Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 251

Chapter 251 The White Tiger And The Tianyi Gourd

As Jiang Feng was enjoying his time with his Ling Feiyu, he headed North without turning his head back.

As he slept on Ling Feiyus thigh, Jiang Feng felt that his life was like that of a God.

The Silver Wolf King marched on at high speed.

Of course, every time they came across a tiger monsters territory, Jiang Feng would stop by to fuse them with Yanhu and Heifeng to increase their power.

After going past three mountains, Yanhu and Heifeng had reached Rank 11. Their powers once again increased somewhat.

As soon as they reach Rank 12, their powers would increase by another fold.

After exiting Dongyu Citys territory, they had arrived at Ziyue Citys territory.

The area that they were in was called Ziyue Peak. It was said that at night, one could see a purple moon on its peak and it was a good place to enjoy the moonlight.

Jiang Feng summoned back Yanhu and Heifeng, and asked, "You said earlier that you had accepted a quest. What quest was it?"

When he was on his way, he found out about this from Yanhu and Heifeng.

Both of them had accepted a quest and needed to be at Ziyue Peak. But they did not expect to meet Shen Yue while on their way there.

"Our quest is to find the Purple Moon Fruit in Ziyue Peak!" Yanhu said.

"Purple Moon Fruit? In Ziyue Peak?" Jiang Feng murmured to himself and looked at Ziyue Peak from where he was standing, then took out the Divine Fate Compass.

He was going to use the Divine Fate Compass to help them find the Purple Moon Fruit.

He held the Divine Fate Compass in his hand and Shen Luo appeared.

"Help me see if there is anything valuable here," Jiang Feng said to her.

"Of course, my master!" Shen Luo nodded and closed her eyes and began to search for treasures.

In a short while, Shen Luo opened her eyes and said to Jiang Feng, "There are two treasures and one Donghuang Bell fragment within Ziyue Peak. Their coordinates are"

"Two treasures and one Donghuang Bell fragment?"

Jiang Feng was slightly stunned. He did not expect that there would be so many treasures within Ziyue Peak.

He became excited when he thought about it. He looked at the coordinates and headed toward the top of Ziyue Peak as he sat on the Silver Wolf King.

Ziyue Peak was littered with monster territories for monsters level 50 to 80.

There were also many players on the base of the mountain and halfway up to the top. However, there were almost no players when they were near the top since the powers of the monsters were quite high. Normal players could not handle them.

Meanwhile, players that had better setups would notchallenge these level 80 monsters as the bonus experience that they gave were not a lot, and fighting them was very risky. There was no need for them to do that.

He avoided where the players were farming for experience and leveling up, and soon reached the top.

"Feiyu, summon Haozi, Gua Pi, and the Thunderclap Mantis."

The coordinates were inside of Ziyue Peak, so he needed Ling Feiyu to summon Haozi to dig a way down. Meanwhile, they would bring along Guapi and the Thunderclap Mantis.

"Haozi, dig!" He said to Haozi as soon as he was summoned over.

Haozi was slightly stunned but began to dig without saying anything.

As long as there were treasures, there would be powerful monsters. In order to stop Ling Feiyu and his followers from being killed, he had them all enter the Qiankun Gourd.

Ziyue Peak was not that tall. After digging for about a thousand meters in, they had reached the heart of Ziyue Peak.

Within Ziyue Peak, there was a huge cave.

Within the cave, there were twelve columns. Each of the columns had chains on them.

"Dont tell me that" Jiang Feng remembered something and quickly ran toward the twelve columns, then looked at what was inside the twelve columns.

A giant white tiger several dozen meters tall was chained in the middle of the twelve columns.

There were black stripes on the tiger, and most of its fur was white in color. The tiger was surrounded by sacred light and it was releasing a holy aura.

White Tiger: Sacred Beast (Near Death)

Introduction: 10,000 years ago, during the Great Divine and Infernal War, the Sacred Beasts of the Five Directions had all been severely injured and sealed in different locations and were kept at near death.

Stats: ???

"It really is the other Sacred Beast. My lucky star really is shining on me! I didnt expect to find a Sacred Beast just like this!" Jiang Feng became excited when he saw the White Tigers stats.

"Inheritor of the Shifters!"

The White Tiger felt that someone was coming and he opened his eyes, he looked toward Jiang Feng. He did not have any hostility toward him, instead, he looked pleased.

"Lord White Tiger," Jiang Feng said politely.

"Haha! I can sense the Fire Qilins scent on you. Guess that old thing has left this world before me," the White Tiger roared weakly with a laugh, then continued on. "That old thing has told you everything, did he not? Then I will not waste my breath. I will leave the fate of the Shifters in your hands!"

With that, the White Tiger was going to conjure his Blood of Origin as he was surrounded by flames.

Seeing that the White Tiger was already conjuring the Blood of Origin, he quickly asked him, "Lord White Tiger! Lord Fire Qilin has told me before this that I can become a Sacred Beast as soon as eight of my bloodlines have reached Rank 18. But I only have one bloodline now, can I still grow to become a Sacred Beast?"

The White Tiger, who was half-way conjuring the Blood of Origin, said to him, "The answer you seek is not here. Go to Dragonquarry."

After he had finished saying so, he had completely become a Blood of Origin. At the same time, ten drops of the White Tiger Bloodline floated toward him.

Receiving the ten drops of Blood of Origin, Jiang Feng kept them all into the Qiankun Gourd. He remembered what Baihu was saying, and mumbled, "Looks like if I want to become a Sacred Beast, I will need to go to Dragonquarry. I wonder when I can reach level 250."

Clang. Clang.

As he put away the White Tigers Bloodline and the Blood of Origin, the twelve chains that bound the White Tiger slowly disappeared.

The moment the White Tiger was dead, once again the monsters in the game began to mourn. Many of the players that were hunting the monsters were once again shocked.

After the twelve chains disappeared, three items appeared where the White Tiger was originally chained.

A herb that had a purple-colored, crescent-shaped fruit, a Donghuang Bell fragment, and a gourd.

Correct, a gourd!

Tianyi Gourd: Divine-level Item

Introduction: The Tianyi Gourd is formed from the fragmented Primordial Divine Artifact, the Lianyao Flask. It was obtained by the White Tiger.

Transmute Monster: It can be used to create and transmute shifters in order to produce a shifter of a different rank. The time required each time is different. Transmute Shifter and obtain the bloodline belonging to that shifter or transmute it into a random pill.

Prerequisite: none.

"Haha! I managed to find the second gourd that was formed from the Lianyao Flask! That means that all I need is to find the Buyuan Gourd and I would be able to reform the Lianyao Flask!"

He quickly came forward and excitedly took the Tianyi Gourd into his hand.

At this time, he released Ling Feiyu and his followers from the Qiankun Gourd, and then placed the two gourds together.


The moment the Qiankun Gourd and the Tianyi Gourd were placed together, the two gourds began to emit light. It eventually covered both gourds and they began fusing.