling Feiyu blinked naughtily and then caught Jiang Fengs face with her hand and said, "Well talk about it after our marriage."

Jiang Feng could only nod his head while thinking in his mind, If I knew about this, I wouldnt have boasted. I could have just had a simple wedding. Looks like I still have to wait for a few more days before my marriage.

He promised her when they entered the game that he would prepare a grand wedding for Ling Feiyu.

And if he wanted to make it grand, he still needed to make a lot of preparations.

As long as he could make it grand enough, perhaps his wedding would even be recorded in the history of Divine Dominion forever.

Jiang Feng turned Ling Feiyu around and stared into her eyes, then stroked the strands of her hair, "The game terminals will be sold without limit. When I am not here, bring Mu Xi and the others to recruit some new players and expand our members."

"Yes, dont worry. Ill take good care of the Ancient City," Ling Feiyu said as she gently kissed his lips.

"Im sorry for troubling you."

Jiang Feng played with Ling Feiyus nose.

Ling Feiyu caressed Jiang Fengs silver hair and held him tightly in her embrace.

After they had some time together, Jiang Feng then left.


After he had left the Ancient City, Jiang Feng took out the ID Card and changed his physical appearance and changed his level to 50, and his stats equivalent to normal players.

He then teleported to Dongyu City. He opened the map and looked at the players walking around, and he then left Dongyu City. He looked for somewhere he could be alone, summoned the Monster Cloud, and headed toward Mount Huaguo.

There were many monkey monsters at Mount Huaguo, and most of them were around level 30 to 50.

When Sun Wukong reincarnated, he might reincarnate at Mount Huaguo.

That was why he chose to come to Mount Huaguo.

There were not many players around. Since most of the players were above level 60 at this stage, very few players chose to come here.

The players that did come were mainly here to finish their quests.

Jiang Feng did not pay them much attention and looked for a special monkey amongst the different types of monkey monsters.

Unfortunately, he did not find any trace of him after looking for a long while. He thought to himself, Is Sun Wukong strong after his reincarnation? Could he have been slain by the players?"

"Hey, bro. Ive been seeing you walking around for a long time now, and youre not killing any monsters. Are you looking for something?"

A player playing a warrior class approached and asked him as he had been wandering around the monsters territories.

Jiang Feng then asked with a smile, "Im looking for a monkey that likes to look at the sunset. Have you seen it?"

The player was a bit stunned at the question, "Er there is a monkey like that in the game?"

At this time, a player playing an archer came over and said, "There is. When I entered the Shuilian Cave earlier, I saw a monkey that was looking at the sky at the back. I wanted to kill it, but a level 55 boss was guarding nearby so I didnt do it."

Thats right! How could I have forgotten about Shuilian Cave!

When Jiang Feng heard what the archer had to say, his eyes beamed in excitement. He looked at the two players levels, then took out two level 40 White-Silver equipment and gave them to them and said, "Thank you!"

With that, he then quickly ran over toward Shuilian Cave.

Both players were slightly stunned when they grabbed at the equipment that Jiang Feng gave to them, they were then overjoyed.

"Sh*t, he is so generous! A level 40 White-Silver archer equipment!"

"Haha, he gave me a level 40 White-Silver Ax with two attributes! He is so rich, this is great!"


The only reason that Jiang Feng gave them the equipment was because he was grateful. Not to mention he had a large amount of level 40 gears on him, so he did not care much since they had both helped him.

Shuilian Cave, Mount Huaguo. Underneath a waterfall.

He summoned the Monster Cloud and dived into the Shuilian Cave immediately.

There was a residence made of stone in the Shuilian Cave. All of the things here were made from stones, and there were plenty of monkey monsters here. They were all fooling around, but their levels had all reached level 50.

He entered and avoided the aggro radius of the monkey monsters, then moved toward the back of the Shuilian Cave.

At the back of the Shuilian Cave was an exit, and it led to a valley.

"Found you!"

On a tall tree within the valley was a little monkey squatting on a tree branch.

The little monkey squatted there and looked into the sky, doing nothing. As if there was nothing else that mattered in this world other than the sky in front of it.

On where the tree began to branch out, there lay an old monkey with blue fur. It was a Frost Monkey boss.

When Jiang Feng appeared, the Frost Monkey King looked at him carefully. If Jiang Feng dared to approach the tree, it would no doubt attack Jiang Feng.

Jiang Feng looked at the Frost Monkey Kings prudence, he was not going to attack it. Instead, he dismissed the effect of the Polymorph Pill, and transformed into Sun Wukongs form.


Seeing Jiang Fengs form, the Frost Monkey King fell from the tree, then ran toward Jiang Feng excitedly.

"My King, have you returned?" The Frost King looked at Jiang Feng thrillingly. It seemed that it was treating Jiang Feng as Sun Wukong.


Jiang Feng nodded, summoned the Monster Cloud, and flew to the side of the little monkey.

Stone Monkey: Unawakened

Introduction: After Sun Wukongs death, a stone monkey burst forth from the rock of Mount Huaguo. It seemed to have lost its soul, and only looked at the sunset on a tree.

Status: Unawakened. Unable to be checked.

"Great Saint, do you still remember me?" Jiang Feng stood by his side and asked him.

The Stone Monkey did not move and continued to look at the sky despite there being no sunsets.

"My King, he is just like you and had burst forth from a rock! I think that he must somehow have some connection with you, so I have been protecting him all this while!" the Frost Monkey King said.

"Well done, this is for you!" Jiang Feng said and then took out an Evolution Pill and threw it to it.

"A Golden Pill! Thank you, my king! Thank you!"

The Frost Monkey King was so excited that it almost cried. With the Evolution Pill in its hand, it ran to the side and looked at it, letting out excited screeches every once in a while.

Jiang Feng did not pay attention to the Frost Monkey King and remembered what Sun Wukong said before he passed. Jiang Feng did not talk to him and simply sat by his side. One large monkey and one little monkey gazing at the sky.


The change between morning and night in the game was very fast. They were not synchronized with the real world. After staring at the sky for a moment, the sun started to set. Not only that, there was a motion picture in the sunset.

Jiang Feng was shocked as he looked at the video in the sunset.

In the video, Violetglows figure had appeared. He saw that Violetglow had been chained to a stone pillar, and several Heavenly Soldiers kept on whipping her with a rattan cane to the point where he could see that her flesh was bleeding and he could not even differentiate where the wound started and the blood began!


When he saw what was happening, Jiang Feng was so angry that his body was shaking. At this time, he also noticed that the Stone Monkey, who was not moving at all, began to shake uncontrollably as he gritted his teeth to the point where it was making grinding sounds. His pair of monkey paws almost scratching into the tree branch under him.