Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 252

Chapter 252 Lianyao Flask

The Tianyi Gourd only had one skill, and that skill was also called Transmute Monster.

But the Transmute Monster skill that it possessed and the Transmute Monster skill he gained from the Monster Transmutation System had two different effects.

The Transmute Monster Skill from the Monster Transmutation System was able to transmute monsters and produce Bloodlines, Evolution Pills, and Experience Pills. He could even get pieces of equipment out of bosses. Its second ability was to allow him to fuse with monsters and to increase his own power.

Meanwhile, Tianyi Gourds Transmute Monsters first ability was to create monsters. That meant that he could create monsters with the gourd. Its ability was completely different than the one from the system. One was used to destroy life, while the other was used to create life.

Its second ability was to transmute monsters into pills and bloodlines, which was quite similar to the first ability of the Transmute Monster skill from the system.

When the Qiankun Gourd and Tianyi Gourd fused together, its outer appearances began to change.

The gourds shape had undergone significant changes. Its base became like the Alchemical Furnace, and there were two little towers on it that had the carvings of many strange monsters and runes. There was a pearl on the top, and the pearl was the Lianyao Flasks entrance.

Lianyao Flask: Primordial Divine Artifact (Fragmented)

Introduction: Lianyao Flask, also called the Jiuli Flask. One of the Ten Primordial Divine Artifacts created by the Sacred Infernal, Chi You. The Sacred Infernal, Chi You, had used the Jiuli Flask to create billions of Infernalized monster army. During the Primordial Era, he had even used the Lianyao Flask to conquer the world. He was eventually slain by the creator of the Xuanyuan Sword, Huang Di.

Destiny +30

Qiankun Microworld: Possesses a microworld within.

Absorb: Absorb designated item by sacrificing 500 HP every second. The more valuable and bigger the item is, the slower the speed of absorption.

Transmute Monster: It can be used to create and transmute shifters in order to produce a shifter of a different rank. The time required each time is different. Transmute Shifter and obtain the bloodline belonging to that shifter or transmute it into a random pill.

Prerequisite: None.

"Other than increasing this Destiny attribute, it did not give me any new skills or additions to stats. But what is this Destiny?"

Perhaps it was because he was still lacking the Buyuan Gourd, the Lianyao Flask was still shown as a fragmented item and only gave him 30 bonus points to Destiny.

But he was not sure what this Destiny was used for.

"Whatever. Maybe its a stat that will be used in the later stages of the game. I should enter the Qiankun Microworld and see if there are any changes," Jiang Feng mumbled to himself and entered the Lianyao Flask.

The first level of the Lianyao Flask was the microworld. However, unlike the microworld before this, its pocket dimension had expanded to almost ten times its original size.

Not only were there mountains and rivers, there were even a lot of small animals prancing around, making the entire microworld look lively.

The second level had a pocket dimension that was similar to the size of the original microworld possessed by the Qiankun Gourd. It was mainly used to create and transmute monsters.

"I wonder if I could create Sacred Beasts?"

With that, he walked over with excitement and pressed the button for creation. Next, a panel jumped out in front of him where it listed out the ranks of the monsters. They had reached rank 19.

Unfortunately, there was no choice for creating a Sacred Beast, so it seemed that it could not create any.

"Even a Greater Divine Beast would be fine!"

Ding. System prompt: Creating a random Rank 19 Greater Divine Beast would require 365 days. Will you continue?

"Damn, creating one Greater Divine Beast takes one year? Isnt that too long?"

Jiang Feng was speechless and chose no in the end. It took too much time and he could not wait for it.

Not to mention that a level 100 Greater Divine Beast and level 200 Greater Divine Beast were very different. He did not know what kind of Greater Divine Beasts would be produced. So, in a way, he was gambling.

In the end, he chose to create a Spiritual Beast. Due to its lower ranking, he could create more of them.

He could create two Spiritual Beasts at once, and he only needed two months.

"In two months time, there would still be some use for a Spiritual Beast. If the Spiritual Beasts that appear are of level 200 or 300, then they would be able to compare with level 100 Divine Beasts power-wise."

After he made his selection, he then left the Lianyao Flask and had Haozi, the Thunderclap Mantis, and Guapi enter it.

After looking at the Lianyao Flask, he then walked toward the Donghuang Bell fragment and put it into the Lianyao Flask as well without giving it another look.

"This Ziyue Fruits level is too high for me. Since its your quest, both of you harvest it."

The Ziyue Fruit was a Divine-level herb. As it was a quest item, he could not check its stats and had to let Heifeng and Yanhu harvest it.

Yanhu walked over, munched the fruit using his mouth, and swallowed it into his stomach.

Seeing what had happened, Jiang Feng did not find it unusual. All monsters had their own drop panels, and there would usually be a few empty slots for them to store items.

But what he felt suspicious about was the person that gave the quest to Heifeng and Yanhu.

Once the thought crossed his mind, he asked Heifeng and Yanhu about it.

"It was a very ugly elf with a pair of long ears!" Heifeng answered him, then looked at Jiang Feng with a miserable face. "Boss, do you still have any roast chicken? Why dont you give me one?"

"Elves, huh?" Jiang Feng sank into deep thoughts as he ignored Heifengs request momentarily.

After a while, he took out three roast chickens and gave one to Yanhu, Heifeng, and the Silver Wolf King each.

When Yanhu saw the roast chicken, he was grossed out. He shook his head and passed it to Heifeng.

The Silver Wolf King did not understand the inside joke and enjoyed his meal.

Heifeng saw that the Silver Wolf King was quickly finishing its chicken, he approached it pleasingly and said, "Hey, brother dog. You like this too? We share the same taste."

"Its tasty." the Silver Wolf King nodded.

"Come, lick!" Heifeng said as he took out a chicken drumstick, gave it a lick, then pushed it toward the Silver Wolf King.

The Silver Wolf King glanced at him in confusion, then licked it.

"Oh, Gods! When I asked you to lick it, I didnt really mean that you can lick it!" When Heifeng saw that the Silver Wolf King had licked it, he was stunned for a split second then pounced on it.

Jiang Feng ignored the idiotic Heifeng, then walked toward Yanhu and asked, "Where did you get this quest?"

"At the Endless Forest," Yanhu answered.

Looks like the Elves should be in the Endless Forest. I should find the time to go over there and see if I can help Nangong Tiaotiao finish her quest to become an Inheritor," Jiang Feng thought to himself.


Within the Great Hall of the Celestial Courts.

The majestic Jade Emperor was seated on his throne as the sides of the Great Hall were filled with deities.

Qiu Si stood in the middle of the Great Hall.

The Jade Emperor looked at Qiu Si and commanded him, "The Shifter Monkey is being reincarnated and Grandmaster Bodhi is missing. I command you to lead three thousand Celestial Soldiers and Celestial Generals to stop his reincarnation!"

Qiu Si bowed and answered, "I will obey your command!"

"Where is the Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King?" The Jade Emperor continued to speak in a formal tone.

"I am here!" The Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King walked next to Qiu Si, and answered the Jade Emperor.

"Where is Taibai Jinxing, the Great White Golden Star?"

"Hehe, I am here," Taibai Jinxing answered with a silly smile.

"I order both of you to lead the Four Heavenly Kings and find out where Grandmaster Bodhi is hiding. Find him and imprison him, to stop him from teaching the Shifter Monkey once again!" The Jade Emperor said magnificently.

"This This"

When Taibai Jinxing heard about it, he started to look troubled at his command.

The Jade Emperor then questioned him angrily, "Why are you distressed?"

Taibai Jinxing then answered with a sob, "Emperor, Grandmaster Bodhi is much more powerful than both the Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King and I! Not to mention that he does not stay in one place for too long, where should I find him?"

"You dare disobey me?" The Jade Emperor said angrily.

"I dare not. I will obey your command!"

As Taibin Jinxin did not dare to disobey a direct command from the Jade Emperor, all he could do was to accept his mission with a sob. However, he was silently cursing in his mind, Damn you. Grandmaster Bodhi is almost twice as powerful as you are! How could you send us over to be cannon fodders! Also, Grandmaster Bodhi and I have been good friends for so long, how could I do this to him?"