Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 254

Chapter 254 Grandmaster Bodhi

It was very difficult to dig into the sands.

As soon as he began digging, the sands to the side would immediately fall back into the hole.

Luckily, Haozi was digging fast enough. Before long, the hole he dug was already hundreds of meters deep. He was worried that it might collapse, so he was making sure that it was large enough.

Very soon, a giant slab of rock appeared underneath the sands.

Haozis sharp claws were like drills. He managed to easily drill through the rock and form a tunnel.

"Hm? The duration of my polymorph is almost up!"

When he saw that he had almost reached his time limit, he immediately transformed into a Zigbee when no one was around. The Zigbee was a monster that was only as large as a persons thumb.

As his size became much smaller, he called on Haozi and had him continue digging.

Very quickly, they had dug down a few hundred meters more. They finally saw light.

They were now in a huge underground city. The underground city was not dark at all, as at the center was a gigantic luminous pearl shedding light and it lit up the entire city.

The city was ancient and decrepit, and all the ruined stone houses were filled with sand.

"Haha, we finally found it!"

"The ones in front, stop blocking the way and get out!"

"Stop wasting your breath! We have to find the treasures!"


Just as Jiang Feng was observing the old city in front of him, a group of players managed to come out from the tunnel that Haozi had just dug. Very soon, a huge group of players had arrived in front of the old city.

As Jiang Feng was very small and was hiding in Haozis fur, the players did not notice where he was.

"Go, head to the first set of coordinates!"

Jiang Feng did not care if the players were following him. He had Haozi head toward the first set of coordinates with lightning speed.

When the players saw Haozi run into the city, the players did not want to fall behind and all rushed toward the center of the city, trying to grab at the treasures.

In a short while, all those players had entered the city!


As soon as all the players had entered the city, the entire city began to shake.

Next, a beautiful woman with innumerable snake hair exited the Stewards Residence of the city. She was about thirty-three meters tall with the upper body of a human female and the lower body of a snake, emitting a powerful aura.

Medusa: Divine Beast

Introduction: The Divine Beast that protects the Old City of Loulan.

Stats: ???

Jiang Feng was not worried about the Medusa. If he wanted, he could easily defeat her with a Seal-Breaking Pill.

At this time, the eyes of the snakes that formed medusas hair began to unleash beams toward the players that entered the city.

Any players that were hit by the beams became stone.

When Jiang Feng saw what had happened, he instantly used a positioning skill and hid behind the players that had been turned into stone despite his shock.

"That was so terrifying! All the players that entered this place had died in an instant!"

All the players that had entered the ancient city became stone statues and turned into white light as they died.

"Haha, thank you, Lady Divine Beast!"

Just as Jiang Feng was about to sneak away, he noticed that a man carrying a giant gourd riding on a Sand Lion had appeared on one of the buildings rooftop.

Driven by curiosity, he looked at the mans stats.

Character: Sha Qiubai

Class: Inheritor of the Sands


"Inheritor of the Sands?"

Jiang Feng was stunned. He did not expect that there would be an entire race hiding in the underground Old City of Loulan.

He then saw that a yellow flag had appeared in Sha Qiubais hand. With a wave, all the players stone statues that were left behind began to move toward him.

T/L note to PR: The author was clear that the players died and was teleported back to be revived in an earlier paragraph, so I assumed that these are the players stony remains.

At this time, Sha Qiubai took down the giant gourd and absorbed all the players remains that had turned into stones into the gourd.

"Whew~ if I can try this a few more times, I can then form an army for the Sands," Sha Qiubai mumbled to himself as he placed the gourd behind his back.

"Inheritor of the Sands, this is the last time I will help you. The Eyes of Death skill had been taught to you. Whether the Sands can become strong will be in your hands now," Medusa said to Sha Qiubai and then returned to where the Stewards Residence was.

Jiang Feng felt that Sha Qiubai and Medusa were very familiar with each other. The treasures were most likely on Sha Qiubai, so he was prepared to pursue him and get the treasures from him. If he had to, he would have to kill him until he was level 0 so that he would drop the treasures by using his high Luck stat.

But just as he took his first step, he felt his head spin, and darkness enveloped him.

It felt as if he had entered a teleportation circle.

When he opened his eyes once again, he had appeared in a pocket dimension where he was surrounded by nothing but pure white.

In this place, there was an old man with white hair with kindly eyes sitting in a lotus position.

He looked at him with a smile, and he looked back curiously.

Grandmaster Bodhi: Level 150 Sacred Divine

Introduction: Founder of the Mount Fangcun Sect, master of Sun Wukong.

Stats: ???

Holy, its Grandmaster Bodhi! Jiang Feng was shocked when he saw the stats of the old man in front of him.

"Little Shifter Emperor, release that naughty monkey." Grandmaster Bodhi smiled faintly at him.

Jiang Feng nodded, then used his Polymorph skill to change into his silver-hair, red-eyed humanoid form, and then released Sun Wukong.

When Sun Wukong saw Grandmaster Bodhi, he became extremely emotional. He knelt in front of Grandmaster Bodhi, his eyes turned red and wet as he sobbed, "Master!"

"You naughty child. Ten thousand years ago, I told you that the fate of the Shifters was already predestined, but you chose to go regardless. And now, this was how it ended," Grandmaster Bodhi knocked on Sun Wukongs head lightly three times.

Sun Wukong who was knocked three times became even more emotional. When he had just been born as the Stone Monkey, he looked for Mount Fangcun to seek immortality and to learn from a master. At that time, Grandmaster Bodhi had knocked on his head thrice.

He found Grandmaster Bodhi in the middle of the night and learned all his skills from him.

And now, it was another three times. He knew what the three times meant. It was a sign of the Grandmaster doting him!


"The Divines are coming. I was able to pinpoint your location and made my way here," Grandmaster Bodhi stopped what Sun Wukong wanted to say. He then continued, "In a short while, the Divines will be here. Wukong, I will be forced into Dragonquarry soon and would no longer be able to participate in the struggle of this world. Now, I shall bequeath to you what I have mastered throughout my entire existence!"

With that, he looked at Jiang Feng. With a wave of his hand, five items appeared in Jiang Fengs hand.

They were the five treasures that Shen Luo had found earlier. Jiang Feng did not expect that Sha Qiubai had none of the five treasures. They were all instead in the hands of Grandmaster Bodhi.

"Shifter Emperor, your duty is even greater than that of Wukong. It will be up to you whether your deeds will be recorded into the History of the Divine Dominion. I found these five items within the Old City of Loulan. I shall give them to you, and I hope that they will be able to assist you!"

"Thank you, Grandmaster Bodhi!"

Jiang Feng thanked the grandmaster and looked at the five items within his hands.

What surprised him the most was that four of the five items were fragments of the Primordial Divine Artifacts. And the last of the five items was a whole Primordial Divine Artifact.

They were a fragment of the Donghuang Bell, the Haotian Tower, and the Kunlun Mirror. The other two were an Ax from the Pangu Ax and the Nuwa Rock.

The Nuwa Rock was whole. He was astonished that it was not fragmented at all.