Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 242

Chapter 242 Braving King Yanluos Palace

Mount Huaguo.

A large monkey and a little monkey were staring into the sunset angrily.

Looking at the images that the sunset was showing, both Jiang Feng and the Stone Monkey were angered.

Especially the Stone Monkey, it was so painful for him that tears were flowing down his cheeks.

All the monkeys around them seemed to have caught the sadness, and they had all stopped playing. All of them stopped and stared at the Stone Monkey.

"Squeak, squeak!"

When Violetglow fainted because of the lashing from the whip, the Stone Monkey could not hold it in anymore. He jumped up and down, beating his chest as he let out cries of agony.

"Squeak, squeak!"

All the monkeys cried out in pain.

When Jiang Feng saw what happened, he was in awe.

Looks like Sun Wukong was also deeply in love with Violetglow. Unfortunately, with the Divines and Infernals both standing in between them, they cant be together and had to go through a separation between life and death.

"Dont worry, Ill accompany you to the Celestial Courts and save Violetglow!" Jiang Feng said to the Stone Monkey as he looked at him.

Ding. System Prompt: Will you accept the Uproar in Heaven Save Fairy Violetglows side quest, and find the Stone Monkeys missing soul?


After he had accepted the quest, he then left.

From the Stone Monkeys introduction, he already knew that the Uproar in Heaven Plot Quest was not that easy. There would be plenty of side quests that he would need to work on.

Stone Monkeys soul?

There was only one place where souls usually existed, that would be the Courts of Hell!

So he was ready to go to the Courts of Hell and find the Stone Monkeys soul. Even if the Stone Monkeys soul was not there, he should be able to find information on the Stone Monkey there.

As soon as he could bring back the Stone Monkeys soul, he would no longer be a mere Stone Monkey. He would be restored to Sun Wukong, the Great Saint who Equates the Heavens!

"I should go look for Xiao Lan at Luoran Temple."

He did not know the location of the Courts of Hell, so he would need to look for Xiao Lan.

He then used his Polymorph skill to transform back into his human form. He then returned to the Ancient City, and used the Ancient Citys teleportation circle to teleport to Lanruo Temple.

When he was back at Lanruo Temple, he was not sure what Nie Xiaoqian had said to Ning Caichen but he was no longer there.

He rode on the Monster Cloud and flew on top of Lanruo Temple, then yelled out loud in the direction of Lanruo Temple, "Xiao Lan, come out!"

Just as he had finished yelling, Xiao Lans figure appeared next to him.

When Xiao Lan saw that it was Jiang Feng, she yelled angrily back at him, "What are you yelling about, you thug?"

"Bring me to the Courts of Hell!" Jiang Feng said to Xiao Lan.

"So, you are going to use your third promise?" Xiao Lan smiled alluringly.

"If you say so. Lets go," Jiang Feng said to her hurriedly.

He did not know what he wanted Xiao Lan to do for her third promise, so it was a good tradeoff if he had to use it to complete the Uproar in Heaven plot.

"Alright, follow me!" Xiao Lan said as she nodded, then led Jiang Feng toward the depths of the Ghostmist Forest behind Lanruo Temple.

Jiang Feng followed her tightly on the Monster Cloud.

On their way there, Xiao Lan kept on turning back to look at Jiang Feng, who was clearly frowning as his silver hair fluttered with the wind.

What is it with him today? He seems to be emotionally unhinged!" She shook her head as it was not worth her time to think about if she could not understand it.

The two entered the Ghostmist Forest very quickly.

The Ghostmist Forest was layered with heavy fogs, and spirits populated the area.

When all the female spirits saw Jiang Feng approaching, Xiao Lan frowned as they were going to charm him by showing their good figures and kill him. She then shouted out coldly, "Out of our way!"

All the female spirits shuddered and made way for them.

Without the spirits blocking them, they arrived at the depths of the Ghostmist Forest in a short while.

"We are here!" Once they were there, Xiao Lan waved her hands and a stone tablet around 6 to 9 meters tall appeared on a clearing in front of them.

The words "Courts of Hell" were clearly written on the stone tablet.

"This is the entrance to the Courts of Hell. But think carefully. The spirits and ghosts within are all quite powerful, and you can easily die in there!" Xiao Lan reminded Jiang Feng as she pointed at the stone tablet.

She thought to herself afterward, "Damn it. What does it have to do with me? I wish that he would die there."

"Help me open the path!" Jiang Feng said.

"Fine, fine," Xiao Lan said as she pouted, then she waved her hand and the tablet began to shake.


Next, the stone tablet began to split open from the middle and began to reform itself like a transformer. In a short while, the stone table became an archway.

The archway was a deep-blue color, and it looked terrifying.

With his Jingu Staff in hand, he flew in directly.

Xiaolan hesitated but followed him still, wanting to know what Jiang Feng wanted to do in the Courts of Hell.

The Courts of Hell was filled with dread, and terrifying spirits would sometimes float them by.

The Courts of Hell was quite huge. Its size was similar to the Purgatory.

"There is only one palace in this place, and that is the King Yanluos Palace. The Ten Yama Kings reside within the palace."

"Now, out of the Ten Yama Kings, five of them died in the great war ten thousand years ago. The remaining five Yama Kings are still recovering from their critical injuries," Xiao Lan said to Jiang Feng.

"What should I do if I want to find a specific soul?" Jiang Feng said to Xiao Lan.

"Find a Judge. He has the Book of Life and Death, and it could find any soul that is within the Three Realms. But with the area guarded by level 100 Spirit Generals, you will not succeed," Xiao Lan said.

She then frowned and said, "Damn it. Why am I telling you all this? Alright, stop asking me, you thug! If you keep asking me, I will kill you!"

"Thank you!" Jiang Feng said to Xiao Lan with a smile. He then rode on the Monster Cloud and headed toward the King Yanluos Palace.

The King Yanluos Palace was around 300 meters tall in all its grandeur and splendor.

The first level was the main hall, where King Yanluo and the Ten Yama Kings proceeded with their everyday duties. The judges were also there.

"Stop! A Shifter? Kill him!" As soon as Jiang Feng came to the King Yanluos Palace, he was blocked by two Spirit Generals. When they realized that he was a Shifter, they readied their weapons and attacked Jiang Feng.

Xiao Lan did not step forward. While she was the Spirits Inheritor, she was not in the position to break the law of the King Yanluos Palace.

"If you dont want to die, get out of my way!" Jiang Feng said to the two Spirit Generals coldly.

"Shifter that knows not your place! We will slay you this very day!"

Jiang Feng smiled coldly, took out a Seal Breaking Pill, and ate it.


After eating the Seal Breaking Pill, he roared as the seal placed on him was temporarily broken. A forceful presence emanated from him.

"So powerful! He How could he be so powerful?!"

When Xiao Lan saw it from a distance, she trembled when she saw Jiang Fengs power that had suddenly increased dramatically.

As he held the Jingu Staff, his figure blurred and appeared next to a Spirit General and slammed it violently with a Jingu Staff, and directly whacked the Spirit General into the ground, instantly causing almost 1,000,000 worth of damage.

The level 100 Spirit Generals were only normal Spirit Generals. Their attacks were around 2,000,000 and HPs were around 10,000,000. They were not his match.

He had already prepared himself in coming to the Courts of Hell. That meant that he was prepared to save the Stone Monkeys soul even if that meant he had to flip the entire Courts of Hell over!