Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 255

Chapter 255 Deicide

Nuwa Rock: Primordial Divine Artifact

Introduction: The two Nuwa Rocks that fell when she was repairing the Heavens. One had become Sun Wukongs body, and another buried underneath the Nuwa Ruins of the Old City of Loulan.

Destiny +50

Stats: Can be used to create all things, and bestow indestructibility on items that it created.


There were very few attributes on the whole Nuwo Rock. Instead, it could be said that it had no other attributes. However, Jiang Feng felt that the words "Create All Things" were so powerful that it almost made him choke.

Grandmaster Bodhi looked at Jiang Feng and said to him, "Shifter Emperor, do you lack a weapon?"

Jiang Feng took out the Jingu Staff and glanced at Sun Wukong before answering the Grandmaster, "Yes!"

The Jingu Staff belonged to Sun Wukong. Once his power was restored, the Jingu Staff had to be returned to its former master. That was because only Sun Wukong had the ability to absolutely restore the Jingu Staff to its former power.

But losing the Jingu Staff meant that he would have no weapon that suited him.

"Hand me the Nuwo Rock, and I will make one for you!" Grandmaster Bodhi said to Jiang Feng.

Jiang Feng held the Nuwo Stone and walked toward him, then gave him the Nuwo Rock.

Grandmaster Bodhi then asked, "What kind of weapon do you desire?"

Jiang Feng then said excitedly, "A weapon that slays even the deities of the heavens!!"

The Grandmaster raised his eyebrow at him with a gentle smile on his lips.

Next, prismatic flames appeared in both of his hands, surrounding the Nuwo Rock.

The Nuwo Rock that was surrounded by the flames began to melt.


Grandmaster Bodhi yelled out as both his hands caught the melting Nuwo Rock. He then molded it and suddenly pulled it, forming an ugly prismatic stick.


As that one word came out from his mouth, the prismatic stick trembled and became a straight staff. Its prismatic light formed into fourteen halos and sealed themselves at both ends of the staff. The middle part of the staff was light-red in color.

"Alright, give it a name."

With the staff formed, Grandmaster Bodhi gave the staff to Jiang Feng.

Jiang Feng received the staff and looked at the stats of the staff with the prismatic halos.

(Unnamed): Rank 1 Saintly Artifact (Growing Weapon)

Attack +0.1%

Destiny +30

Passive Skills:

Drain Blood: Attack heals 30% of the damage done.

Bloody Burst: Every time you kill a player, attack and movement speed increases by 0.1%. No upper limit.

Active Skill:

Sweep the Army: When used after enlarged, the attack will blow away enemies at a rate of 100%.

Transform: Can change to any shape and any size at will.

Prerequisite: None

A weapon that was made from the Nuwo Rock. Destiny increment was reduced by 20.

The staff was a Saintly Artifact. And just like the Totem of Humans, its stats were pretty benign.

However, Jiang Feng did not feel that it was benign at all. Instead, he felt that the staffs stats were very overpowered.

Mainly because of the skill "Blood Burst."

That meant that as long as he killed someone, his attacks and movement speed would increase by 0.1%. For every 100 players he killed, the increase would become 10%. If he killed 1,000 players, the increase would become 100%. If he killed 10,000 players, the increase would become 1,000%. It meant that his power would increase by 10 folds.

Most importantly was that the stats increase had no limits. That meant that as long as he kept on killing, the more powerful he would become!

If he were to eat the Seal-Breaking Pill and his power had increased by 10 times, neither Divines nor Infernals would be able to match him anymore.

"This staff could only grow by killing others. Once it was done killing players, it could even kill the gods. I will call it Deicide!"

While the name was quite cringe-worthy, it matched the staffs ability.

Ding. System Prompt: Naming complete!

Jiang Feng looked at Deicide and was overjoyed. He played with it for a while and calmed his excitement.

When Grandmaster Bodhi saw Jiang Fengs excitement, he merely smiled faintly and said, "Shifter Emperor, I shall bestow upon my teachings to Wukong. Can you buy us some time?"

"Of course," Jiang Feng said, but he suddenly remembered something then said to Grandmaster Bodhi, "Grandmaster, I have a request. Can you help me break the seal on me and fuse the skills that I have?"

Grandmaster Bodhi then scanned at Jiang Feng and shook his head with a frown.

"Nichiterasu is someone on my level. I cannot break his seal. However, I can assist you by putting another seal on you so that it could suppress his seal once a week," The grandmaster then waved his hand and a light covered Jiang Feng. "I cannot help you with your skills. However, if you use your powerful insight, you should be able to solve it easily!"

Ding. System Prompt: Nichiterasus Seal had been temporarily suppressed. The suppression will disappear in three hours. The suppression can be used once a week.

Grandmaster Bodhis suppression had begun to work and suppressed Nichiterasus seal, which would allow him to use his full power for three hours. It was much better than the Seal-Breaking Pill.

"Thank you, Grandmaster!"

While he was slightly disappointed, it was fine for Grandmaster Bodhi to be able to do this much since it meant that he did not need to waste his lottery chances, and the duration had also increased by one hour.

"I will now leave this in your hands!" Grandmaster Bodhi said to Jiang Feng.


Next, Grandmaster waved his hand again. Jiang Feng and Haozi both appeared in the Old City of Loulan.

When he reappeared in the Old City of Loulan, Jiang Feng immediately summoned the Monster Cloud. He stepped on it, and immediately rushed toward where Medusa was previously at with Deicide in his hand.

"Come out!"

Deicide was enlarged and he slammed it on the ground violently, and the entire Old City of Lou Lan immediately started to shake.

"Hiss! Who dares come to the Old City of Lou Shifter Emperor?"

The Medusas gigantic body appeared and howled angrily, but when she saw the silver-haired, red-eyed Jiang Feng, her entire figure was slightly startled.

"If you can recognize me as the Shifter Emperor, will you not surrender yourself to me now?" Jiang Feng smiled at Medusa.

Only now did he feel how confident he was when he was at his full strength. In this map, only some of the NPCs could hope to match him. A majority of the NPCs including monsters could not stand up to him.

Dominant! Haughty! Arrogant!

These three adjectives could be used to describe him fully.

"Hmph! You are just a Shifter Emperor that has not fully matured! Without the Donghuang Bell, no one would recognize you as such!" Medusa yellowed out coldly, and innumerable beams of light were shot out from the eyes of her snake hair toward Jiang Feng.

"You wish to die?!"

Jiang Feng rushed forward with extreme agility, dodging all the beams of light. As he wielded Deicide, beams of lights were shattered. Very quickly, he made his way to Medusa.

Next, he raised Deicide into the air and violently slammed at her.

"I can see that you are very powerful! I will not fight with you!"

Seeing that Jiang Feng could easily dodge her attacks, Medusa knew that she was no match for Jiang Feng. She instantly disappeared, using some kind of unknown positioning skill.

All Divine Beasts had their dignities. Unless he had the Donghuang Bell to suppress them, otherwise no Divine Beasts would surrender themselves to him, even in death.

Jiang Feng sighed in a disappointment as he lost sight of Medusa, who could be anywhere at this point.

"Originally I was thinking of getting a Divine Beast follower, looks like its still going to be difficult."


Just as he had finished speaking, the entire Old City of Loulan began to crumble. Seeing what was happening, he put away Haozi and used Deicide to break through the rocks and sands as he rode on the Monster Cloud. Eventually, he breached through them.

He managed to get out of the Old City of Loulan after spending much effort and appeared on top of the desert.

But as soon as reached the desert surface, he noticed something and looked into the skies further away.

He saw that colorful clouds were appearing from afar, and on them were legions of Celestial Soldiers and Celestial Generals!

"Damn it! They move that quickly?!" When Jiang Feng saw what was coming, he could not help but curse.