Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 245

Chapter 245 Zhong Kui

Ghost King of the Mountain of Fire: The Ruler of the Hell of the Mountain of Fire

Introduction: The ruler of the Hell of the Mountain of Fire within the Eighteen Layered Hell. It is very powerful.

HP: 20,000,000

Attack: 5,000,000 5,500,000

Defense: 2,000,000

Resistance to physical attacks and six elemental magic +30%


When he transformed into Yamata-no-Orochi and rushed toward the Ruler of the Hell of the Mountain of Fire, he checked its status.

It was just as the Stone Monkeys soul had said. Physical attacks and normal magic attacks had very little effect against it.

Light element attacks would have some effect against it, but it was not as effective as water element and ice element.

"Tidal Wave!:

After he had become Yamata-no-Orochi, he transformed his Jingu Staff into a Dragonball and used one of his powerful techniques.

Next, a tidal wave appeared out of nowhere and crashed against the Ghost King of the Mountain of Fire.



When the Ghost King of the Mountain of Fire was sunk by seawater, a damage of 3,230,000 floated out from its head. It roared out angrily, and the six chains on his arms lashed out toward Jiang Feng.


With a flash, Jiang Fengs huge body appeared behind the Ghost King of the Mountain of Fire, and his head that carried the blue gem breathed out three water snakes toward it.

At the same time, the same snakehead also released a mist, and everything that the mist touched was frozen solid.

"Flames of Samadhi!"

After being attacked thrice by Jiang Feng, the Ghost King of the Mountain of Fire became even angrier. The three colored flames on his head began to sprout like a fountain, and the flames formed a light barrier.

"Fire Domain!"

Next, he activated his fire domain, and all the orange-yellow flames around him turned into the Flames of Samadhi.

The Flames of Samadhi caused extra damage and Jiang Feng did not want to take it on directly, so he quickly retreated.

Unfortunately, his body was too big, and eight heads equal to eight consciousness, so he could not quite focus, and controlling himself was slightly difficult.

The original Yamata-no-Orochi was born with eight heads and it could control them easily, but he could not.

That was why when he was retreating, a few of his other heads did not react fast enough and were struck twice.

"Damn it, this body is too clumsy! I need to change to another, transform!"

Eight heads were holding him back, and he had to change to another form.

This time, he transformed into an Ice Condor, flapping his wings in the air. As he flapped his wings, lances of ice striked toward the Ghost King of the Mountain of Fire.

Unfortunately, as soon as the ice lances touched the Flames of Samadhi, they all melted away and did not do any damage.


When he saw the giants flaming chains lashing toward him again, he transformed into a Water Frog. The moment his body became small, he dodged the attack.

After he had become a small water frog, he could still use the other skills that he had gained from fusing with the Yamata-no-Orochi, and he quickly used one of them.

"Frozen Chains!"

Chain after chain appeared next, all whipping toward the Ghost King of the Mountain of Fire and trying to bind him.

"Frost Nova!"

Seeing that the Frozen Chains could not breach through the Ghost King of the Mountain of Fires Flames of Samadhi fire domain, he became enraged. As he dodged, he began chanting and used a Spiritual-level Skill.

Next, ice clouds began to form in the air, and waves of ice arrows were fired toward the Ghost King of the Mountain of Fire.

While most of the ice arrows had been blocked by the Flames of Samadhi domain, some of them still made it in and caused some damage to it.

"Transform! Dragon Howl, Requiem, Chill, Entangle, Quicksand, Slam of Mount Tai, The Dao of Man!"

Just as the Ghost King of the Mountain of Fire was blocking the ice arrows, he transformed into the Frost Monkey, and the Dragonball once again became the Jingu Staff and he attacked toward it. As most of his skills had reached their cooldown, he used many of his crowd-controlling skills immediately.

The crowd-control skills managed to hold the Ghost King of the Mountain of Fire for the moment.

He did not care whether his attacks were going to be effective or not, but he used his "Dao Dao Dao" skill and rushed over. His Jingu Staff kept on whacking away at it.

Next, damage began to float out from his head.

While normal attacks could not deal as much damage, each of his attacks could deal around 800,000 worth of damage.

As the Ghost King of the Mountain of Fire was affected by all the negative status effects and adding the HP that he had lost before this, it only had a slither of health left before it could even react.

"Wait, you cannot kill me! If you kill me, that monkey can never leave!" The Ghost King of the Mountain of Fire had been defeated and begged when it saw that its health was almost empty.

Jiang Feng placed the Jingu Staff that had been enlarged on its shoulder and said coldly, "Release it, and I will let you live!"

The Ghost King of the Mountain of Fire nodded and waved its hand, and the chains on the Stone Monkeys soul were taken back by it.


When the Stone Monkey was freed, he did a somersault and escaped from the Flames of Samadhi.

The moment he escaped, he let out a hearty laugh. His eyes that had been charred to black became golden, and golden light shot out as it scanned the entire Hell of Mountain of Fire. It was so majestic that it made others tremble.

"The Blazing Golden Eyes!" Jiang Feng was slightly stunned when he saw the golden light coming out of the Stone Monkeys eyes.

He did not realize that in Divine Dominion, Sun Wukong did not gain his Blazing Golden Eyes from Taishang Laojuns Bagua Furnace, but from the Hell of the Mountain of Fire!

At the same time, he understood why he did not learn the Blazing Golden Eyes when he fused with Sun Wukongs body. That was because Sun Wukong had not learned it yet.

When he saw that the Stone Monkeys Soul had been released, he quickly took out the Qiankun Gourd. "Great Saint, Ill bring you out!"

"Haha, alright!" The Stone Monkeys soul let out another laugh as he went into the Qiankun Gourd.

"Shifter, do not escape!"

As soon as he had the Stone Monkeys soul, he saw a great gate appear in the middle of the air. A powerful aura leaked out from the other side of the gate, and it even made him feel fear.

"One of the Five Yama Kings!" When he saw that, he remembered something and quickly took out the Teleportation Cauldron. He quickly jumped into it and teleported away.

The Courts of Hell and Purgatory worked the same way in the sense that he could not use his Town Portal skills or scrolls. If he were to die here, he would revive at this place. As such, he had to use the Teleportation Cauldron.

Originally, he wanted to kill the Ghost King of the Mountain of Fire before leaving, but that would not be possible anymore.

The Seal Breaking Pill only had around ten minutes left, and he probably could not kill the Ghost King of the Mountain of Fire in one hit. If he could not do it, the Yama King would instantly kill him.

The Five Yama Kings powers were much higher than the rulers of the Eighteen Layered Hell.

Once he was killed, he would be revived in the Courts of Hell. And when the Yama King appeared again, he would be killed again. If that continued on, he would be killed to the point of returning to level 0.

That was the reason he gave up on his greed and escaped directly using the Teleporting Cauldron.

After Jiang Feng had left, a bearded, ugly, well-built man wearing a classical officials uniform and wielding the glowing Seven Star Sword stepped into the Hell of the Mountain of Fire.

"Lord Zhong Kui!" When the Ghost King of the Mountain of Fire saw the ugly man come in, it bowed down as he felt a shiver down his spine.

The one that came was not any one of the five remaining Yama Kings, but Zhong Kui!

"Greetings, Lord Zhong Kui!"

When Xiao Lan saw this, she also bowed in respect.

After the Five Yama Kings had been injured, their powers were severely limited. Currently, the most powerful NPC within the Court of Hell would be Zhong Kui, an NPC that had almost reached the level of a Spirit Archmaster. He was domineering and he hated wickedness, and all in the Courts of Hell feared him.

"By the gods! All I did was go to the Celestial Courts for a few hours and you have allowed a monkey to invade King Yanluos Palace, the Eighteen Layered Hell, and even allowed him to take away that monkeys soul that I have spent so much effort on capturing! Do you not know that if that monkeys soul were returned to his body, the Three Realms would fall into chaos?!"

Zhong Kui roared at the Ghost King of the Mountain of Fire and Xiao Lan.