Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 243

Chapter 243 Battling The Judge

Within King Yanluos Palace, the Courts of Hell.

When he was sealed, Jiang Feng would not be able to defeat the Spirit General. Instead, he would probably be one-shot.

But after his seal was broken, his stats went over the charts and the Spirit Generals could not stop him.

The two Spirit Generals guardians had been quickly killed off without him losing even one HP.

After the two Spirit Generals were killed, around ten items were dropped. There were even Spiritual Artifacts among them.

Unfortunately, their level requirements were too high and not something he could use, so he did what he could by keeping them in the Qiankun Gourd.

He then walked into the King Yanluos Palace under Xiao Lans surprised stare.

There were not any monsters in the first level of King Yanluos palace. Only an ugly Judge lying on a chair, flipping the pages of an empty book floating in the air.

The book was big and thick. It was almost three meters tall and half a meter thick. The words "Book of Life and Death" were written on its cover.

The Judge held a brush, and as he waved, the pages of the Book of Life and Death flipped over as he wrote something in the air using his brush.

In a short while, several brush strokes appeared in the air. He waved his brush again, and the words were transferred to the Book of Life and Death.

Jiang Feng entered and approached the Judge. "Help me find the soul of someone!"

The Judge was slightly stunned when he heard Jiang Fengs voice and stood up from the chair as he looked in his direction.

He scanned at Jiang Feng and frowned. "A Shifter? You dare enter King Yan Luos palace? You must have a death wish!"

"I would advise you to do as I said, otherwise your existence will no longer be needed here!" Jiang Feng pointed the Jingu Staff at the Judge as he said coldly.

"Try it, then!"

The Judge is a level 100 Ghost King NPC, and his power was only slightly lower than the Ten Yama Kings. However, his powers were still higher than Jiang Feng by a large margin.

HP: 15,000,000

Attack: 3,500,000 4,000,000

Defense: 1,500,000

With those stats, it could be said that he was already very powerful.

But Jiang Feng was not afraid of him. He took out Abbot Lanruos Golden Body and fused with it.

Ding. System Prompt: As you are too powerful, the effects of fusing with Abbot Lanruos Golden Body have been weakened. Attack and Defense increased by 30%, effective for 2 hours, death -2 level.

"Hm? Didnt expect that the stronger I am, the weaker Abbot Lanruos golden body is," Jiang Feng thought to himself after he heard the systems voice.

His defense was 1,500,000, after increasing it by 30% it would be increased to 1,950,000. His attacks had even reached 3,900,000 4,550,000. He was becoming a beast himself.

When the Judge saw that Jiang Feng had become golden after he fused with Abbot Lanruos Golden Body, he scowled as he swept at him with the Judges Brush.

The Judges Brush was very powerful. With that strike, a chain appeared out of nowhere and bounded Jiang Feng.


One strike from the Judge had done almost 1,600,000 damage to Jiang Feng.


With Purify, a light flashed on himself and his negative condition was removed.

Next, he used the Jingu Staff in his hand and struck the Judge away.

After a Blink, he appeared next to the Judge and yelled, "Tornado!"

When he used the skill, a tornado appeared and started to spin around the Judge.

But the tornado had just started to form when the Judge waved with his Judges Brush and dispelled the Tornado skill.

"Soulbinding Chain!" The Judge cried out frigidly, and his Judges Brush became a chain as he lashed it toward Jiang Feng.

"High-speed Movement, Infernal Shades!"

Jiang Feng used High-speed Movement to dodge from the Soulbinding Chains, and a dozen phantasms of himself appeared around him next. They then rushed toward the Judge.

The Judge was quite powerful as well, he shifted his Souldbinding Chain back into the Judges Brush. He then wrote the name "Shifter Emperor" in the air, then howled out in fury as he crossed out the name, "Die!"


At the same time, Jiang Feng felt as if his entire body was being stabbed and slashed by hundreds and thousands of blades, and he was quickly losing HP.

Seeing what was going to happen, he quickly used one of the three skills that he had obtained after fusing with Abbot Lanruos Golden Body.

Mantra of Invulnerability: Immortal Level Skill

After activation, becomes invulnerable for 5 seconds. Cooldown of 30 minutes. This skill can be used to craft a Talisman of Invulnerability every three days.

The effect of the Mantra of Invulnerability was able to defend against the Judges ability.

He guessed that it must have been the Judges skill to judge ones life and death, but it should be a skill that was based on probability. It was clear that he was quite unlucky, and he was struck by the Judges "Death Sentence" skill. He was forced to use a skill that granted him Invulnerability, or he would be dead in a matter of seconds.

"Dragon Howl! Requiem! Chill! Kill!"

T/L note to PR: No, I have no idea when he got the Chill skill too.

The angered Jiang Feng changed the Jingu Staff in his hand into a sword and used three crowd control skills on him immediately. Then, he used his Kill skill. With one step, he appeared behind the Judge and his sword quickly stabbed at him.

The Judge was indeed quite powerful. In three seconds, he had already dispelled the effects of the three crowd control skills. After he was attacked by Jiang Feng thrice, he quickly dodged away.

When he avoided Jiang Fengs attacks, he only had around 5,000,000 HP remaining.


Jiang Feng yelled out again and appeared next to him and quickly equipped the Sky Stealing Hand, "Sky Stealing Hand!"

As soon as he appeared next to the Judge, he did not wait for the Judge to wave the Judges Brush and caught it in his hand, and used the Sky Stealing Hands skill.

Ding. System Prompt: The Judges Brush is a bound item. Steal failed!

While Jiang Fengs attempt to steal from him failed, he did not wait for the Judge to use his skills and used this opportunity to give him another stab.


This strike almost hit a 4,000,000 damage, and the judge only had a few million HP left.

Just as he was going to finish the Judge off, the Judge quickly knelt and begged for his life.

"Stop, stop! I surrender! I will help you find the soul! If you kill me, no one else will be able to use the Book of Life and Death!"

Jiang Feng smiled coldly as he stopped his sword that was going to fall into the Judges head. "Then make it quick!"

The Seal Breaking Pills effect only had around 90 minutes left, he had no time to waste in this place.

He could not control the Book of Life and Death as it could only be controlled by the Judge. Otherwise, he would not hesitate to kill him.

The Judge looked at Jiang Feng in fear and walked toward the Book of Life and Death as he shuddered. Then he turned around and asked Jiang Feng, "Whose soul do you seek?"

"Sun Wukong!" Jiang Feng said.

"Nothing," the Judge shook his head and told Jiang Feng as he flipped through the Book of Life and Death.

Jiang Feng gave it another thought and said, "Stone Monkey!"

The Judge nodded and wiped away his cold sweat, and began to look for it.


At this time, the Book of Life and Death shone.

And it showed a monkeys soul that was being incinerated in a burning pyre at the Hell of the Mountain of Fire within the Eighteen Layered Hell. It would scream out in agony every once in a while when experiencing great pain.

"It it is in the Hell of the Mountain of Fire. But each of the eighteen layers is guarded by powerful Jailor Kings, and I do not have the authority to command them, therefore"

"Then, I will do this the hard way. Tell me where the Eighteen Layered Hell is."

Jiang Feng did not let him finish and asked him directly.

"Just one level above us." The Judge pointed upward in fear.

Jiang Feng looked up, then flew up with the Jingu Staff in hand and headed toward the second level of King Yanluos Palace.

When the Judge saw that Jiang Feng had entered the second level of King Yanluos Palace and was going to attack the Eighteen Layered Hell, he was so in so much shock that his legs gave way. He then patted his chest and asked Xiao Lan, who was still in shock, "My goodness, who is that monkey? He is so powerful!"