Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 247

Chapter 247 Imposter Glasses

Level 60 Silver Wolf territory near Mount Huaguo.

Jiang Feng said to a Silver Wolf King, "Surrender or die!"

The Silver Wolf king looked at Jiang Feng in fear and lay on the ground. "I surrender!"

After recruiting the Silver Wolf King, Jiang Feng jumped on it and had it call another normal Silver Wolf. Sun Wukong and he rode on one each and headed to the north.

He knew from Sun Wukong that Mount Fangcun was located at the northernmost territory in the Huaxia Server, next to Changshou Village.

If they were to make it to Mount Fangcun, they would need to pass by many cities and would need at least half a months time.

"Great Saint, why not enter the Qiankun Gourd? I will travel while you can rest inside," He took out the Qiankun Gourd and said to Sun Wukong after recruiting the Silver Wolf King.

"Alright!" Sun Wukong nodded and entered the Qiankun Gourd.

Looking at Sun Wukong inside the Qiankun Gourd, he mused to himself, I wonder if I can have Feiyu bring Sun Wukong to Mount Fangcun. If she can, then I can complete the quest directly.

With that thought in mind, he sent a message to Ling Feiyu and asked her to get some Polymorph Pills from Uncle Hua since he was running low on them. Then, he looked for a place to wait for Ling Feiyu to reach him.

As he was waiting, he took out the Alchemical Furnace and prepared to make some pills.

After buying a stack of herbal medicine, he began to create some pills. While he could not find any use for the pills, he could use them as rewards for the Ancient Citys quests.

Since it was time for a new batch of players to join the game, the Ancient City should be able to recruit a large number of players to join them.

"Little Feng!"

After half an hour, Ling Feiyu then came over on her unicorn.

"Hm? You are."

Jing Feng raised his head and saw that Ling Feiyu was wearing a veil and a white dress.

Ling Feiyu landed and approached him as she took down the veil. She then smiled sweetly as she said, "This is made by Grandma Sang from the plans that you had given to her. It is very popular in the Ancient City, and many players have come over to buy it. I took a set, but I was worried about getting too much attention so I wore a veil too. Do I look nice?"

With that, Ling Feiyu twirled in front of him.

"Youre quite vain, but I do have to agree that you are really beautiful. You look just like a fairy," Jiang Feng said truthfully.

Ling Feiyu was the servers most beautiful woman, so there was nothing that he could add about her beauty.

"Right, why did you look for me?"

"Can you try and use the Town Portal skill with the Qiankun Gourd?"

With that, Jiang Feng then took out the Qiankun Gourd and gave it to Ling Feiyu.

Ling Feiyu gave it a try and shook her head. "Nope. The system prompted me saying that theres someone with a special quest inside, and I cant use the Town Portal skill and Teleportation items."

"Sigh Looks like I have to use my own two feet to get over there then."

"What kind of quest did you accept?"

Next, Jiang Feng told Ling Feiyu about the Uproar in Heaven quest.

"This is a very good quest. Ill accompany you, and I can take this time to look at the scenery in the game," Ling Feiyu said excitedly once she heard of Jiang Fengs quest.

"Alright, but you have to disguise yourself or youll cause a disturbance again," Jiang Feng said.

"But I dont have any items for that," Ling Feiyu said helplessly.

"Wait," Jiang Feng said and opened the Monster Transmutation System, then looked at the lottery system. He was going to draw a lottery.

He only had 7 chances left to the lottery, but he did not mind using one.

He took out the Ruler of Hakai and began the lottery draw as the indicator spun.

Give me an item for disguise! He prayed in his heart.

The indicator stopped very quickly and stopped at the special category. A lapis lazuli chest appeared.

That meant that the item that he got was an Immortal level item.

He opened the chest, and a pair of glasses appeared in front of him.

Imposter Glasses: Immortal-level Item

Seal: Seal your own stats, but you can unseal yourself at any time. No duration limits. No cooldown.

Disguise: You can change the information that you display for yourself. No duration limits. No cooldown.

Alter Appearance: You can adjust your appearance. No duration limits. No cooldown.

Prerequisite: None

The immortal level item had no other attributes. It had only three skills, but the three skills were all suitable for disguising ones self and was better than the ID card.

He gave it a thought and took out the ID card and gave it to Ling Feiyu. "Feiyu, use this. This pair of glasses is more suitable for me."

While his stats were already sealed, he was still considered to be one of the best among the players. In order to stop himself from being exposed when killing monsters, he was going to use the glasses to seal some of his power.

He should complete the quest while maintaining a low profile.

As long as he did not expose his own identity for this half a months time, many players would forget about him half a month later. Then, he could continue with what he wanted to do.

"Alright!" Ling Feiyu accepted the ID Card and changed her information. Because she was wearing a veil, she did not change her appearance.

Jiang Feng put on the glasses and he looked quite funny, as he was still in the form of a monkey.

"Pfft~ This is the Polymorph Pill that you wanted. There are 10 low-level Polymorph Pills and 5 high-level Polymorph Pills," Ling Feiyu laughed at Jiang Feng before giving him the Polymorph Pills.

Jiang Feng took the 15 Polymorph Pills and took a high-level Polymorph Pill.

He used a high-level Polymorph Pill once given to him by Yan Chixia, and he could maintain his polymorphed form for 10 hours.

After using the Polymorph Pill, he removed his silver hair and red eyes. He then used Imposter Glasses to change his own information and seal some more of his power. He only had the stats of a normal level 70 player, and he changed his physical appearance a bit more.

In order to be worthy of Ling Feiyus beauty, he made himself appear even more handsome. With the pair of sunglasses, he looked even more attractive and graceful.

"Come, lets go!"

Jiang Feng put away the Alchemical Furnace, carried Ling Feiyu, and jumped up the four meters tall Silver Wolf King.

As he hugged Ling Feiyu from behind, he then gave the Silver Wolf King a command.

Next, the Silver Wolf King headed toward the North quickly.


North of Dongyu City.

Heifeng was munching on the chicken drumstick as he followed behind Yanhu.

"Brother Yan, should we ask the Boss to come to help us on the quest? It seems to be quite hard," Heifeng said.

Yanhu rolled his eyes at Heifeng. "Do you know why Boss isnt bringing us around anymore? Its because were too weak and we cant help him. If we have to depend on the Boss on everything, then we can never become Divine Beasts, and we can never help him."

Heifeng caught up to him and handed him a chicken drumstick laced with saliva. "Hehe, I was just joking. Come on, have a lick, dont be so angry."

Yanhu rolled his eyes again, "Scram!"

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Suddenly, many arrows were unleashed from the forests and were headed toward Yanhu and Heifeng.

Yanhu was quite alert, and he immediately jumped away and avoided the attack.

Heifeng was slightly slower and he was struck.

"Roar!" Yanhu roared at the forest nearby.

"Hehe, didnt expect to meet the Inheritor of the Shifters followers, Yanhu and Heifeng. If we can kill them, adding up to the other 12 that we killed, that would make it 14. I think this must be a heavy blow to the Inheritor of the Shifters."

At this time, Shen Ye walked out with a murderous smile with a group of people. The Inheritor of the Witchers was among them as well.

When Yanhu saw Shen Ye and his troupe, he became anxious and yelled out to Heifeng, "No, run!"

While Shen Ye was only level 30 and was not a threat, Yanhu and Heifeng could not hold against the group of players and the Inheritor of Witchers.