Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 244

Chapter 244 The Three Realms Cannot Keep Me In

Xiao Lan looked at Jiang Feng who had entered the second level of King Yanluos Palace in awe.

Some time ago, she had the ability to kill Jiang Feng. But in just a few days, Jiang Fengs power had surpassed hers by several folds.

She feared the Judge and the other five King Yamas the most while she was in the Courts of Hell.

It was because they were too powerful and she could not defeat them.

However, she did not expect Jiang Feng to be able to secure victory over the Judge, and it seemed like he did not break a sweat.

Xiao Lan gulped when she regained her composure, then headed toward the second level of King Yanluos Palace as she mumbled, "How is he so powerful right now?"

The second level of King Yanluos Palace was, in fact, the Eighteen Layered Hell.

Each layer was one layer of hell, and there were eighteen layers in total.

The first layer was the Hell of Tongue Ripping.

Those who had committed the crimes of gossiping, slandering, manipulation, lying when they were alive would be thrown into the Hell of Tongue Ripping. The spirits here would force their mouths open, and rip out their tongues using a pair of iron tongs. But they would not rip the tongues out all at once, they would pull it out, drag it out and then throw it down to the Hell of Scissors and the Hell of Trees of Knives.


Just as he had entered this level, he could already hear the wailings of agony.

And he saw in front of him, many spirits that had been tied on wooden poles. Spirit Imps were pulling their tongues with iron tongs to the point where they reached around 40 meters, then threw them into other layers of hell.

At this level, there was a stone stage. On the steps of the stone stage were Spirit Soldiers, Spirit Generals and the Tongue-Ripping Spirit King.

In order to save time, Jiang Feng then flew over and directly stopped in front of the Tongue-Ripping Spirit King and said calmly, "I want to enter the Hell of the Mountain of Fire."

The Tongue-Ripping Spirit King was taken by surprise when someone suddenly appeared on the stage, and its already ugly face became even more hideous as he asked him furiously, "A Shifter Monkey? If you did not die, how did you enter the Eighteen Layered Hell?"

Jiang Feng then emphasized again, "I want to enter the Hell of the Mountain of Fire!"

The Tongue-Ripping Spirit King then said, "If you want to enter the Hell of the Mountain of Fire, then it will depend on whether you have the power to do so!"

With that, The Tongue-Ripping Spirit King headed toward Jiang Feng with a giant iron tong in his hand.


Jiang Feng took out the Jingu Staff and blocked the Tongue-Ripping Spirit Kings giant iron tongs, then jumped off the ground as he appeared behind him with the Jingu Staff smacked violently at him.


Chill was a mid-level water-elemental crowd control skill, and he could use it without any sort of casting.

Next, the Tongue-Ripping Spirit King was frozen.

As a Spirit King, it had many skills. It easily dispelled the negative status condition and cried out loudly and appeared behind Jiang Feng, and used its iron tongs to violently slam at him and threw him into the air.


The Tongue-Ripping Spirit King then appeared next to Jiang Feng again using a positioning skill and was going to continue his attack. But at this time, the sounds of bells began to ring and the Tongue-Ripping Spirit King was instantly stunned.

Jiang Feng used this chance to attack the Tongue-Ripping Spirit King with the Jingu Staff. He managed to hit it around five times in one second with his quick attack speed, and the Tongue-Ripping Spirit King only had very little HP left.

"Stop! Only I can open the gates to the next layer of hell, you cannot kill me!" The weakened Tongue-Ripping Spirit King said to Jiang Feng.

"Then open the gate!" Jiang Feng did not kill it and said to it coldly.

The Tongue-Ripping Spirit King did not expect Jiang Feng to be so powerful. Helplessly, he opened the gate to the second level of Hell.

As he waved, a circular gate that was emitting a green light appeared in front of Jiang Feng.

Level two. The Hell of Scissors.

The one that guarded this hell was a woman in green and holding a giant scissor. She was almost as strong as the Tongue-Ripping Spirit King.

And he easily went through the second level.

Level 3, Hell of Trees of Knives.

Level 4, Hell of Mirrors of Retribution.

Level 5, Hell of Steaming.

Level 6, Hell of Copper Pillars.


Level 16, the Hell of the Mountain of Fire

Jiang Feng had directly breached into the sixteenth level of Hell and the Hell of the Mountain of Fire.

Xiao Lan, who had been trailing behind him, had been completely stunned by his decisiveness.

Xiao Lan did not want to kill Jiang Feng anymore. She was not sure why, but she had a rather complicated feeling when she saw Jiang Fengs conviction.

There was no longer hate and resentment when she remembered what he did to her, instead, she became bashful.

When she saw that Jiang Feng was looking at her, she said to him in a shy and timid voice all of a sudden, "You thug, you better bear the responsibility."

When Jiang Feng saw Xiao Lan becoming all lovey-dovey, he was stunned and asked after he blinked, "Whats going on with you?"

"No nothing" Xiao Lan quickly waved her hands as she blushed.

Jiang Feng rolled his eyes at Xiao Lan and stepped into the Hell of the Mountain of Fire.


As soon as he entered the Hell of the Mountain of Fire, he could sense the heatwave crashing toward him as well as hear the screams of pain.

And in front of him stood a mountain of fire, and all those inside were souls that were sentenced to punishment here. The Stone Monkeys soul was at the peak, his arms and legs were chained by four chains as he was burnt by flames of three colors.

"The Flames of Samadhi! Who is that monkey? How could he have endured the Flames of Samadhi!" Xiao Lan said in shock.

Jiang Feng looked at the Stone Monkeys soul suffering in pain, and he was seething.

Sun Wukong did not belong in the Three Realms and the five elements. But after he reincarnated, he was bound into the Three Realms.

As long as he could fuse his soul back into the Stone Monkeys body and relearn from Grandmaster Bodhi, he could one day return to his former identity as Sun Wukong, the Great Saint who Equates the Heaven!

But when he saw the sorry state that the Stone Monkeys soul was in, he remembered when Sun Wukong had given him his body and he become enraged.

"Great Saint, here I come!" He stepped on the Monster Cloud and headed toward the peak of the Mountain of Fire.

When he heard Jiang Fengs voice, the soul of the Stone Monkey raised his head despite the burning pain he was in.

When he saw Jiang Feng, his charred eyes became wet and he laughed with his head held up high, "Hahahahaha. The Three Realms? You cannot keep me in! Hahaha"

His voice contained joy, and it contained madness!

"Roar! You beast, I will fulfill your desire to die!"

Just as Jiang Feng came close to the Mountain of Fire, a flaming giant with three heads and six arms came out from the mountain. The huge giant was around 300 meters tall.

That was indeed the Ghost King of the Mountain of Fire. Each of its six arms held a burning chain, and on his head were three flames burning in three different colors.

Its power was much more powerful than the fifteen other ghost kings that he had encountered so far.

"Shifter Emperor! Be careful, normal attacks are useless against it. Water elemental and Ice elemental attacks are more effective against it!" The Stone Monkeys soul reminded Jiang Feng.


Sun Wukong and Fire Qilin were both fire-elemental forms, and were not proficient with water-elemental attacks and magic, so he had to change to another form to fight.


As he had roared, he had changed into the form of Yamata-no-Orochi.

Yamata-no-Orochi could control eight different types of magic, and it knew how to use both water and ice elemental magic. The other types of magic he could use could also keep the Ghost King of the Mountain of Fire in check. With this form, he had a chance of winning!