Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 248

Chapter 248 You Are Playing With Fire

Shen Ye had been reduced to level 0 by Jiang Feng a second time.

Not to mention his city had been in level 1 since then, and his guild lost a lot of capital as well.

His hate and resentment toward Jiang Feng became even deeper and had progressed into something extremely vile.

If he could, he even wanted to hack Jiang Feng into thousands of pieces.

Once he knew that Jiang Feng had allowed his followers to recruit other bosses, he then led a group of elites to hunt down Jiang Fengs followers.

Up to this point in time, twelve of Jiang Fengs followers had died in their hands and had given them many pieces of equipment.

The Myth Group had already lost two-thirds of its members and the guild had lost a large amount of money. Shen Ye had already lost around 30,000,000 and no investors wanted to work with him anymore.

It could be said that he had already lost everything.

However, he was not afraid of anything anymore. All he wanted to do was to make the Shifters Inheritor pay.

That was why he was not afraid of offending Jiang Feng. Therefore, at this time, he had been hunting down Jiang Fengs followers that he had sent out to recruit bosses.

In just a short five hours, he had already purchased much information from Know-it-All regarding the location of Jiang Fengs followers. He was able to kill many of them very quickly.

Of course, those followers were the previous bosses from Yaodi Island. They were less powerful than Yanhu, Heifeng, and others.

When Yanhu and Heifeng saw that their opponents were so powerful, they did not engage in battle but instead escaped toward the South.

"After them!"

Shen Ye said coldly and led Xing Kui and a large number of players after Yanhu and Heifeng.

He had already become mad, and all he wanted to do was to vent all of it on Jiang Feng.


Jiang Feng was embracing Ling Feiyu from behind while taking their sweet time in their journey. They would stop every so often and chat as they continued their journey.

Sometimes they would hug and kiss while flirting, and sometimes they would enjoy the scenery around them hand in hand.

Some of the players that they met along the way became envious of the two lovers.

Their current position was at the north of Dongyu City, still somewhere nearby Mount Qingmang. But they were still at its outskirts, and it was not because of the Teleporting Cauldron that had sent him to the depths of Mount Qingmang.

If he were to continue his journey from the depths of Mount Qingmang, he would need to climb over mountains and need to kill monsters. It was too much of a hassle.

Since their information had been changed, they did not have to worry about using the main roads anymore.

Ironpinhog, level 65 monster territory.

The monsters here would drop many materials and armors that warriors could use. The experience points they gave were much better too. And that was why many players were leveling up here.

There were also many people calling out trying to make some money, and it looked a lot like the environment at the Starter Village.

Jiang Feng and Ling Feiyu rode on the Silver Wolf and passed by. They looked at the players that were working hard killing the monsters and smiled without paying much attention. They avoided the battles and continued onward.

The Silver Wolf Kings giant size attracted many players attention.

Some of the players that were more powerful looked at Jiang Feng and Ling Feiyus stats, then openly mocked them.

"Wow~ That pairings steed is so cool! It looks like a Rank 10 Silver Wolf King. But they arent that strong, how did they catch the Silver Wolf King?"

"They must have been very lucky to capture one. I can beat up three noobs at their level, solo!"

"Huh? Where did the glasses that the guy has on came from? I know that there are Costumes on sale at the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor, but I didnt know that they had glasses on sale too?"


Many of the players were discussing about Jiang Feng and Ling Feiyu.

But Jiang Feng was not bothered and continued their journey to the North as they rode on the Silver Wolf King.


Suddenly, an arrow with sparkling electricity shot at the Silver Wolf King.

Its paralysis effect was triggered, and the Silver Wolf King was stunned and slumped onto the ground.


When Jiang Feng saw this, he grabbed on Ling Feiyus lean waist and jumped into the air, and easily landed next to the Silver Wolf King while spinning.

"Whoa! That guys skill is so cool! He can float in the air!" Some of the female players screamed out in excitement.

He stood firmly, then looked at where the arrow came from with a frown.

A roguish archer walked over with a warrior, a summoner, a priest, and a wizard.

The archer players name was called "Thousand-mile Shot," and his name and his looks were the same, extremely roguish.

Thousand-mile Shot came over with a smile and pride all over his face, and said, "Im so sorry! My shot went askew just now."

Ling Feiyu took a step forward but Jiang Feng pulled her back and said, "Lets go!"

He was not going to give the clowns any attention as they were beneath him. It would dirty his hands.

After the negative status effect was removed, the Silver Wolf King got back up.

Jiang Feng embraced Ling Feiyu and jumped on the back of the Silver Wolf King once again and walked away.


Another arrow with electricity sparkling shot toward them, and hit the Silver Wolf King. It once again slumped onto the ground.

Jiang Feng once again embraced Ling Feiyu and levitated into the sky.

Thousand-mile Shot let out a cold smile. "Im sorry, I missed again."

Ling Feiyu walked out of Jiang Fengs embrace and walked in front of Thousand-mile Shot, and said coldly, "Do you know that youre playing with fire?"

"My~ Im so scared," Thousand-mile Shot beat his chest and said, "I dont know what gave you the confidence to say that to me. Little lady, since you sounded so sweet, you should be quite pretty. Im telling you now that not only am I playing with fire today, Im playing with you, ha"


Before Thousand-mile Shot could even laugh out, a man wearing a pair of sunglasses appeared in front of him. It was Jiang Feng!

Jiang Feng choked Thousand-mile Shot and said coldly, "I let you go just now and that was your only chance. Since you like to play that much, Ill play with you!"


The Flag of the Demon Emperor appeared in his hand, and with a wave of his hand, the Binding skill was activated. A chain appeared and bound him next.

The Jingu Staff become a cleaver and appeared in Jiang Fengs hand. He removed his disguises seal, and slashed at him, killing Thousand-mile Shot in one hit.

Thousand-mile Shot was an archer. While they have high attack speed, critical, and movement speed, their HP were similar to the assassins where they were lacking. He had less than 300,000 and naturally could not block even one attack from Jiang Feng.


With that slash, many of the items that were on Thousand-mile Shot were dropped.

When the players nearby saw that Thousand-mile Shot was killed in one hit, all they could do was stare in surprise.

"He killed our boss, get him!" When the other four people saw Jiang Feng kill Thousand-mile Shot, they were at first stunned, then proceeded to attack Jiang Feng.


The Silver Wolf Kings negative status had been cured, and it pounced on the four.

At this time, Thousand-mile Shot was revived.


The revived Thousand-mile Shot could not even say a thing and was instantly killed by Jiang Feng again.

All the players were once again stunned!

Thousand-mile Shot revived again!

Then was killed again!


After 39 slashes, Thousand-mile Shot, who was originally at level 68, had almost lost all of his equipment.

"Please, I beg you, dont kill me! It isnt easy for me to get to level 68! I beg you!" When Thousand-mile Shot was once again revived, he begged and cried.

"I gave you one chance, its too late now!"

Jiang Feng said and gave him another slash, killing Thousand-mile Shot.

After another 29 slashes, Thousand-mile Shot had become level 0. He turned into white light and disappeared from where he stood. He was teleported back to the Starter Village.

He waved the cleaver in his hand again and killed the other four who were fighting with the Silver Wolf King.

Then he put away the Jingu Staff that had transformed into a cleaver and picked up all the loot that was dropped. He then grabbed Ling Feiyu and rode on the Silver Wolf King, and continued on with his journey.