Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 249

Chapter 249 How Do You Want To Die?

Jiang Feng and Ling Feiyu left as they rode on the Silver Wolf King.

All the players that were farming the monsters all stopped and looked at Jiang Feng as he left.


Some of them gulped and said, "It seems that only the Inheritor of the Shifters can kill someone to the point where they are level 0, right?"

"Impossible. Ive seen the Shifter Emperor, and that guy looks completely different than the Shifter Emperor. Also, their stats are different, and the equipment that they used are different too. There are no items in the game that can change our physical appearance or information, are there?"

"There are so many great players in the game, and many of the high ranking players have some sort of binding skills and can kill their targets to level 0. But what Im confused about is that guys stats are quite low, how did he instant kill that idiot?"


After he and Ling Feiyu left, the players were discussing him.

Some of them even put this up on the message board, causing another heated discussion.

All of them were guessing if Jiang Feng were the Shifter Emperor.

At this time, Jiang Feng had brought Ling Feiyu to a forest to the north.

Jiang Feng was lying on the back of the Silver Wolf King while Ling Feiyu was leaning over him and resting with her eyes closed. Meanwhile, the Silver Wolf King was running to the north freely.


Heifeng and Yanhu made their way deep into the forest.

Unfortunately, with the lightning arrows unleashed by the archers under Shen Yes leadership, the distance between them was slowly disappearing.

After a dozen minutes, they were caught up and surrounded by Shen Ye and his people.

"Come on, Brother Yan. Have a lick to wipe that worry off your face," Heifeng gave the chicken drumstick to Yanhu.

"Do you not know what kind of situation we are in right now? Be careful, and do not die later." Yanhu glared at Heifeng.


Heifeng munched and gulped down his chicken drumstick, then looked at Shen Ye and his group with wickedness in his eyes. "Let us go, Brother Yan!"

"Kill them!" Yanhu nodded before leaping forward, attacking one of the priests within Shen Yes group.

Meanwhile, Heifeng headed in another direction.

"Kill both of them!" Shen Ye said as he gave them a twisted smile.

Xing Kui took out his ax and headed toward Yanhu. He did notcall out the Twelve Ancestral Witchers. Perhaps he felt that he would not need them fighting Heifeng and Yanhu.


Yanhu dodged a few of the arrows, and a bolt of lightning shot out from his forehead and struck one of the archers.

Before the others attack made it to him, he opened his mouth and unleashed a Tiger Roar, killing that player in an instant.

He had already reached rank 10, and his attack had reached around 100,000. With two damaging skills being used consecutively, few archers within the game could take his attack and survive.


Just after he had killed a player, he felt pain jolting from his back and his entire body was blown away.

He crawled back up and looked at his back. There was a deep gash on his back, blood kept on flowing out.


He roared out painfully and looked at Xing Kui.

He knew that Xing Kui was very powerful. While he had been hit by Xing Kui, he did not fight with him. Instead, he attacked another player, trying his best to create some distance between them both.


On the other side, Heifeng swooped through the air and instantly appeared behind a player. With two gashes from his claws, he managed to kill that player.

In terms of power, Heifeng could be considered to be very powerful among his followers. His powers had even surpassed Yanhu.

After Heifeng killed a player, he dodged several incoming attacks and used another skill at the same time.

"Roar! Wind Blade!"

Several black-colored wind blades appeared in the air and attacked Shen Ye as they howled in the air.

He was going to kill Shen Ye first, who had the lowest level and HP.

Shen Ye smiled coldly and moved out of the way with a positioning skill and said, "Kill that animal with wings!"

"You are the animal! And you are a masochist too! After being killed by the boss so many times, you still endured and lived on like a cockroach!" Heifeng yelled out and pounced toward a priest.


At this time, Yanhus body was flung with gashes from an ax all over his body. His body was painted in blood, and he only had around 200,000 HP left.

Xing Kui chased after him and jumped high into the air, and he violently slammed the giant ax in his hand at Yanhu.

When Heifeng saw that, he gave up on attacking the priest. He used a positioning skill and appeared next to Yanhu, helping him block that attack.

"Damn it, Brother Yan! Told you to lick that chicken drumstick! See, youre low on health now," Heifeng held Yanhus leather in his mouth as he flapped his wings and took flight, wanting to throw Yanhu out of the battle.

But before he could completely fly, Xing Kuis ax hit him on the back and blasted him into the ground. Next, Xing Kuis ax kept on spinning in his hand and hacking on Heifengs back. In a short while, Heifeng did not have much HP left too.

"Hehe, Brother Yan. The reason that I am being such a scoundrel was that I wanted them to fight me. That is the only way I can become stronger. I have died twice, and I dont want to die anymore. That was why I did that. Looks like I am really going to die this time!" Heifeng crawled next to Yanhu as he roared weakly.

"Heifeng" Yanhu looked at Heifeng as he felt his eyes began to tear.


Then, both of them saw dozens of arrows fired upon them. They slowly closed their eyes.


The sounds of explosions came next, but what made Heifeng and Yanhu confused was that they did not feel any pain at all.

They opened their eyes in uncertainty.

The moment they opened their eyes, they shuddered as they could not control their tears anymore.

They saw a man wearing a pair of glasses standing right in front of them with the Jingu Staff, and he had blocked all the incoming attacks.

It was none other than Jiang Feng.

He was resting on the back of the Silver Wolf King just now. But when he heard the roar of a tiger from deep within the forest, he was awakened. He quickly made his way here, as if he had sensed that something was wrong.

When he saw that Heifeng and Yanhu were going to get killed, he immediately entered the Berserk status and appeared in front of the two of them with a positioning skill. He then blocked all of the incoming attacks.

"Tell me. How do you want to die?" Jiang Feng said as he removed his glasses, and his black hair became silver and his black eyes became crimson red. His murderous intent poured out from his eyes!

"Shifters Inheritor!"

Shen Ye and Xing Kui could not believe that Jiang Feng had appeared here, and the fear within their eyes was quickly revealed.

As for Shen Yes followers, they all took a few steps back. They all looked like they were very afraid of Jiang Feng.

"Boss! They killed twelve of our brothers!" Yanhu and Heifeng crawled up and said to Jiang Feng.

Once he heard what Yanhu said, Jiang Fengs face became even darker. He took out the remaining Withering Wood Pills and gave them to Yanhu and Heifeng, "Take the pills. Kill them all. Let none survive."

"Kekeke~ Shifters Inheritor! So, what if youre all-powerful? What can you do to me? I wont die, so what if you kill me until I am level 0 again? While I cant kill you, I can kill your followers! And dont you even think about threatening me by using the Myth Group! I dont want it anymore! In this game, Im going to oppose you until the very end!" Shen Ye smiled at Jiang Feng with vehement hate.

"You do not have that privilege!"

Jiang Feng activated Infernal Shades and High-Speed Movement, and instantly blinked next to Shen Ye. In one stroke, he instantly killed him. He then turned toward Xing Kui!